Chromium OS Fast Boot

Hi, I’m Martin Bligh,
working on system software for Chrome OS. In this video, we’re going to
discuss one of the cool goals of Chrome OS, which is speed. That means end-to-end
measurements, redesign and tuning. But we’re going to start by
looking at one specific example, which is boot speed. Our goal is to get the user
from pressing the power button to the web as
quickly as possible. Let’s start by looking at what
you have to go through on a traditional operating
system to get to email. The user presses the power
button and the computer firmware starts. The firmware searches for
components that could be inside the computer and also looks for
ones that could be plugged in externally and initializes
them one at a time. Then they display a pretty
splash screen, just in case you forgot who made your laptop. After the firmware finishes,
it loads and starts the bootloader. The bootloader loads
and starts the kernel. The kernel searches for
components again and initializes them again. Then they put up another
splash screen, just in case you forgot who sold you
the operating system. A complex set of services and
applications gets started. Now the user gets to log
into the operating system. It then fires up all
the applications in your start folder. Over the years, these
applications have grown very large and cumbersome. Often this includes parts of
applications you don’t even need yet, just so they look
faster when you do go to start. Start antivirus software
to protect yourself against malware. Then the user gets to
click on a browser icon. Now you have to log in again
to cloud services like Gmail. How does that change
with Chrome OS? Our goal is to boot from
power to the web in just a few seconds. We also set a budget of
resuming from suspend in under a second. So we set out to do some
serious spring cleaning and simplification, starting by
measuring and analyzing every millisecond of bootup time. Let’s look at some of the
things we’re changing. This is an appliance-sold
device so we already know what’s on the machine. You don’t have to go
searching for it. We’re not going to issue a
command and then sleep for 20 seconds to wait and see if you
have a floppy disk drive connected. Initializing hardware is slow. By moving it from the firmware
to the kernel, we can start multiple devices in
[? parallel. ?] For example, we can keep
streaming data from the disk while we wait for the
video display to start. Let’s get rid of those
splash screens. They just waste time. We don’t need a bootloader. We can just jump
straight to the kernel. We’re simplifying complex
layers of legacy software. The browser is the focal
point of the system now. This is a native web device
so you don’t have to log in twice either. We’re also using solid-state
storage devices, like in your camera or your phone, not hard
disk drives, a technology invented over 50 years ago. That means there’s
no moving parts. We don’t have to wait for a
mechanical [? head-on ?] to move from side to side
before we can get your data. When you close the lid, the
netbook would go to sleep. When you open it, it’ll
wake up in under a second. Simple. So if you’re a systems
engineer, take a look through this and let us know,
what else can we cut out? Can we get it in four seconds? Three? Go to
and learn more.


  • win 8 sucks win 7 is better

  • Well, actually AmigaOS 4.1 boots even faster and I think it's more complete than Chrome OS will be. In less than 5 seconds it's ready to be used.

    Search for "amigaos 4.1 boot", "amigaos 4.1 startup" or so on youtube if you don't believe it.

  • Well, I'm sure there must be a driver for the motherboard to accept it.

  • Love it!

  • 看得我都想用了

  • Yes fast boot because nothing to boot haha . Few programs and all of them from Google.

  • Chrome OS is not even an OS, but a "gutless wonder". That means that whatever you want you have to go through the Google digestive system, particularly the bottom half, and the "food" has to be "Chrome Food". Want security? Forget it. Want independence? This isn't it. If you don't The treasures of patience, wisdom and creativeness but do want instant gratification, more stuff and more stuff, impatience, intemperance and a desperate need to be "dumbed down", here's yer baby.

  • That's pretty ridiculous, considering that Google is developing Android, which has thousand times more features than this, yet it runs on a pocket device, but they want us to get worse experience on our real desktop computers. Kinda weird -_-

  • The point of this OS isn't a full replacement for say windows. It's for people who spend almost all of their time typing up documents or going on Facebook. For example, you walk into your class and need to take notes on your laptop, you set it down and open the lid. By the time you set your backpack down and sit down, the computer has been waiting for you. Likewise on Windows, you might miss the first two minutes of a presentation on a fast laptop before you get to Word.

  • There's allot of BS in this video. He puts allot of fluff on the computer side like splash screens that don't take any time, just so the Google side will look like it has allot less boxes. Also, he's trying to compare a very limited web device with a full blown computer that can do anything. What he fails to mention is a scenario where you need to run something the web device can't handle, like a program.

  • Windows 8 is as fast as this.

  • Uhm… I boot into Windows 7 in 20 seconds… Granted that's because that's what I built my computer to do, among other things, but still.

  • I never shut down my devices. 😉

  • The latest Chrome OS is veering away from this in a big way. Besides, many Chrome Web Apps are beginning to seem more and more like full featured programs and many of them have functionality even when you're not running Chrome. Like Chrome Remote Desktop for instance. I imagine the long term goal of Chrome OS is a full OS in an HTML5 environment in which you can run programs like games without the same hardware limitations we see today. This is an example: /watch?v=JbMF-X08etY

  • If Skynet takes over the world, you're screwed.. I bet your PC hates you 😀

  • Splash screens take a millisecond or so to display, and they must be loaded. That indirectly steals machine cycles since less code means that relative jmps rather than long jmps can be coded. Cutting anything for machine cycles helps overall. Plus you can run programs on it – in Flash and Java, and save your stuff to cloud storage. This is scary, much like the mark of the beast when you think about it. If everything is on the cloud and users possess nothing, freedom could easily be limited.

  • You would have web-based applications in Flash and Java, and cloud storage.

  • The full Chrome OS is written for their own computers, so what limited drivers needed would be integral to the OS – probaby hard-coded into the kernel. Plus, a portion of things is probably in the BIOS (see the Coreboot project for details on how that works).

  • Actually, security is pretty good. The HDD is not used and everything is stateless, so even if you get infected, it will be gone by the next boot. But your other points stand. This makes it easier for Big Brother – much like a lot of what Google does. Some of their employees and techology came from the Secret Service or CIA.

  • they failed when they took away my desktop

  • come on… what about when it failured? stop trolling.

  • no, what he fails to mention is that you dont have normal programs. you have web apps. and that right now there are lots of things that still wont run well in a web interface

  • It is not really even a second, let alone under one second, that the netbook needs to wake up, is it? From 3:08 to 3:15…
    In other words, if what your OS does is impressive, why feel the urge to misinform about a tiny detail? State your facts right, people will appreciate that more.

  • my chrome os gives me plugin errors on youtube then loads after a few seconds

  • i doubt it… google can't just magically remove POST tests (the tests and initializations that happen pre-kernel) unless they use customized hardware and or an EFI base (instead of commonly used BIOS) (so anything he says in the begining about things that are done in firmware… are still being done on a TYPICAL PC *bootloader is also still needed*) the big difference is what happens in the kernelOS that makes it fast…

  • Chrome OS is a linux based os, how can it load kernal fast like this…

  • GNU and their distributions SUCK

  • chrome OS will be eventually be like android, witch i would much rater have on my system then any other OS..ubuntu will never able to compete with windows, but android/chrome OS does have a chance….chrome OS/android is over all a much better designed OS then windows, its not just the speed i want it on my desktop too… and all that not even considering that windows and OSX are not even free unless you pirate

  • why do i need anything else in any other OS ? and if you install apps that u want to start chrome OS will be slower too… android already proved that, it can be slow… but i do not think that is the advantage at all

  • Typed on a Chromebook

  • apps dont slow chrome os, cuz chrome os apps are web-based apps, not installed via "downloading, installing, and constantly updating".

  • eckart, you say " a full blown computer …can do anything."
    anything eh?…can they operate without anti-viruse programs and constant downloads and scans, and can they NOT confuse grandma? can it drink your milkshake?! ;-/

  • I do not believe that for a second, and if you do your a fool 🙂 chrome OS and android are essentially the same, YES there is a push to make web based apps a priority but so far its not working to well, developers will have the option (witch they will conveniently use) to run apps client based, and i might add at this point its not a bad idea, so they can talk about web based apps all they want it will not work at current place and time, how ever android works just fine

  • i might add if chrome OS won't let u install apps like android, its a dead birth, it will never survive the 1st few years, i do not want that on any of my devices mobile or not

  • *don't *, but * *you're *Chrome *Android *and *yes *too *client-based *client-based and *I *it's *, it *at the current *however *Android

  • you must be kidding me ? how do you communicate every day ? like half the population in cities barely speak English, and you freak out someone using u instead of you ? i hope your joking 🙂

  • cant use it on all laptops. There are limitations. Not all laptops are compatible. For testing I used old 3-4 yrs laptops and they went blank on loading Chrome OS

  • S-L-E-E-P M-O-D-E ?!?!?!?

  • 1:15 exactly what chrome for windows does 😀

  • LOL in the Demo you say we "get rid of the splash screens", then show a pop out with a Chrome book starting… HEY was that a SPLASH SREEN before the login boxes appeared? LOL I am excited to get a new Pixel and can't wait to play with it.

  • Your cache is 2 TB 😀

  • We don't use splash screens. Let's get rid of them. (first thing you see when he boots up the laptop at the end is the google splash screen)

  • No that was a login screen, that's different than a splash.

  • random stuff 😀

  • How do you install updates on your devices?

  • Restart the kernel?

  • its the internet, we do not do grammar 😉 its saves you an extra keystroke, and its fully readable … be happy i did not used "UR" like i usually do :p

  • No bootloader? So if I want to dual boot something with this I'm screwed?

  • even those that know English are from bad to worst take for instance your comparison, i thought poked At how pathetic Anglos are but 1/2 the population plus 1 you left out yourself , ha ha ha but i like you

  • Is chrome os gonna be available with desktop computers or no

  • actually windows 8 starts up in 4 to 7 sec.
    And, no services ,
    no start up apps …. what the F*ck is this.
    do you really think gmail and google services are only things in our life.

  • I wouldn't think they'd bother, but an OS is an OS, and should be available on either one. The way they're getting that speed is by trimming most of the typical PC features, leaving a very lightweight OS that seems to be aimed at netbooks. Think computers that run everything using Google Chrome and related web apps. I don't know about you, but I'd like my desktop to be a bit more capable than that.

    There'd also be the loss of portability, so I wouldn't think they'd spend time on it.

  • It already is.

    Its a rebuild Unix distro, but its pretty accurate – obviously the the OS is more hardware centric – so its install base is limited.

  • GRUB.

  • la verdad sigo esperando que lo puedas instalar en cualquier computadora y no solo las que vienen de fabrica

  • FastCopy ver2.11

  • my windows 8.1 on Corsair Force GT SSD starts about the same fast

  • A Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB makes this all happen in about 10 seconds.

  • Does anyone really complain about how long it takes their graphics card to start up ?. Also a BIOS boot screen is about 300k of data transfer on a 133Mbps bus. Ok, so I won't 'forget who made my laptop', but I'll definitely remember this prat.

  • the guys voice is irritating and he stutters

  • What if I use many OS's, and I need to boot from a flash drive, and also, who boots from floppys anymore? That is actually a reason I told my BIOS to wait 30 seconds, rather than it's default 5 seconds.

  • Gente comentando sobre lo rápido que arranca su PC sin considerar que este vídeo es del año 2009! cuando los discos SSD y OS como Windows 8 (y otros) aun no existían.

  • Ok Guys, I'he read that ChormeOS runing on linux kernel with cinamon GUI. At the moment i'm using Fedora 20, but I'm looking for a lightweight and full supported OS ( for example I've chosen Fedora because the RPM packages are the most support than DEB ). My question is, which kind of OS I have to choose for? There is some one that has fully left Windows OS? thanks. 🙂

  • Woof

  • if it doesn't save login then it becomes slow, if it saves login then it becomes a security risk.

  • An OS is not only about the boot speed!

  • I love it when he says "And then the splash screen comes up, just in case you forgot who made your laptop."

  • I know a faster os.

  • But splash screens make me feel all warm and fuzzy..

  • Chrome os app is fastest app.i like chrome os.

  • My laptop boot faster than the one in demo, ps. mine is not chromebook

  • Speak English, man!

  • pc games are compatible?

  • Me gustaría saber un poquito de como como buscar páginas activarlas desactivar

  • Que me gusta muchísimo youtube

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  • 太玩美了我喜欢。

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  • dude, you guys should add a personal assistant to Chrome OS for faster internet searching. I don't mean the quick menu, I mean a real personal assistant. Like Cortana or Clippy or Galaxy or Siri! It's unfair that BOTH Chrome OS and Ubuntu have no personal assistant. Put this in a future update in Chrome OS. Please!! It'll make the computer more simple!!

  • How bout to an droid phone

  • good

  • uuummm so I am confused: is my Chromebook running Chrome OS or ChromiumOS out of the box?
    and if there is no difference,why the distinction?

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  • boot just 1x in other os only use sleep or stanby mode,but we need os suppurt many device n softwr to use it. can crhome make it usefull n FREE

  • man didnt understand pc&OS architecture…or he is just lies as marketman…
    the scheme is wrong.

    if You didnt modify Hardware and speak only about OS Development, YOU CANT START without bootloader. Its impossible! Who will "Load&Start kernel"? BIOS? If its about EFI – ok, but OS will not start on soome PC's.

    So on…


  • J

  • bon jour. comment accéder au play stor sur chromiume os 2018

  • If it has no bootloader you cannot load another OS onto the device. I'm sure it's nonsense that there is no bootloader, it's probably just a simplified bootloader.

  • 这是非常棒的项目。

  • 0.0

  • No splash screen, eh? Did you not notice that blatantly obvious Google logo?

  • Lot of detail just to login, if this OS is OK then will definitely solve lot of unnecessary logins&reminders of who's in charge.

  • I have a freelance job that requires a Chrome browser as my workplace and extra monitor screen (two monitors). can chrome OS support dual screen with different display? (example: Chromebook connected to a monitor via HDMI,etc)


  • Nein danke Deutsche Sprache nicht mit mir

  • This guy must be running Windows XP/7 on an ancient Pentium device or something to come up with this boot order.

    Current Windows 10 Boot:
    Login screen

    All of that happens within 5 seconds. What a way for them to try and sell their stuff. Also, theres only one splash screen for whatever manufacturer you bought a laptop from…. Geez the ignorance in this video.

  • -_- wow so helpful. i want CHROMIUM OS download, not flint os, fyde os, or any other corrupted os. i like cloudready, but i want CHROMIUM <OFFICIAL>

  • Google How can to use good application Can you give me one month to try let me see How many Power you got you have please

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