Christopher Walken – Puss In Boots – Happy Cat

we’re never to want for anything again no more cryin’ for a crust of bread No more beggin’ for a bowl of milk It’s trout for breakfast in a feather bed On sheets of silk Now, I’m walkin’ like I’m 10 feet tall Just reach out a paw Just reach out a paw and catch some birds And I’ll never have to creep or crawl,
Be kicked or stepped on just because I’m small I’ve got my boots and I’ve got it all In other words… You’re lookin’ at a happy cat, A watch-me-dance, toe-tappy cat, A cat who had a dream that just came true I got myself a snappy pair of boots I also got a name that suits me A pair of boots can change a cat
From bum into aristocrat
No house in town that I can’t waltz into I might drop by the palace for a chat To show the king where class is at When I sashay into some smart cafe, Each pretty feline will make a B-line For the cat they all adore Always putting on the dog And livin’ high upon the hog Say, who is that with feathered hat? A velvet coat and lace cravat? Soft-shoeing up and down the avenue? Must be some fancy foreign diplomat Oh no, it’s just a happy cat. I’ve got a hunch it’s no more mice for lunch
From mouse to pheasant Won’t that be pleasant Goose topped off by chocolate mousse I might explode, but what the ho I’ve still got eight more lives to go Oh, who’d believe this happy cat
Was once a lazy, nappy cat? With catnaps and with catnip, I am through
Can’t lie around the fire growing fat There’s lots of feats these feet must do But, just for now, I’ll fluff my fur And purr a soft, contented purr Yes sir, you’re lookin’ at a happy cat! So, let’s go seek our fortune.


  • just love this man.absolutly love him

  • He is so multi-talented!! A true performer and what an awesome actor! He can sing, dance and act!! Who else can do that today?

  • LOL…yeah I remember !! I was a child back then, and he still kicks it on the big screen. Great actor.

  • oh yes and the movie is great! Fun for all ages, full of wit, fun and romance!

  • please upload the whole movie…
    he's so talented and gotta have more of this movie!! lol

  • This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. If you google 'cannon movie tales' it will come up with a list of all kinds of enchanting fairytale films with young famous actors in them.

    that's the company that made this one…my other favorite is 'cannon movie tales: the frog prince':)

  • Antonio Bandaras was better.

  • Wow…he really CAN do anything.

  • love the movie, love Chris!

  • I'm afraid I don't see the family resemblence between Sean and Jason.

  • i like the song 🙂

  • I Saw Jason Conney ( The Blonde) And He Said That This Was Hilarious Because He Couldnt Sing Yet He Still Dont And Woah He Let Himself Go

  • I saw this film and was like not exactly the greatest film but soooooo worth watching again for Walken who was cetaintly the highlight of this movie as he was the best singer and actor in it!

  • He is an Actor!

  • Jason Connery is ADORABLE in this. *__*

  • He was the chuck norris of his time…..till chuck norris sneezed and invented time travel.

  • meOW +_^

  • I want a kitty like him!!

  • 1:26 I'm pretty sure he did the same move in "Weapon of Choice."

  • He keeps saying he's a cat, but he doesn't look like a cat at all.

  • LOL yes he did, down the escalator. XD

  • We need more video of Walken dancing. Much more.

  • puss in boots. their magic boots. when he wears the boots he's not a cat he's a human. following me?

  • He really looks like he should be Puss.

  • wow he looks really hot in that movie:)

  • u can watch it in full on Hulu and imbd…seems in good quality:)

  • yes!

  • How.

  • "Now I'm WALKEN like I'm ten feet tall!"

  • Mafia Frog brought me here.

  • This is my favourite video on youtube. Not even kidding, I watch this everyday

  • awsome thank you for posting

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