Children’s Crafts: Shoe Box Wagon : Children’s Crafts: Shoe Box Wagon Support Beads

Now, we’re going to prepare the wheel, for
being attached to the wagon. When we do that, is we need to take a bead. It has to be a
large bead, and it’s very important that we get the right size. Now, we see that the hole
in the disk is obviously too big, to be able to sit on the thin wooden stick, that’s coming
out of the wagon. So this bead is going to make it so that we can put the entire wheel,
and have it sit on the wooden sticks, so this bead is going to be glued to the disks, and
it’s important that obviously, the bead will fit onto the disks, and won’t go through the
disks. So it has to be big enough that it will still sit on the outside. It won’t go
through the hole. It’s also important that the hole in the bead, will be big enough to
fit onto the wooden stick. Now, if you find that the bead, we’re going to be placing the
bead on each sides of the disks, so if you find that the disk, the pile of disks is not
thick enough, because the beads are hitting each other, and not able to sit flat onto
the disks. You can always add on more disks, to the pile. Making the pile of disks thicker,
will let, give the beads more space to lay on top of the disks, and not touch each other,
because if they touch each other, they will not be able to be laying flat, so first of
all, apply, we’ll put the first bead. We’ll glue it in, and set it into the disks, and
we’ll give it a minute or two to dry, and then we’ll be able to turn it over, and put
the bead on the other side, as well. So just make sure that when you do glue the bead into
the hole, that you are lining it up properly, so that the hole in the bead is sitting on
top, and that you’ll be able to put the wooden stick straight through. Once both beads are
placed securely into the disks, then we should just give it a few minutes to let it dry,
because we’re going to have to place it on to the wooden sticks, and the beads, if they’re
not securely fastened onto the disks, then they can pop off very easily. So now I’ve
shown you how to place the beads onto the disks, so that we can place the disks on to
the wooden sticks, and they will be the wheels of the wagon.


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  • can we just use prongs instead of beads?

  • the voice in this video makes me want to sleep

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