Cheap-ass slippers – tagalogista show 6

Wait! Before the video starts, I have a question; Which type of subtitle do you prefer? Do you like this kind? while this kind can be turned off but it’s really small. so I’m really confused. Which one do you prefer? Me and meme are going to Gaisano and we’re gonna watch Real Steal She said I should brush my teeth first but it’s too troublesome because I already brushed my teeth and she wants me to brush them again. Let’s just lie when we get downstairs that I already brushed my teeth. Let’s go! Your umbrella? what? Your umbrella. It’s in here! Hi, puppy~~ You’re so cute~ Cute~~ what? aren’t you gonna bring a jacket? No~ it’s really cold there! Bring it! put it in your bag. Your bag’s really big! How troublesome it is to bring one~ Won’t Di come with us?? Ask him and he’s just gonna close his eyes. Aren’t you coming with us, Di??? OH! He’s eyes are open now! He was just closing his eyes earlier. Your pose is just like cleopatra! He’s gay. Tell KoKolay we’re leaving. Kol, we’re leaving now. We’re leaving now, puppy! BYe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bye!! You coming with us? Come on! Come along! Bye~~~~~ OHHHHH~~~ Behave! Use Your umbrella, siob! I’ll just stay here, it’s too troublesome to use an umbrella. Me and meme are buying frenchfries right now. We’re home now and Real Steal was nice. We were gonna watch that Jet Li one too. I can’t remember the title but It has Jet Li as the main character. Let’s not watch it anymore because I feel like sitting and just watching a movie is making me dumb. I want to have something– — to do. Oh yeah, I also bought a bag. This one. That! That’s the bag I bought! It’s just for P169($3.92). WHY!!!!!!!? I lost my slippers. CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck, Jeje!!!!!! Cheap!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the frog?? Here! Here! here! : Here, they made frogs!
: oh… OH! It got squished. Kenken made it. A Chinese teacher taught him how. Don’t forget to Thumps up this video and subscribe�


  • either subtitle is good for me as long as they are there ;o)

  • ang cuuute mo !!!

    para kang si sandara <3

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