Chappals Chappals is Bringing a Part of India’s Culture to Vancouver

(upbeat music) Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term and it’s perfect imperfection. It’s something that just
draws your eye to a piece. For example, the Chappals
two, they’re all handmade. They’re not made by machines. Machines are, you know, too perfect and I would rather support
artisans who hand make them. (upbeat music) I’m Nik Verma and I am the
founder of Chappals Chappals. I discovered the chappals
when I was visiting India and I fell in love with them and I got a few pairs to
bring back to Vancouver. Then I thought it would be
a really neat opportunity to start something small
and see if there would be some sort of market for myself here. The reactions were pretty positive. I think people were interested, especially in Vancouver area as well, just going to markets, things like that. So basically people
would go to my website. I have all the chappals listed
according to their adventure or where they wanna go. Something like they wanna
take it to the beach or go exploring in them
or go traveling in them. My husband, he’s the one who helped me start up Chappals Chappals. He’s Indian and so he was
there with me at the markets, at the bazaars, taking the chappals and deciding what ones we would carry, helping me with shipping and financing and accounting. He’s really good at that. So I really appreciate him for that and he supports me as
well in all my endeavors. So it means a lot that I can
have my partner support me through this journey of Chappals Chappals. (upbeat music) I wanted to keep it kind of simple with the styles that I carried. I thought three for now
would be really nice, but I named them off of the places that really inspired me and that I loved. For example, these ones,
they’re called the Bali. These ones are the Palawan and
Palawan is in the Philippines and then these ones are the Goa sandals. For me, I would say seeing
the chappals on people’s feet, whether it’s Vancouver or somewhere else, is success to me and it’s
really neat that some people might not have the chance to visit India, so then I can just bring
a bit of India to them. (upbeat music)


  • Great idea . I appreciate it. Thanks

  • Cool. You are so creative. My best wishes

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