Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant

Hey, Cardi B. Hey! Hey! Hi! Hi! [CHEERING] What’s good, everybody? What’s up? Eww. Lets go. All right, so first of
all, it’s nice to meet you. And your name is
really not Cardi B. Do I call you Cardi B even
though that’s not your name? I mean, can you even
pronounce my real name? My name is Belcalis. Belcalis– I can
pronounce Belcalis. Because you know
what I’m saying, a lot of people be like
Bella-Cales, Bella– Yeah, well, if you read
it, you probably would. But Belcalis– but
you don’t go by that. You go by Cardi B. Mhm. [LAUGHTER] Cardi or Cardi B, or B? What is it? You know like, it
really depends. I really like when
people call me Bardi. But it’s like Cardi,
all right, you know. Because you know, people in
the hood call me Bacardi. But on Instagram, my– my Instagram used
to get deleted a lot because Bacardi-o
trademark, Bacardi, Illegal. Sure, yeah, right. Yeah. So it’s changed to Cardi? Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. So I’ll call you Cardi. Yeah. But do I add the B? Do I do Cardi B, or just Cardi? I want to act like I know you. Like– [LAUGHTER] No, my friends
just call me Cardi. Cardi– all right,
I’ll call you Cardi. All right, Cardi. You’re doing–
congratulations, you’re doing very, very well right now. You’re very popular. [CHEERING] Really, they love you. I try. I didn’t mean to
start a beef, but I decided to call myself
Cardi E. And I posted that. And did I start a beef? Did I start a rap beef? You know what, maybe so. You know, Ellen, I
trademarked my name. I paid $2,000 for Cardi. Oh, really? Yeah, are you
going to pay $2000? Maybe, I don’t know. If I pay $2000, I
can use Cardi E? Well, can you pay me the $2,000? Oh, OK, OK, all right, sure. By the way, you were awesome on
Saturday Night Live, awesome. [CHEERING] That’s a big deal. I mean– [CHEERING] I know you’ve done a lot of
things, and you’re doing well. But that’s live, and
it’s Saturday Night Live. It’s this amazing institution. Were you nervous doing that? You know what, I was nervous
for my second performance. For my first
performance, I was like– party with Cardi, yeah! And then on second
one, I don’t know. I was sweating. My underarms starting itching
a little bit because it’s like, oh my god, the world’s going
to know that I’m pregnant. Oh, here we go. Opinions coming. Oh, that’s– yeah, because
that’s when you revealed it all of a sudden. So you were more nervous to
reveal that you were pregnant? Yeah. Uh-huh, and now, do you
feel good that you– first of all, you don’t really– there you look pregnant. You don’t look pregnant here. You’re hiding it well. Oh, well, you know what
I’m saying, I got Spanx. I got three layers
of clothes, you know what I’m saying, like– Right, and you’re
twerking at Coachella. I saw there’s a lot
of twerking going on. Now– [CHEERING] It looks like you’re
getting ready to give birth right there. Well, you know, they
say the more you move the easier it will come out. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. Come out [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, well, especially if that’s
comfortable for you to do. It’ll be easy to– Yeah, I was just trying to show
the world how I got pregnant in the first place. I see. [CHEERING] Like that. Like that? Like that. Just like– That’s how it happened. That’s how it– OK– That’s why I am pregnant. Right, we were all curious. And we didn’t know how, so– and now we do, so that’s great. Yeah, like that. Just like that, right. The baby daddy was here not
too long ago, Offset, who is in Migos. Everybody knows that. And I helped him by a car. Do you know that I
helped him buy a car? Yes, he say all the
time that you gave him– that you helped
him get a discount. I was like oh, well, she
got to help me because I got the same car, too. Well– Wish I was friends with her. Well, now you are, Cardi. Hey! Yeah, Cardi, all you have to
do is tell me what you want. He told me what he wanted. I made a call, and
I found him the car. So what kind of car do you want? You want to know something, I
think I want like a Lamborghini truck because I need a baby
car, even though I don’t drive, but you what I’m saying. You don’t drive, but you
want a Lamborghini truck? I am a professional passenger. [LAUGHTER] Do you have a license? No. You don’t have a license? No, I’m from New York. So the Bronx? Yeah, but people in
the Bronx drive, right? You know, I was so used
to taking the train that I was like why
I need a car for? No, and now you’ve
surpassed all that. You have people that
drive you around. So you don’t need
your license at all. You’re absolutely right. But so that’s not the smoothest
riding car, the Lamborghini truck, I don’t think. It’s pretty. Oh, it is. It is. All right, we’ll think about it. But if that’s what you want,
what color do you want? Red, cuuuurt. Cuurt! Cuuurt! Cuuurt! Cuuuurt! Cuurt! Cuuurt! What color interior? Something that is baby friendly? Baby friendly? Yeah. Brown. Brown. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, then nothing really shows. You don’t want white
interior with a baby, no. We’ll think about it. I’m going to look up
my friends and see if I can get you a
Lamborghini truck, all right. See I need friends like you. All my friends just get me
into fights and trouble. No, that’s not me. Not– that’s not our friendship. Our friendship is going to
be totally different, Cardi. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball-peen-hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] Oh, [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]


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