Can We Find Some Silver Dimes? It’s Dime Time!

eenie meenie miney moe catch a tiger by
the toe Who am I kidding – it’s Dime Time! hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right we are overdue for a dime time hunt I’ve got two boxes of Dimes here and I
got it from a bank that I normally do not get dimes from and there didn’t
these different kind of boxes now I had to open them ahead of time to make sure
we had circulated dimes which we do I’ve had a lot of dime boxes and nickel boxes
and penny boxes lately that have been uncirculated 2019 Denver’s not 2020 if
there were those I keep them that being said I’m excited to get the
hunt going we have 100 rolls the hunt I’ll be looking for anything that silver
of course 1964 and earlier any proofs any varieties any forms or any oddities
man excited to get this one started hopefully you guys are excited to hunt
along with me as always if I find something worth mentioning I’ll loop you
back in let’s get it on I forgot to mention for those wondering I always
have the links to my corner hunting mats listed down below in the video
description along with the link to my microscope which helped me get up close
and personal with these dimes huh now let’s get it on
well unfortunately the first box was a bust
not one find there’s my discards and the whole bummer at all guys is that if I
wanted to edge hunt I could have done that and just 800 for silver and dunk
because no o nines no proofs no varieties no silver no forints you name
it but but I’m not mad at that that’s times you’ll get skunk boxes and
sometimes you’ll get silver boxes I’m hoping this box gives us a fight or two
so we can make them video a little bit more fun that being said it’s not gonna
hide itself so I’m going to get the first roll out
this video started roll number four a box – and we’ve got a silver edge
towards the bottom of the roll will it be silver it is 1964 Philadelphia sorry
about the lighting my phone let’s focus on the shine versus the details but
that’s okay we’ve got a silver dime roll for box two on the board early
hopefully often let’s go rule number nine I’m actually recording every roll
opening just in case we catch a silver live but so far since that silver roll
for we’ve got nothing roll 25 officially the halfway point of
this second box and we’re still on the quest for a second silver we’re on a
roll 40 I was really hoping we’d catch a live silver and so far we had struck out
since 404 same roll roll number 40 and we will have another find at least it’s
just a 2009 Philadelphia kind of excited about that cuz I don’t find a lot of
Philadelphia minted 2009 it is our first 2009 of the two box hunt so far figured
I’d show it to you why do I keep 2009’s because they’re
very low mint compared to the other years there’s really no additional value
form but anyone putting together a dime collection would need them I like having
them maybe one day I’ll part with some but I
stack them for now alright let’s get back to the hunt and
see if we can find anything else we roll over 42 still have the quest the catch
is still alive and it looks like we’re still on the quest to catch the silver
live rule 48 can we have some end of the box
look not yet well we have a little bit of end of the box luck no silver again
yet but yet another 2009 Philadelphia minted dime it’s number 2 of the hunt so
we’ll take it but fingers crossed we get one more silver before it’s up
alright last for all of the box rule 50 will check for a silver edge first and
foremost which I do not see and since I have you here we haven’t had a lot of
funds I figured I’d go through them a little bit with you and tell you what
I’m looking for like here’s a 1996 you do want to check your 1996 is to see if
you have a W mint mark they did strike some W or West Point dimes in 1996 they
have a little more value so the definitely ones you want to check the
mint mark on here’s a 1967 you definitely check these for any doubling
I won’t show it under the microscope right now but you will want to check to
1967 s on the date the designers initials J s as well as on Liberty you
definitely check those see if I have anything else I could talk about before
this roll runs out I don’t see any other coins in this rule that I can spend a
few seconds talking about so I’ll just tell you I also checked my 1970 Denver’s
for the DDR that’s a pretty good one to find if you can find it the 68 ps4 the
DDoS I did check the 74 DS for any die clashes as well as the 82 for no mint
marks because they supposed to have a P or D on them and there’s some value in
those I also check the 2004 Denver minted dimes for the double ear I’ll
spend time on a separate hunt on a future video covering those in more
detail I’ve already checked this one another microscope it’s not a 67 D do so
goes in the discard bin the wrap-up is pretty quick we did find
that 1964 silver coin and the fourth roll of the box it made me want to
record every roll in case you found another one but we did not we did get a
couple of 2009 which is always nice we got none at the first box and then I
only kept them because the toning is cool we got kind of a gold tone 1980
Denver here as well as a cool tone reverse of this one and it’s in perfect
shape fronts got the same toning but not the two Tony like the back does pull
through the side well add to the collection finder the box the 64 silver
had to be the star of the show man got it early I was hoping for more of the
box but we didn’t get any more hopefully you guys enjoyed this time time hunt
with me I know it wasn’t chock-full of fines but it was still a lot of fun
dimes are tough they’re tough on the eyes they’re a hard hunt but at least we
got some kind of payoff in this one if you enjoyed the Sun I’d appreciate a
thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching
I guess the good news is my 2020 silver fines
just got one dime heavier


  • Dime time!

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  • It's Dime Time! Let's see how much silver we found!

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  • At least you didnt get skunked good luck on the next hunt.👍👍💥

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