Can I mount any brand of plate to a Chaya boot? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.7

Can I mount any brand of plate to
a Chaya boot? You can indeed mount any brand of plate
to our boots! So if you already have a plate that you know and love and want to
continue with, you can indeed mount it to our boots. Even though, we have our DCM
system with the holes already in the boot, this will not affect you mounting
your plate to your boot. It will not affect the performance in any way. Yes,
go ahead & mount your plate to your boots, no problem!
Oh, questions, let me know!


  • Can I use the existing mounting holes that you mentioned in the video, or would I need to re-drill?

  • Does the 2 centre holes match up with the USD inline spacing to mount Toto gali plates to your existing holes? Cheers 🙂

  • How can I mount chaya sapphire boots to a roll line variant plate? Could you briefly explain?

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