Buying Each Other Outfits From Our LEAST Favourite Stores! W/ Mia Maples

– Hey guys! It’s Molly here again for another video, and I have another Canadian with me! (upbeat music) We filmed this intro three times, so (laughs) here we are! Hey guys, it’s Molly and I have Mia with me! My Canadian friend! – Hey you guys. – So, today we decided that we would buy packages for each other. So on my channel we shopped at our least favorite online store. – Yeah, which was so hard you guys. Sorry to interrupt, but
this was for some reason so difficult, like I
realized I really don’t not like that many brands. – You’re way more open. I’m harsh critic. – That’s why I hope you
don’t judge this outfit, like I hope you like it. – I hope you like what I got you, because I’m wondering if this is gonna like change my mind on the brand. – I hope so. I hope you then like it. – Okay. I picked Boohoo. You guys know it was the
first fashion video I did and I was like, are all
online stores this bad? I just thought the quality was so bad I couldn’t believe it. – Right, and I mean you’re
probably a better judge than me because sometimes I feel
like I overlook quality if it looks good. Like, if it looks cute maybe
it’s a little scratchy on me but I’ll get over it. – Right, and I can’t see how it looks. So to me like the cut,
the fabric, the quality means so much to me. – And I feel like that does
mean a lot to most people. I feel like sometimes I just like oh, it looks good. – You’re so Canadian,
you’re like it’s nice. I like it. Like the kind Canadian
in you just can’t be like a harsh critic about anything. – I think that is what it is. Like this whole concept
to me, I’m like a brand I don’t like, what? So, okay but I picked
Zara, which I actually now feel like after shopping on there for six hours for your outfit, feel like I do like, but I just don’t wear business casual clothes, I’m
very just like comfortable, so it’s more business-y. So I’m interested to see
what you think though because I picked something kind of casual. – I’ve been watching your fashion videos for I feel like over a year now, so I feel like I know
the Mia Maples style, okay, this is the thing. We have very different body types, we have very different styles. So it’s really interesting trying to shop for somebody whose style and body type are so different than mine. – Yeah, it was fun though. Because I usually don’t wear any color or honestly anything fun. – I feel like just us
sitting here, you can tell how different our style is. – Honestly. So I was like trying
to find colorful things and it was really fun to go into color. I feel like you may have
opened my eyes a little. – Yeah, okay. So I haven’t even opened the package. And it’s so funny that you say this just shows how different
our whole mindsets are because you took like six hours, you were like dedicated to
the cause to pick an outfit which I feel like your
outfits are gonna be so much better than mine.
– No. – Because I was like,
search a word, click, buy. Search a word, click, buy. Like I just was like,
done in half an hour. – You knew what you wanted though. Mine was like, it was so stressful because I wanted to impress you. – I haven’t even opened the package because I wanted to like
feel the quality with you. Like I wanted to have this experience. – I’m excited. – So, I know that you are real casual style like comfortable.
– Very. – Like lots of joggers, sweats. Here are the shoes that
I got for this outfit. – All right. – I got you a size seven. – All right. – Because they didn’t have a 6.5. – Do you wanna see. Do you wanna feel? Oh my gosh, okay first things first. Are these considered creepers? – I don’t know. – Because I love them. – I searched white platform sneaker. – I freaking love them. I’m not gonna lie, I
literally have been looking for something, I call it a creeper, where it’s got like the huge platform. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – And I’ve been wanting a pair and I wear this type of shoe so much just like low, like I feel
like you took my style and then just changed it a little bit. – Yeah. – And I’m in.
– Yay! Okay, first thing was a success. – Yay! – You like the shoe. When I did my Boohoo video,
I bought two pairs of shoes, and the shoes were the
thing I liked the most. – Oh good, okay. – I feel like these feel like a shoe I might find at like an H&M. – Yeah, totally. – Which makes sense. It’s not super high quality, but it’s also like a white shoe, which will get stained so you don’t really want
to spend tons of money on a white shoe. Okay then I liked a chill laid-back vibe. – Okay. – So I got you like a little baseball hat. – A little baseball hat? You’re putting me in a cap, which is nice. My hair’s a little
greasy, I’m not gonna lie. – And I think it says
like good vibes on it or something. – Yeah, right on the back. – Yeah. – Okay this is cute. I mean– – But it’s like plain, it’s laid-back but it still has the
little pop in the back and like the good vibes. – Totally. That is cute. I really like this. And right now we’re doing black and white, very in my style, so. – The whole outfit’s black and white. Okay. – All right. – And then this is like, I guess they it’s like a two-piece set so I guess they just put it all in one. – Okay. – This is the part I
struggled with the most was finding the right two-piece set because they had a bunch of them. – Okay, so these are here take a feel. – Oh.
– What do you think? – They feel very thin. – Comfortable. – Yeah, they feel very comfortable, they just feel like thinner
than I probably expected. – Yeah, a little thin. – You know the Fashion
Nova two-piece Kylie set? – Yeah, I have that. – I feel like I thought, yeah I do too, I feel like I thought it
would be like that material. – Yeah, it’s a little bit this is more of a fabric like that was more of a knit– – Yes.
– Thicker. – Yeah, it was like a
knit and wider ribbed, whereas this is like tight ribbed. – But maybe this will
be good if it’s hot out. – True. – Maybe the other I wish, but okay. So then a cropped sweater. – Yeah. – So this is really similar
to the Fashion Nova. – It is. – This looks like it won’t
be like tight though– it’ll be kind of loose. – I wanted like a bit of a different one does this one have a hood? – Yeah. – It does, okay. I wanted it to be like a different style this one wasn’t my first
choice of the style set that they had, but I had
to look for like black and then the right size. – Right. – So they had so many knit two-piece sets and I wanted black, and
I have to get your size so this was the first one that I found that I liked that had your size. I like that the neckline is
higher than the Fashion Nova. – Yeah, no I really ooh, that’s a good point actually. I didn’t think of that. – Because the Fashion
Nova is like a scoop neck. – A scoop. – Which feels kind of weird sometimes. – This is a lot better than that– – It’s more like a
typical hoodie neckline. – Yeah, no I didn’t even think of that. And this one feels like
it might be a little bit like more loose and cropped. – Yes.
– Which I like. – I agree. Because then you have like, I like doing tight on the
bottom and loose on top or loose, like tight on you know? – Yeah, no same. – I like doing versus all tight or all loose, so I feel like I would like it better if it’s like loose on top
and then tight on the bottom. – You did a slam dunk. – Yay! – I’ve been saying slam dunk a lot lately. Actually. Okay, but do you want
me to give you yours? – Yeah. I’m excited. And then we can like try
them on at the same time. – Okay, mine’s in a brand new bag but it is from Zara. Hopefully I’m pronouncing that right. Okay, I’m so excited. Okay, should I start with shoes as well? – Yeah. Let’s do it. – All right. – I’m excited. I love that you committed to the cause of a size five shoe. – I did. So okay, here’s the box. Do you want me to open or
do you want to take it out? – I want the whole experience. – Okay. – I love opening a box.
– Right. – That’s like my favorite thing. – All right. So, they are like a sea foam blue-y color. – Ooh. – Yeah, and they’re like a really okay so I remember in the video you said you don’t like heels that are too thin. – Yeah. – So it’s more like a block heel. – It’s a chunky heel, you pay attention. – [Woman] So nice. – Yeah, mama you like them? – [Woman] Love them. – They’re super cute! – [Woman] Yeah! – Yes. – They’re like suede. – Yeah, and like– – And they have a bit of a platform which we all love a bit of a platform. – Yeah, I think they’ll be like they’re like a sandal heel– – Yeah. – That I think will be okay to walk in. – I love these. Yeah, these are totally my already our style is so different. Like I get you sneakers, you get me heels. But this is like so my thing. Let’s see what’s next. – Okay. So this is a stripe, I don’t know I want to say it feels like linen. Here, it’s out of the bag. So, it’s– – Ooh. – Okay, I’ll just let
you try and figure it out like what do you think? – Is it a … – It’s like a– – Is it a T-shirt, like a sweater dress? – It’s like a jumpsuit. – Oh, it’s a jumpsuit, where do the oh– – [Woman] It’s so nice! – So this is the top. And then like–
– Okay. – So it feels super loose at the top. – Oh, this is totally my vibe. – [Woman] That’s gorgeous. – The amount of jumpsuits
and rompers I wear. – Oh my god, it’s perfect. – Yeah. – I mean I was looking
at your Instagram, so. But, and it’s got pockets which I thought was really cool. – Cute! – [Woman] I love it. – I love it too. And it’s good because it seems
like you could maybe like– – Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. – Tie that shorter, which as as short girl. – Okay, and then so it’s a really okay here’s the bag but it’s kind of hang-y
so I thought I would put a T-shirt underneath, so this is like a white crop T-shirt– – Cute
– For under. This is kind of a me style thing to do. Like do like a– – Crop top under a spaghetti dress. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I thought it was cute, though. – That is cute. – Okay, and then there’s two accessories. – Oh my gosh, you went all out. – Try and figure out what animal it is. – Oh, I get a handbag?
– It’s an animal. – An animal handbag? – Yeah, I thought it was so cute. – You really know my style.
– No, really. – Like quirky like very quirky, cutesy. – I thought this was so cute. – It’s an elephant.
– It is an elephant, yes! – [Woman] (gasping) Oh, it’s fabulous! – This is such a Molly bag. – [Woman] And it’s got eyelashes. – Does it? – And it’s like a cross-body,
so you just take– – This is so my aesthetic. – Like it really reminded me of you. – Yeah. Because elephants
are my favorite animal. – Oh, perfect. – Did you even know that?
– I didn’t know that. – [Woman] What? – I kind of just, lots
of people like elephants, I was just like hoping. Like it was a shot in the dark. – Yeah, that’s my favorite animal. – Perfect. Oh my god. – This is like so stinking cute. – Right? And then it made me love Zara. Like I was like why have
I not shopped at Zara? So, they are these
little, here you can hold, and they are pink–
– Ooh. – Flowers. And I didn’t even know
if your ears were pierced but they are.
– They are. – Okay, these will be heavy though. Like I don’t know if you like these. – They’re big. – They’re big, yeah. – That’s like a, that’s a full earring. I like never change my earrings, either. I just always– – Okay, well you don’t have to. – No, I’m gonna go. I’m gonna commit. – Okay well I hope you like them. They are, I thought they
were a little heavy. – All right, should we go try on? – I think we should. – See how this went? – All right, let’s do it – Okay. Yay! Okay. – [Mia] Oh my god. So … Freaking … Cute! – [Girl] That’s adorable. – [Woman] I love it! – Do you? – [Woman] Yeah! – [Girl] That is so cute. – These are like so long. I had to really like … – [Woman] You could tie those in the back into a little bow on the top. – Yeah, that’s what I need
to figure out how to do is like tie like. – [Woman] Like in a little knot. – Like you could do it back here– – [Woman] Oh like a little halter. – Oh yeah, do you want me to do it? – Yeah, I feel like that would look cute. – [Woman] Oh, that would look cute. – [Woman] Cute! – The purse is so cute. – [Woman] Oh, wow. – [Woman] Oh, I love those shoes. – Yeah, the shoes fit me like perfectly. – [Mia] A five. It was right. – [Molly] A five it is. Like I feel like this is for a girl who is like … – [Woman] Oh. Maybe you could belt it? – [Woman] Yeah, you could
cinch it with a thing. – That’s what I feel like I need to do. – [Girl] Oh yeah, that would be so cute. – Just because it’s a
little shapeless here. – [Girl] Yeah. – So like because I have the hip I feel like I need to
show a little more shape. Maybe a little better, because it adds a bit more definition. – [Girl] Yeah, definitely. – Like, I was showing them when my mom was grabbing the belt I was like, my booty is popping out, this was just like tenting up, it wasn’t curving into my body, so it was just like a
little tent-y on the curves. – I know. It totally makes sense with the belt. And usually I would just
wear it like slouchy. Like, I’m like, I am a tent. But I get it. It looks better with the waist. – Just like to show the curve
and definition in my body. And it also raises the crotch a bit. – [Mia] Totally. – So the crotch isn’t
like halfway to my knee. – [Mia] Why is that a drop crotch? – But like such an extreme drop crotch. – Honestly. – But I actually think
you like nailed this. – [Woman] I think it’s gorgeous! These are the earrings. (chuckles) – [Woman] Yeah, so the
drop pearl came off on one and we couldn’t glue it together, so we took them off. And then the little clip part
to hold the earring straight was broken on one. So we removed those parts, too. You can still wear them
as earrings, though. – Okay.
– Okay. – Now, this look. I can’t see it. What do you three think? How do you feel in it? – [Woman] I love it! – I think it’s so comfy. – [Woman] I love it. – Thank you. – [Woman] That’s a Mia
outfit. You would wear that. – [Mia] Oh yeah, totally. – [Girl] You would wear
that as a casual like going out for a walk, and … – And like you’re so
right about the neckline. It’s so much better with this neckline. It’s so much comfier. – [Molly] And is it like a looser fit? – Yeah, feel. – [Molly] Yeah, yeah okay. – [Woman] Oh, yeah. – See, I like that better because it’s less like ooh here’s my body. My scoop neck, and my
stomach, and it’s tight. Like … – Yeah, I know. – The Fashion Nova one’s like so much. – [Woman] Yeah. – And the shoes fit great, actually. Which is awesome. – [Molly] Are they comfy? – They’re so comfy. And I love the platform. I have no shoes like this. – [Woman] Yeah. – You did great!
– Yay! We did it! We got cute outfits even from
the stores we don’t like! And how’s the length on the leggings? I know it’s a problem for you. – Okay, it’s a little short,
so I just rolled them up and they’re like capris. – [Molly] Cute. I feel like that’s a good summer evening. – Absolutely. – Going for a walk.
– I would wear this. You did great. – [Woman] I love it. (clapping) – [Woman] Yeah, that’s– – [Mia] Let’s see them! Oh my gosh, they’re huge! – They’re huge! (laughing) I feel like they’re half of my face! – [Mia] You don’t have an ear anymore. It’s just earrings. – That’s the problem
also with online shopping versus shopping in real life. – [Mia] Right, the size. – It’s like you don’t know the size. You can look at the measurements. And they’re really heavy, too so I feel like my ears
are like Dumbo ears. – Oh yeah. – And they’re just like gonna take off. Well, you only did one no. – Okay. That’s pretty good. – But you had a harder time. Because I’m much more like
extravagant than you are. – I mean, it was fun though. It was fun shopping for you because I got to dive into the colors. – I feel like I still stay true to what I said about Boohoo. I still think their shoes
is the best quality. – Yeah, their shoes are really good, yeah. – And like the hat, I mean like. That’s a good hat.
– Yeah. – Like it doesn’t feel like cheap. – No, it feels good. – So I feel like that’s, the hat’s good. I feel like Boohoo, I like
their shoes and accessories. – Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I would definitely
wear this, for sure. But I see what you mean. – Like just quality-wise? – Mm-hmm. Like maybe in direct sunlight
it’d be a little see-through. Like who knows? – Like it’s kind of thin, you know. So that would have been my worry. But, because it’s thin it’s also like good for summer evenings. – Yeah, because it’s not as heavy. But, and then like Zara,
I’m like very impressed. I think honestly, I never had
an issue with their clothing. It was just that it
wasn’t really my style. But I really like it. – But apparently it’s mine! I mean I love the fabric. I will be rocking this outfit on the Gram, so head over there, and
head over to Mia’s channel, because now we’re gonna
see if our favorite stores actually live up to how our
least favorite stores did. – Honestly yeah, like they
better be able to compete. – Because like these outfits … – They did pretty good. – I think they’re pretty good, so– – I agree. – Will our best stores
be better, or worse? This could totally change things. – Yeah. – Head over to her channel, check it out. Thank you guys for
joining us for the video. If you’re over here from
Mia’s channel, join the fam. Hit that subscribe button, hit the bell for the notifications

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