Buying Childrens Clothing : Buying Childrens Shoes & Clothing

Hi, welcome to Expert Village I’m Gretchen
Soares and today we’re going to be discussing how to shop for children’s clothing. In this
clip we’re talk about picking shoes for our children. We’re in a recycled shoe store which,
or at a recycled clothing store which means they have recycled shoes and this store happens
to carry new shoes. Recycled shoes are a little tricky. You really want to be careful of how
you train your child’s foot to grow and so you have to be careful of what you put on
their foot. You can pick shoes that look very, like they haven’t been worn basically, like
this child grew out of it really fast. You don’t want to pick a pair that looks like
the soles are broken down or that they’ve had a lot of wear on them because then your
child’s foot is going to conform to the other child’s foot and that’s not as healthy; this
pair, wow look at that, little very little wear on the soles, the soles look great we
can open them up and look inside. The insoles still have a lot of life left in them they’re
still really soft and gushy. This is a great way to by used shoes. This is a pair of shoes
that’s probably going to cost you about thirty dollars new and they’re only five dollars
here. That’s great that’s great, that’s a great buy. We could look at something like
this though these are; these are a little more worn. They still have fair tread on them
but you can see where the heel’s broken down here a little bit and when you look inside
this pair you can see that the insoles are really not in that great of condition this
would be a pair that I would not buy my child. Here are some great little sandals and they
don’t have much wear on them, they look in really good condition. The insoles still have
a lot of give in them. Something like that would be really good too. When you’re building
your child’s wardrobe you really want to make sure you have two to three good sturdy pairs
of play shoes. For little boys something with a little ankle support and that’s going to
be good for jumping’ around outside is really good. Little girls just a standard pair of
sneakers would be really good. You want to make sure that they’re sturdy and they can
do a lot of running and playing especially when they’re a toddler age. And then you probably
just need like one pair of dress shoes. For boys, a little bit dressier for church, special
occasions, going out to dinner. Little girls they like their dress shoes I tend to have
about two pairs of dress shoes in to different colors for my daughter so that she has a little
variety and she can get a little sparkly.

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