Buy Multiples? 10 Items EVERY Guy Needs To Own MORE Of (Level-Up Your Style)

10 Items EVERY Guy Needs MORE Of To Be Successful
[0:00:00] Let’s start this off with watches, and it
starts innocently enough in that you grab a watch that’s functional and you wear it,
you’re like, hey, this thing looks good. So, you decided to bring in some other watches,
so that you can wear it in a more dressy situation, you’re bringing in some fashion watches. Again, you like the look of them, you’re
starting to get compliments, so you go out there and you grab a couple more because,
hey, when you’re working out, you want a watch that’s very functional. And then, all of a sudden you start to bring
in different styles, different looks. And then, you know you’ve gone off the deep
end when you start buying the same watch just in different colors and styles. And then, you reach the point that your family
is worried because you’re spending as much on watches as you did on the down payment
on your house. Now, that first example maybe a bit extreme,
but the point is valid. There are items in your wardrobe you want
to own multiples of, a wide variety of to level up your style. [Music]
Next up, we’ve got fragrances and first off, if you don’t have a signature scent
something that you’re defaulting to as your go-to spray, you should look at having one
because people pick up and they remember smells. Now, the easiest way to do this is to start
to wear one, find one that works for you, you have the ability to choose. But, if you’ve already got one that you
default to all the time, then look to grab others especially for the seasons. So, for the winter you want a warmer heavier
fragrance, one that’s going to stick around. For spring, maybe you want a lighter fragrance,
something that has florals in it. For summer, again, light, fresh, but maybe
with a bit more staying power. For fall, maybe something spicy, something
strong, maybe something with vanilla. Now, the next two items I think a man should
own a wide variety of are glasses and sunglasses. So, here’s the thing, most guys only own
one pair of glasses. Now, imagine if you were to change this up,
all of a sudden your glasses become an accessory. They become something you can change up something
that are functional, but at the same time add style to your look. And there’s tons of options out there, you
can go with bright, you can go with muted, you can go with something that’s just a
slight variation from what you’re already wearing. And the same logic applies to sunglasses. So many guys default to the style they’ve
always worn versus exploring something new. Now, you may be wondering all the glasses
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with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it, guys. It’s a great deal. Great glasses. Go check them out. The next item on my list, dress shoes. And if your default is a black Oxford Balmoral,
you want to own two of these. Why? Because you want to rotate, you want to give
them a day to breathe. When you wear shoes all day especially high
quality leather shoes, they’re going to absorb sweat, they’re going to absorb moisture,
and they need time to breathe to basically let out that moisture. So, you know you can change it up maybe bring
in another color, but I would recommend, again, if you’ve got a default workhorse shoe,
own two of them, they’re going to – it’s not going to just double the length, it’s
going to triple the length that the upper is going to last. Next up, gents, we’ve got white sneakers. And, notice, I said white sneakers. You want them to be clean and to look good,
so have two pairs. Why? Because when you want to put that outfit together,
you know these are the shoes that you’re going to go to and all of a sudden you look
at those shoes and they’re just looking more worn that you remember, you want to have
another pair that you can go to. In addition, if this is your go-to style your
go-to sneaker, you want to make sure that you’re like similar to the dress shoe, you’ve
got some shoes in rotation, so that they’re able to breathe and that they’re going to
last longer. Next up, gents, we’ve got V-neck sweaters. My default is gray. I love this, it works pretty much with anything,
then I start to bring in some color. I really do like a blue like this. It’s going to be a little harder to match
than the gray, but still going to work with a number of items in my wardrobe. Then, I bring in something with a bit of color. If I were to bring in another, I would actually
bring in another gray. Don’t be afraid to get the same thing again
and again similar to the next item, this navy blue shirt. Now, you guys if you’ve watched my videos
you know this is one of my go-to items, but I find that a casual button down in a color
that works for you just you should go with. For me, navy, dark blue, even medium blues,
I know that this works with my tones, it works with all of my jackets, it’s going to fit
into my interchangeable wardrobe and I’m going to get a lot of miles out of this particular
shirt. [0:05:08]
Now, let’s talk about the white dress shirt. So, you want to have at least five in your
wardrobe. Some of you guys may think that’s too much,
but here’s the thing is you’re going to change up the style and you always want a
crisp white shirt. This is something that you can dress up, you
can dress it down. So, starting off this one, very classic, it’s
made from a poplin material. Nothing really fancy about it and that’s
why it’s a classic. Then you get another one made from a twill
fabric. So, twill is going to be a little bit heavier,
a little bit denser, this one is going to be great during the winter, then you bring
in one that looks just like the other one except guess what? French cuffs, going to be a level, just a
level higher when it comes to formality. Then, you bring in this one, have a little
bit of fun, it’s got a broadcloth material, but notice the contrast color in there? Just a little bit of style, a little bit of
fun. And then, I’ve gone into linens. Guess what? All of a sudden this is going to be great
for the summer, make sure to iron it though. And then, this one right here, I’ve got
the pockets I’ve got the epaulets, a fun style, but, again, something I can wear during
the summer. And, now, let’s talk jackets specifically
lightweight jackets. What I love about these is that you can layer
and they have all the great features of building up your shoulders. If it fits you well in the torso, it will
slim up your silhouette. They can make your hands look larger if you
actually wear something that is tapered in on the sleeves. So, you want to learn more about jackets? Guys, check out this video right here. I’ve got twenty lightweight jackets that
I recommend I go into great detail on. I’m going to talk about sports jackets and
a lot more than just that. I cover it in this video which I will link
to down in the description. [0:06:33] End of Audio

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