Bronnko Manufactures Vegan Leather Shoes, Laptop Bags, Wallets for Indian Men | #EarthDay2018

We at Bronnko basically make Vegan products,
so we are a Vegan lifestyle brand specializing in bags, shoes and wallets. All our products are made out of imported
fabrics in which no animal skin fur is used, so all
are 100% cruelty free. During my time in United States, when I was
working for a company in Boston, on one of my Birthdays my wife gave me a laptop bag. So when I was carrying this laptop bag to
the office, everyone started noticing it and they all loved this laptop bag. They were surprised to know that it was not
a leather bag. These are few of our products, that is made
out of nothing but Vegan leather. All our products are durable, strong and up
to the trends of 2018. Going forward to become more sustainable,
we are planning to use fabrics that are made out of mushroom and pineapple. On this Earth Day, all our products are 20%
off. You can simply avail this discount by visiting
our website and putting in the coupon code ’20earthday’. Guys, to know more about the products and
us, visit and also please like our Insta page ‘bronnko_menswear’. Lastly, a big shout-out to all the people
at ClubBioman for doing such an initiative, creating awareness about our environment and
using only animal friendly products. Than you so much and do subscribe to the channel. Thank you.

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