Brief Peace Plan Update/Proverbs 23

well I need to maybe preface this turn
in your Bibles if you’re not already there
to Proverbs chapter 23 we will get there and we will probably well I’m not going to
say probably we will absolutely not get to Proverbs 24 tonight
did you like that disclaimer actually there was a reason for that I want to take a
moment and comment briefly I know that’s like famous last words briefly but I
think it’s incumbent upon me to do so as many of you know President Trump on
Tuesday unveiled his long-awaited peace plan dubbed the deal of the
century and I was all excited got up early on Tuesday morning it was about
7:00 a.m. Hawaii time noon East Coast time and so I watched it and got
really excited especially when he stated that Jerusalem will remain Israel’s
undivided capital and I got so excited I took my phone and I took a picture of my
TV and I posted it on social media and while I was still watching you know the
unveiling of the peace plan and I posted it like man this is great historic
prophetic Wow Jerusalem remaining the undivided
capital of Israel are you kidding me and then he went on and I thought maybe I
should have waited to post that because then he started talking about the
Palestinians so-called and a Palestinian state and a
Palestinian capital and we would put an embassy in East Jerusalem in the state
of Palestine and my heart just sunk well the problem is Tuesday was a really
super busy day for me so after Netanyahu got done speaking I had to go and then
my day was packed full for the rest of the day and it wasn’t until early
Wednesday morning that I was able to actually download the 181 page plan and
start reading through it and so for the better part of the last couple of days
I’ve been doing that as of today I am planning to and sense that the Lord
would have me to preempt the first Thessalonians teaching this Sunday and
devote our time to a special prophecy update as it were so I can at that time
that’ll give me more time I can talk more about this plan I will by then have
been able to Lord willing sort through it but I did want to comment on it I did
post on social media that I covet prayer as I try to make sense of it it is very
complex it is very interesting it is very unsettling and I have to say and I
have to be very candid when I say this and I might very well be in the minority
because I’ve been hearing from well-known Bible teachers and prophecy
teachers that I mean they’re just really excited about this thing and once I got
a chance to start reading through it and sort of you know get under the hood
you’ll forgive the car metaphor and see what is really in there well let me give
you an example page 15 after describing Jerusalem as being
holy city to the three greatest faiths in the world namely Islam Judaism and
Christianity this is page 15 of the plan and by the way let me hasten to say please
don’t take my word for anything you read this for yourself I would really
encourage you to be a Berean download the plan you don’t have to read the whole
thing really the first part of it just read through it especially the first I
want to say about maybe 20 pages and then take that and cross-reference it
with the scriptures and that’s what I’m going to try to do on Sunday is draw a
couple of conclusions answer two questions concerning the prophetic
implications of this and then talk about why this really matters what does this
really mean to us and so that’s again on Sunday by the way Sunday I know I’m kind
of this is why I use notes by the way if you haven’t noticed I don’t have notes
so this is the extemporaneous for lack of a better word this Sunday February
2nd is our 15 year anniversary of starting our first Sunday morning
service in 2005 and I’ll never forget it because and I didn’t know it at the time
in fact I just realized today that Sunday is the Superbowl I’m sorry is
that like anathema to not know when the Superbowl is I mean it’s this Sunday
and it’s not that we started the church on Super Bowl Sunday no they had Super
Bowl Sunday when we started the church anyway I feel better now that I got that
off my chest but it was we started our first Sunday morning service on Super
Bowl Sunday February of 2005 and if I ever write a book it will be
something to the effect of what not to do when you start a church don’t start
your first Sunday morning service on Superbowl Sunday I think we had 12
people there and it was half of them were my wife’s family but as they say
the rest is history 15 years this Sunday will be our official anniversary of
starting a Sunday morning service here at this church anyway so I want to
encourage you to at least read the first part because on page 15 it’s how do I
say it without and I know I’m going to again be in the minority when I say this
but this is not good because after describing Jerusalem as this holy place
for Islam Judaism and Christianity it goes on to quote the Quran and a verse a
very obscure and even ambiguous verse in the Quran that references this faraway
place that Muslims have tried to say is Jerusalem and here’s the problem you
will not find even one time in the entirety of the Quran Jerusalem
mentioned even one time one time in the Bible some 700 times Jerusalem
so when I got to page 15 and then page 17 it got even worse because there’s a state of
Palestine there is East Jerusalem and I’ve heard all the commentaries I’ve
read all the analysis concerning what part of Jerusalem it is and as I read
this I just I have to say I am very concerned and this is not what I thought
it was and believe you me I tried to get there as I’m reading it I’m sort of like
in denial no that can’t be and then I reread it and I reread it and I reread
it and then I thought well maybe it’s just me because I grew up in a home
being told that I was a Palestinian only to find out later in life when I came to
Christ at age 19 and started reading the Word of God and learning more about my
culture as an Arab that there’s no such thing as a Palestinian and there’s no
such thing as a Palestine and so when I’m reading this plan I’m reading it and
viewing it through that lens and I don’t know how anyone can sign off for lack of
a better way of saying it on any plan that involves any land given to the so
called Palestinians the land was given to Israel and Jerusalem is the city out
of all of the cities that God Himself declared that He will put His Name on
the idea is His Name of ownership and as we’ve talked about in the past
it is literally His Name is on Jerusalem it is His City and we’re going to talk
about this more on Sunday and I don’t want to get too far into it tonight and I do
want to get to the Proverbs tonight but suffice it to say
if any plan involves any dividing any splitting of any part of Jerusalem it is
against the will of God the Word of God and the plan of God because that belongs
to God and God gave it to Israel His Name of ownership is on it and in
Zechariah 12 it’s very explicit the prophecy that if you try to divide it
split it cut it I’ll cut you and when I read through this plan I’m again
please know I tried in as much as I was able to make this plan say what I wanted it
to say and what I thought it was going to say namely that Jerusalem will remain
undivided well then when you read the fine print you’re going that isn’t sound
of undivided to me this is a two-state solution that is no solution and there’s
no Jerusalem solution Jerusalem is still the problem Jerusalem is still the
burdensome stone the cup of trembling the intoxicating obsession of the entire
world in fact I would argue that now it’s even more so well there are those
who say well why are you getting so worked up because I am an Arab that’s
why I know that’s not why I’m getting worked up because there’s this belief
they won’t hey it doesn’t really matter they’re not going to accept that anyway
be careful be careful well yeah but I thought that Abbas Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian Authority said no a thousand no’s well are we surprised are we
surprised there’s something different this time and it has to do with the
support of the Arab nations who are coming out and this is what’s
surprising and they’re supporting this plan and in a way it is
I believe putting the so-called Palestinians in a very difficult
position sort of forcing their hand I mean this is as good as it gets and you
have all of your Arab countrymen that are supporting this what are you doing
there’s a this is why we’re going to take Sunday and try to sort through this also
Sunday is communion sunday and so I don’t want to rush through that as well
so let’s leave it at that I hope that I’m not leaving you kind of on a
cliffhanger again let me just be very clear the more I read the more I am very
concerned that this plan is not what we thought it was it’s not what I hoped it
would be and this is not good and this is not God and God will not
bless this and I hope that well we know that according to Bible prophecy that
there will be a peace agreement for seven years and we’ll talk more about
that in detail on Sunday and this very well could be the catalyst for that I do
want to though go on record and it’s kind of unfortunate that I have to be
clear about things like this but there’s a lot of talk about Trump and he’s the
Antichrist I do not believe Trump is the Antichrist I do not believe that now
you’ve got the other side of that here I mean you would think Trump was Jesus
Christ no I’m serious and that’s very Grievous to me and I’ve the last couple
weeks made it very clear again and it’s sad
that I have to that Trump is not my Savior Jesus is my Savior
Trump is my president but he’s not my Savior and my hope is not in this man or
this plan or even this land even this country my hope is in the person of
Jesus Christ and the soon return of Jesus Christ and as I look at this
planet everything else that is happening in concert with all of this and I just I
just come to this conclusion that man I mean how close are we how close are we
it is exciting but at the same time it is grieving because you you maybe you
know I think about with Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes that with much knowledge
comes much sorrow there’s a there’s a secular saying that goes like this and
I’m sure you’ve heard it ignorance is bliss you know ignorance is
bliss that is so true I mean you know the more you know that the harder it is
because you know how this ends up and you know with increased knowledge
is increased sorrow and I guess I just have to just be very open with you and
from my heart say to you that this is kind of heartbreaking for me this is
this is heartbreaking for me because I know where this is going and I know what
this means and so my excitement was short-lived and
now my excitement has turned into an alarming urgency as it relates to the
unveiling of this plan the jury’s out we’ve talked about this as well as to
how this will all play out there so many moving parts
as it were I mean you have now the impeachment trial of the US president
which experts are saying will probably hopefully be concluded by this weekend
and the conclusion will be an acquittal of the president in the Senate and that
may very well be then coming up in just a matter of well four weeks actually
from Sunday on March 2nd are the unprecedented third elections in Israel
and from what I’m reading it doesn’t look like once again they will be able
to form a government subsequent to this third election one of the things we
talked about on Sunday was that absent a government a functioning and formed
government in Israel there is no one and no thing in place that can actually put
in place any plan of any kind even if somehow miraculously the Palestinians
were to agree to it there was one news report and I’ve read so many it’s just
my goodness my just I had to finally just say okay lord I need to I want to
can I just study Proverbs please because it’s just so much information and my
hair started to hurt well whatever’s left of my hair but but I did read one
news report about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and I have to say I was a
little bit surprised by this because the gist of it was hey you know this is the
art of the deal right and not his words or the words but this was the gist of it
again hey if you don’t like it come back with a counteroffer what are we buying a
car again you’ll forgive the car metaphor I mean they they put this this
offer on the table in your first response is no
well you’ve got to be out of your mind there’s no way okay well then counteroffer listen
you’re I’m going to please don’t think differently of me when I remind you of
this but I’ve been in the car business for 30 years and I’ve been in a
negotiation or two across the desk you know as the buyer and the seller on both
sides of the negotiation and that’s how you do it
you start and in the Arab culture in the Middle East you know when you’re in it
when you’re negotiating in fact if you don’t negotiate in the Middle East they
lose respect for you especially the Arabs I shared that story I won’t do
that to you again tonight about when I was in the Old City of Jerusalem
negotiating with a Arab about trying to purchase these camel leather sandals
very nice and you know how we were screaming at each other you know calling
each other names it was all in the name of Jesus but I mean you know not
bad names just you know shame on you you’re a criminal you know those kind of
things you know and and I ended up getting it for half the price that he
was asking and that’s just the culture you know it’s a it’s a deal making horse
trading bargaining negotiating you know bartering type of culture and so I saw
that and it just it it ah I don’t know it grieved me one less thing and I know I
probably already said one last thing but I think I do need to say this
and there’s actually been studies done on this where and there’s actually a
neurological and psychological you know and scientific explanation for this and
I’ll try to explain this just bear with me so they took a group of students for
this experiment and every one including the teacher but one student was in on
the experiment here was the experiment the teacher was
going to write this very simple I mean no-brainer
math equation probably something like two plus two equal four and then all of
the students were you know instead of two plus two being four it was going to be
two plus two equal five and all of the students were going to raise their hand
if it was correct and they were all in on it so the teacher gets up there two
plus two equals five correct true or false true raise your hand everybody
raised their hand except for the one poor little kid how traumatizing would
this be he’s the one that they’re doing the experiment on and the experiment was
to see the powerful effect of peer pressure and not following the crowd so
he’s looking at it going two plus two equals 5 two plus two doesn’t equal five and everybody’s
raising their hand and he’s like cowering under his desk like I can’t
raise my hand I don’t see that that’s wrong if they’re all raising their hand
what is this am I losing my mind that’s how I’ve been feeling about this
peace plan it’s like am i reading this wrong am I am I seeing this
differently than everybody else because everybody else is coming out glowing
praise the Lord pray for this peace plan I’m not going to pray for this peace plan
are you kidding me sheesh and I you know it’s kind of like two plus two equal
five yeah and I’m over here going no it doesn’t what they found is that the
ended brain scans that in the hypothalamus I think part of the brain
and I don’t want to get too technical here there’s this fear of standing alone and
so finally this poor student caved in and acquiesced to the pressure of being
the only one that would not raise his hand to two plus two equals five and
sure enough sheepishly and slowly he raises and you don’t
want to be the only one now I’m not saying I’m the only one but I am saying
that at the very best I’m in the minority of those who are saying that no
not so fast not so fast this is not good this is not good look under the hood and
see and read the fine print and see what this involves it is incompatible with
scripture and God’s Word and I just I just alright thank you for bearing with
me on that come on Sunday I’ll tell you all about it
Proverbs chapter 23 let’s pray and we’ll ask God to bless our time together in
his word tonight thank You Lord Lord I thank You that You’ve given us
discernment and wisdom from above and prudence and understanding and knowledge
Lord I thank You that You’ve given us an intellect and so Lord I would just
pray concerning this peace plan that all of us would be discerning careful
prayerful and not be too quick to jump on the popular bandwagon following the
crowd so that if need be we would be numbered amongst those who are willing
to stand up and even stand alone and say no the land belongs to Israel Israel
alone and Jerusalem is never to be divided in any way shape or form
Lord thank You just pray that You would grant us that grace and tonight Lord as
we now study Your Word pray that You’ll bless it to our understanding speak into
our lives in and through this chapter here in Proverbs as we make our way
through this book Lord thank You for the wisdom thank You for just the practical
applicable wisdom that is here bless it to our understanding we pray in Jesus’
name Amen okay verse one off to a great start here this is interesting
Proverb I know I say that about all of them when you sit down to eat with a
ruler consider carefully what is before you and put a knife to your throat if
you are a man given to appetite pretty graphic by the way this is not literal
okay do not verse 3 desire his delicacies for they are deceptive food
wow what what is this about what is this warning about well here it is you’ve
you’ve got this invitation now and you accept the invitation you RSVP and it’s
an honor because this is a ruler this is a king that has invited you to sit at
his table oh my goodness I’m so honored so of course you’re going to accept and
then you go and you start eating and it’s delicious the delicacies are fine
and very delicious and then about maybe halfway through you start to realize
wait a minute he didn’t invite me to this dinner
because he wanted to honor me or have me at his table because he
likes me no he has me here for a reason I’ve been deceived
I’ve been manipulated I’ve been duped halfway into it he brings up a topic a
subject and all of a sudden you find yourself on the receiving end of some
questions that he would like to ask of you and then your heart sinks when you
realize oh I see now I see why you were wanting me to come to dinner and accept
this invitation and eat with you it’s not because you wanted me to be here
with you it’s because you wanted to get something out of me when I came here
I’ve been deceived and here you’ve eaten this food and you’ve ingratiated
yourself and sort of in some regards obligated yourself now he’s got you I
mean here I just I invited you mean you know many people would just be so
honored to be invited to sit at the table of a king and you’ve been duped
verse 4 do not overwork to be rich because of your own understanding cease
will you set your eyes on that which is not for riches certainly make themselves
wings they fly away like an eagle toward heaven that sounds like a paycheck
sometimes doesn’t it I mean it’s just you’re looking at this thing and then
all of a sudden it’s growing wings and off it goes in a way it goes bye-bye you
know you’ve heard that expression money talks well it does this Proverb tells us
what it says when it talks it says see ya it’s gone what’s the point of this
Proverb the point of this Proverb is and it’s not talking about hard work
it’s talking about overwork for the purpose of amassing money and wealth
cease don’t overwork to be rich don’t set your eyes on that which is not
because if you do here’s what’s going to happen it’s going to sprout wings and it’s
going to fly away to heaven I think about this in the context not just of and in
the secular sense of those who sacrifice their families their health on the altar
of success to make money to amass wealth I have yet to meet anyone at the end of
their life who ever wished they would have over worked more and spent more
time at work conversely I without exception have had occasion to talk with
those whose regret profound regret is all that they sacrificed at the expense
of this selling of their soul to the company store as it were this over
working day and night for what where is it now you’re not going to take it with
you it’s that famous quote when a very rich man dies I think it was Rockefeller
and the question was asked how much did he leave to which one responded very
appropriately all of it all of it here you are at the end of your life you’ve
sacrificed your health you’ve sacrificed your family your children your marriage
and there you lie at the end of your life and was it worth it absolutely not
absolutely not I think about it not just in the secular
sense again but I think about it in the spiritual sense and I’ll explain what I
mean by that I think about and this is a very
dangerous trap in the realm of ministry because it’s under the banner of I’m
serving the Lord yeah but at what expense you know I’ve
seen this I’m sad to say on the mainland I watch guys I mean they didn’t have a
mistress the ministry was their mistress and they were so involved so busy in the
ministry their wife is at home with the children just languishing and then when
he was home when he would finally come home there was nothing left he’s so
exhausted spends no time with his family no time with his wife nurturing that
relationship that marriage I remember one time this is on the mainland I and
even now with our staff here this is a biggie for me and I think I would it
would be good for me just a comment on this I will never allow under my
leadership anyone that is serving whether it’s on staff or as a volunteer
to sacrifice their family on the altar of ministry I will never allow it I’ve
seen it happen and I’ve seen the devastation that will always ensue I
know in my own life and this is a struggle for me because I tend to be a
workaholic and one of the things that has been a good thing for me is that I
have my office I have an office here but I have an office in the home where I
spend most of my time so I’m present there and I’m not always available
I mean sometimes my daughter will come upstairs and I’m in the middle of a very
important you know sometimes a phone call or a very intense situation that I
need to address and she’ll come in and I’ll say not now and I’m not available
I’m just not able at this point same thing with
my wife of course my wife has a little more pull she says no I need it now okay mr.
president I’ll have to call you back my wife needs me no I say that
jokingly but seriously too in a way there are times where see and this is a
this is a side note speaking to one of the things that I’ve learned and am
learning as it relates to marriage after 31 going on 32 years of marriage that
wife needs to feel like she is the most important person in the husband’s life
next to the person of Jesus Christ and if she does not you’ve got problems because
that’s the way God wired her if the ministry is more important than her
you’ve got problem you’ve got big problems big problems an especially because it’s the
ministry you know in a corporate setting that’s you know maybe a little bit
different but when it’s the ministry I mean I remember one situation where
this was a pastor on staff and not a senior pastor but one of the assistant
pastors and basically he would shame his wife how dare you come in between me and
the ministry to which God has called me and I just wanted to take this guy it was
not my place to do it at the time you just wanted to take this guy take him
about the neck just what are you kidding me here’s the thing
Titus and Timothy affectionately referred to as the pastoral epistles
make it very clear in no uncertain terms that if your house isn’t in order and
you’re not right with your wife you are disqualified you cannot serve in any
position in the ministry period end of story and the idea is and the reason is
is that if you can’t have your house in order you’re going to have the Church of
God you’re going to you know bring order to the
Church of God you cannot you cannot so be careful do not overwork whether it’s
in a corporate setting or in a ministry setting cease verse six now we have a
similar Proverb but it’s different this time it’s not a ruler it’s a miser verse
six do not eat the bread of a miser nor desire his delicacies for as he thinks
in his heart so is he eat and drink he says to you but his heart is not with
you the morsel you have eaten you will vomit up and waste your pleasant words
okay a couple thoughts here first of all in verse 7 often quoted as a man thinks
in his heart so is he I want to come back to that I think when we get to
about verse 12 very important because at first read shouldn’t that say he thinks
in his mind because isn’t that where we do our thinking no thinks in his heart
as a man thinketh in his heart so is he again I want to expound on that but
let’s talk about what this is saying and the warning that is here so now this
time you’re not invited by a king or a ruler I think about Daniel and Shadrach
and Meshach and Abednego when they were invited by the King to eat up all of his
delicacies and they refused and they were so much healthier physically and
for one thing but also spiritually because they did not eat the delicacies
of the king but this is not talking about a king this is talking about I
want to be careful how I say this a cheapskate a tightwad need I go further
I mean somebody that is so tight with the money they squeak when they walk
now they’ve invited you over for dinner and you’ve accepted and you’re sitting
there and you’re eating and you’re drinking and it’s not long before you
realize wait a minute I mean outwardly he’s like yes go ahead
eat inwardly he’s going oh that’s too much do you know how much this cost how
could you do this and he and because he’s counting everything because he’s that cheap
he’s a miser you know there’s a saying I think this was a Larry Burkett
saying he says he compares the in contrast the spendthrift to the miser
you know the spendthrift they spend everything they get
right so the miser who gets all they can and cans all they get so he says the
spendthrift the spender says money is made round so you can let it roll and
the miser says no money is made round and flashy you can stack it up until you
invite somebody over for dinner and they eat it all up that’s what this is saying
he’s he’s what he’s saying on the outside is not what he’s thinking on the
inside in his heart in his heart he is cursing you on the outside he’s saying
to you yeah eat eat eat and then you do you take him up on it and then you
realize oh he really didn’t want me to because he’s so cheap and here he’s
offered me this what did he think I wasn’t going to accept hey I’ll take I’ll
take a good meal anytime I can get my hands on it right and you will vomit it
up and waste your pleasant words because his heart is not with you verse 9
do not speak in the hearing of a fool for he will despise the wisdom of your
words don’t waste your time don’t bother I think about what Jesus said don’t cast
your pearls before swine you know how it is when you can speak truth wisdom and
the person is I mean they’re like dismissive of it not interested in it I
mean they are again I’m just quoting the analogy that the Savior
gives they’re like a pig wearing a pearl necklace you think that
pig is going to see these pearls no that pig is like I mean can I eat
it if I can’t eat it I’m going to trample on it and that’s what the Proverb is
saying don’t even bother don’t waste your breath one of the things I’m
learning I always like to say I’m learning I don’t want to say I’ve
learned it because that kind of comes off well first of all it’s arrogant you
know well I’ve I’ve arrived because I’ve learned no I’m always learning and God
is always teaching me but one of the things I’m learning is to discern
between whether or not the person with whom I am speaking is interested in an
answer or an argument you know when I was younger I was so naive
/ foolish and I would just get baited in and I’m thinking hey you know I’m just
going to win them over I’m going to talk them into it and even when it comes to
sharing the gospel I think we we are we err greatly when we think that we’re
going to talk somebody into getting saved listen if you could talk them into it
all it’s going to take is for someone to talk them out of it that’s not how they
come to Christ the Spirit of God leads them to Christ so don’t waste your
time the Apostle Paul writes in these foolish arguments you’re not getting
anywhere in fact if anything they’re digging their heels in
more and this person doesn’t they’re not interested move on just shake the sand
off your slippers and go on to the next person and if they’re not
interested don’t waste your breath verse 10 do not remove the ancient landmark
nor enter the fields of the fatherless for their redeemer is mighty verse 11 he
will plead their cause against you this speaks to how it was in those times when
the father the man of the house would die and leave behind these fields to
their children who are now orphaned or widows and there would be those who
would try to take advantage of it and they would move the landmarks to get
more land and basically steal don’t do that because God is taking notice and
God takes very seriously the plight of the poor I think about in the Gospels
how Jesus was attracted to drawn to spent most of His time with the helpless
and the hopeless He came for the sick not the well the well don’t need a
physician so I think about James where he writes about how that pure undefiled
religion is caring for the widow’s the orphans those in prison
that’s pure undefiled religion you get the impression and rightfully so that
God takes very seriously the plight of the poor verse 12
here it is apply your heart to instruction on your mind your heart to
instruction and your ears to words of knowledge okay stay with me on this so
the difference between the mind and the heart and I’m just thinking now about
Paul writing to the Philippians in chapter 4 verses 6 through 8 where he
basically says that cure for worry you want to know how to worry about nothing
pray about everything and thank God for anything and the peace of God will
surpass that surpasses human understanding will keep your heart and
your mind at peace in Christ Jesus what he’s saying there is and he’s
distinguishing between the peace that comes from understanding we say it like
this peace of mind oh now I can have peace of mind now I understand
Paul’s not talking about that kind of peace the peace that comes from
understanding no he’s talking about a peace that surpasses I don’t have
understanding yet I can still have peace that surpasses understanding how is that
possible oh in the heart it’s a matter of the heart because now you’ve taken it
to heart that’s where it will end I this is going to rhyme and sound dorky but
it will start in the heart it’s a matter of the heart so let me take it a step
further when I have a mental understanding of it it doesn’t mean that
I’ve taken ownership of it in my heart I know it in my mind but I don’t own it in
my heart when I take it to heart that’s when it’s been applied again this is
across the board in many respects but it’s that saying and we talk about this
often that knowledge is just information that’s the mind but wisdom is the
application of that information that’s the heart when you take it from to heart
when it comes from the heart apply your heart put your heart into it your whole
heart to instruction and your ears to words of
knowledge verse 13 this is going to be fun do not withhold correction from a
child for if you beat him with a rod he will not die you shall beat him with a
rod and deliver his soul from hell kind of that preaches doesn’t it
let me first and foremost say and this is very important please hear me this in
no way is suggesting that we abuse physically our children what I believe
this is speaking to is the passive parent who does not correct for fear of
man if I spank them I’m going to you know ruin them and you know they’re just
going to they’re just never going to be the same for the listening you know
some of us in my age group you know you’re like man I am living proof I
have the scars to prove it I mean I was spanked beaten that wooden spoon oh that
wooden spoon I actually have one of those wooden spoons
we broke a couple of them and a couple of them they they took and I’m not sure
what they did with them I think they shipped them to the mainland so we would
never see them and we just went out bought new ones but that wooden spoon was the
rod of correction and I mean you know look how I turned out but maybe not
maybe don’t look how I turned out but the point is is that the passive parent who
withholds correction do not withhold correction
yeah but I’m afraid that you know I’m going to hurt them in in know they’re not
going to die yeah but they have convinced me don’t do that you’re going to kill me
I’m dying on you when you’re spanking the kid they’re like screaming like you know
they’re killing them they’re going to have to be hospitalized and I mean very
dramatic very good actors those little kids when
you’re spanking them but the point is is that you will deliver them you need to
discipline them and by the way it’s the rod of correction you’re correcting them
which infers that they need to be corrected my son verse 15 if your heart
is wise again usually we associate wisdom with the mind oh wow he’s so wise
mm-hmm you picture the guy with the pipe you
know hmm well no this is talking again about the
heart if your heart is wise my heart will rejoice indeed I myself yes my
inmost being will rejoice when your lips speak right things I mean this is a
father speaking to a son you bring me great joy when you’re wise
and conversely you can bring me great sorrow when you’re foolish verse 17 do
not let your heart envy sinners but be zealous for the fear of the Lord all the
day for surely there is a hereafter and your hope will not be cut off I think of
Psalm 73 and when we were in the Book of Psalms we spent some time with this
interesting Psalm where the psalmist is very honest about how he had almost
given up on his faith he had cleansed his hands in vain because he looks at
the wicked and he sees them prospering and everything they touch and it just turns
to gold and they have no problems and here I am I’m serving the Lord and I’m
walking in righteousness and for what my life is riddled with trial after
trial problem after problem I mean it’s not fair and then he comes to his senses
where at the end he goes into the sanctuary of the Lord and he sees their
end and he comes to his senses and says oh my goodness yeah in this life they
may have it made in the shade but there is coming a time that
hereafter when in the end their end and for us we will not be disappointed verse
19 hear my son and be wise and guide your heart in the way do not mix with
wine-bibber or with gluttonous eaters of meat for the drunkard and the glutton
will come to poverty and drowsiness will clothe the man with rags I think of it
as the big three over drinking over eating and over sleeping that is a
recipe for disaster and that is a recipe for a wasted life verse 22 listen to
your father who begot you and do not despise your mother when she is old you
know I was thinking about it this way you know as we get older mom dad and our
children still you know green wet-behind-the-ears as the saying goes
and you know they just think they know it all right and then here we are in our
older years and you know we we’ve been around the block a few times
and then we try to speak into their lives and they blow us off they dismiss
us it’s almost like they despise us oh mom come on mom come on you know you’re
old you’re old-fashioned that’s what this proverb is saying don’t do that
don’t do that verse 23 by the truth and do not sell it
also wisdom and instruction and understanding carries with it the idea
of the value of wisdom as opposed to the value which pales in comparison of
earthly and worldly wealth verse 24 the father of the righteous will greatly
rejoice and he who begets a wise child will delight in him let your father and
your mother be glad and let her who bore you rejoice it’s almost like it’s saying
don’t give your parents any reason to regret ever giving birth to you is that
bad to say it that way that’s kind of what it’s saying let let her who bore
you rejoice I mean let them be glad you’re oh I just my wife when I were
talking about our children today we had a rare moment of just one of those
unplanned spontaneous times where we could just sit talk stories Sabia was at
piano lessons and we just it was just the two of us oh went by so fast one
hour is like one minute just so fast we’re just reflecting on our children
and when our son Levi was born and we were just he has to have a surgery a
hip surgery actually unfortunately very kind of interesting so this summer when
he’s here he’s going to have to do that we were just talking about it and how
when he was born you know we thought he was going to be a girl and you know he
was we didn’t really have a boy name yet we got a girl name we were just
convinced he was going to be a girl and then here comes Levi we named him Levi
and he has brought us so much joy we call him we affectionately refer him and
to him and appropriately so as our loving Levi he’s the coolest kid brings so
much joy so glad oh Lord You knew what You were doing we just rejoiced that we
had him I’ve got to be careful here because our
other two children are like well what about us
well you too of course you too but the point of the Proverb is don’t make your
parents think man what our lives would have been like if we didn’t have
children if we didn’t give birth to these I’m going to leave it at that move on
first 26 my son give me your heart and let your eyes observe my ways for a
harlot is a deep pit the Idea here being and and a seductress a
narrow well easy to fall in too hard to get out of a harlot is a deep pit and a
seductress is a narrow well she also verse 28 lies in wait as for a victim
and increases the unfaithful among man this is interesting because it speaks to
and this is so true that there are actually those out there who prey on and
make victims of and it’s not just the seductress or the harlot in terms of the
woman but the man too and they increase the unfaithful among men and women they
set out to do it they actually set out to do it well let’s bring the chapter
and the Bible study to an End verse 29 this is quite descriptive who has wool
who has problems who has trouble who has sorrow regret who has contentions fights
who has complaints who has wounds without cause
who has redness of eyes verse 30 answers the question those who linger long at
the wine those who go in search of mixed wine now listen to this verse 31 do not
look on the wine when it is red when it sparkles
in the cup when it swirls around smoothly on the television screen with
this most beautiful woman that so elegant and classy and has the glass of
wine you’re going wow they make it look so good so glamorous and you’re and you
buy into it they will never show you that same woman
the next morning oh very different picture they will never show you that
it’s the same woman you would never recognize her the night before whoooo
looking fine next morning you know why well verse 32 is going to tell us why sorry
for that dramatization that was probably a picture you could have lived without for
the rest of your life but I think you get the point
verse 32 at the last it bites like a serpent and stings like a Viper your
eyes will see strange things and your heart will utter perverse things what
did I say oh you are so wasted you know when you drink of course and this is
scientific and you know medical and and neurological your inhibitions are
lowered you say things that you would not otherwise say were you not
intoxicated and your heart again will utter perverse things out of the
abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
and so when you’re drunk when you’re intoxicated it’s like what did I say I
said that yeah you don’t remember no no the TV ad didn’t tell me about this part
and so you utter perverse things yes verse 34 you will be like one who lies
down in the midst of the sea or spinning whoa the room is spinning or like one
who lies at the top of the mast saying they have struck me but I was not hurt
they have beaten me but I did not feel it when shall I awake
listen to this that I may seek another drink what well I think that this is pretty
self-explanatory I was reading a commentator and he made
a very interesting comment we’ll close with this he says that of all of the
alcoholics in the world that it would be safe to say they never set out to be one
they take that drink which leads to another drink
and to another drink and to another drink and the next thing you know they cannot
go a day without a drink and they start off their day with a drink that is an
alcoholic and this is the awful life as demonstrated here I want to just end
with this thought and it has to do with how it’s easy to forget that Solomon
wrote most of the book of Proverbs and he did so of course inspired by the Holy
Spirit and but at the same time he was speaking from personal experience when
he talks about the harlot when he talks about the immoral woman oh he’s speaking from
personal experience and when he’s talking about staying too long looking that wine going yeah he’s
talking from personal experience when he’s talking about amassing wealth only
to have it grow wings and fly away to heaven he’s talking from personal
experience here’s why I point this out it’s because wisdom should be seen as
both experiential and supernatural and this again
applies to the matter of the heart when you’ve experienced life experience and
you’ve seen firsthand how it is that this wisdom can be both supernatural
while at the same time being practical experiential you know when the angel
appears to Mary and says you’re with child and she you know basically says
I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong women because I’ve never known a man
interesting word in the original language of the Greek is the Greek word
gnosko and it has the meaning of experiential knowledge i’ve never
experienced the intercourse with the man i cannot be with child because i’ve
never known a man experientially that way now in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 7
fast-forward and Jesus makes this astonishing statement about how there
will be those who will say whom he will say depart from me I never knew you and
they protest what are You talking about we cast out demons Your Name we gave a
glass of water in Your Name we did all of these things in Your name and He says
depart from Me I never knew you and He uses the same word gnosko
experiential knowledge depart from Me because we’ve never had that experiential
intimacy or if you will intercourse I never knew you and this is what it means
to apply the wisdom experientially it’s one thing to have knowledge it’s an
entirely different thing to have experiential knowledge gnosko
why don’t you stand we’ll pray Lord willing we’ll pick it up next week Proverbs
chapter 24 Father thank You so much for Your Word and
for our time together tonight here in the book of Proverbs Lord again so much
so packed so full so much wisdom so much practical applicable wisdom that we can
take with us tonight from this Bible study and apply to our lives Lord thank
You for Your Word thank You for Your wisdom thank You for this book of
Proverbs in Jesus’ name Amen


  • Just like the enemy to make something appear good but it's simply dressed up as such. It's important to get our eyes off of man and thinking a certain person is for the good. For even the very elect will be decieved. As you mentioned it's important to look under the hood… This is no doubt a lemon.

  • Beginning of sorrows! 👑 Rapture!

  • People need to wake up and think instead of following like sheep. god bless

  • Thank pastor for standing up against all

  • Amen pastor. Will pray for you to be strong and lead us not like sheep amen

  • My grandson been telling to wake up and not be a sheep and think for my self. I think I'm going to lose Christian's over this. Thank you I'm not the only one that has these things

  • The Deal of the Century and God's Indignation by Jaco Prinsloo. He talks here exactly about what Pastor Farag said…… very well explained.

  • The Peace Plan is a "Curate's Egg", good in parts. But it is NOT THE Peace Plan. But, as one Amir Tsarfati has suggested, the Hebrew and Greek term 'covenant', afa the AC, means 'to build on', which COULD mean that this Plan is the basis upon which HIS Plan is based.

    But don't blame Don for that.

    Jerusalem won't be split, but, remember, any POTUS is always, and has been, in a rock and a hard place.

    The situation can be ignored – deferred, as it has been for the last few terms – or grasped.

    And Don has grasped the nettle, and is winning, in NFC terms, this quarter.

    But it's hardly 4th down and 20, with 30 seconds, or less on the clock, nor has he been sacked by the Blues defence – it's 3rd quarter, 1st down and 5, following a turnover, with November in sight for the full 7points! His last quarter will be coming when he wins then!

    Remember to pray for him, Mike Pence and his administration (and the admonishment of the 👹crats).

    Anyway, sorry for the football allusions, but with Superbowl coming up, I couldn't resist, and I'm a Brit in Englandland…

  • Amir said East Jerusalem is not Jerusalem proper

  • East Jerusalem is NOT part of Jerusalem. RESEARCH IT so he is not dividing Jerusalem! Amir Tsarfati: Middle East Update, January 30, 2020
    Behold Israel
    Listen to Amir if you want the facts about Jerusalem and so called east Jerusalem.

  • Also…..
    There are many churches who counsel Church servies or cut them short for these football games the Super Bowl……
    They put this game before God.
    Think about it….
    This football game is demonically charged.
    Dark music… perverted gestures….dancing.
    The money ….corruption behind all this is horrendous I'm sure.
    And the list goes on…..
    People bring their children to this kind of entertainment if you want to call it that.
    I dont think there are very many ture Christians players in these
    People allow this and Conform to the things of this world and Compromise God's word.
    with love I'm just saying.
    I wouldn't want to be involved.
    The times are different and so are these gatherings.
    These games are not the good old games…..

    FRI.JANUARY 31,2020

  • What about communion??

  • This peace plan and the Temple being rebuilt and the red hiefer , brings in the beginning of the Tribulation. There are many people yet to find Christ, unsaved loved ones and others.. once the Tribulation starts it will bebe more difficult for them tI be saved. They will be fooled so easily. Even Christians , the very elect could possibly be deceived in this time. Hold on, stand, pray be ready..

  • Im confused. Im not trying to oppose Pastor JD, I love his prophecy updates and his heart for the Lord. But Amir/Pastor Barry/P Jack all said it wasnt dividing the land and that " East Jerusalem" wasnt the Jerusalem we think of, that it was already a Palestinian neighborhood. They said it was just the name they used to appease the Palestinians. Are they wrong or just didnt read the plan clearly?

  • The “East Jerusalem” as capital for a future palestinian state is not anywhere that Israel is controlling today. It’s palestinian neighborhoods far from the old city where the Israeli law isn’t enforced anyway. Trump called it East Jerusalem just to make them happy! Kapish?! (This is a quote by Amir Tsafati

  • We could be raptured
    Treaty signed
    Temple built virtually w/in weeks as all is prepared
    3.5 yrs of so called peace
    ac enters temple stops sacrifice
    All while Trump is potus
    Trump could be Jareds mouthpiece.
    Jared could be the ac and trump the beast
    Sanctified imagination🤔🤷

  • And Britain left the EU, bible prophecy fullfilled. Many videos out there predicting this will happen, and the videos were posted years ago.

  • Brother…shabbat is on saturday. New moon is tonight. Break your bread and pour new wine and do this in rememberance of Yashua Ha'mashiac. Praise Yah! He looks at our 💕💜🙏💜 Love the brotherhood. Love you all!

  • I've been thinking something isn't right. I love our President but I always have a red flag when soo many people agree with me. I will take the time to read this plan. I didn't know if it was just me having concerns.

  • I stand with you Pastor. 🕊

  • Only JESUS can and will bring peace to Israel !!!!!!! Trumps faith advisers DO NOT KNOW THE BIBLE !

  • I'm unsettled, too, Pastor J.D. God's opinion is the only one that matters. Joel 3:2 says not to divide the land. God's covenant is clear. I am troubled by the East Jerusalem capitol for the Palestinians part. The tunnel. The land on the border. I wanted to like it, but I am troubled and don't like it. I know it's not the plan "confirmed with many." I know it's DOA with the Palestinians. That is irrelevant. I have to choose God's word. God said NO for all eternity. Everlasting. I will go read the PP. Thank you for your honesty. I agree.

  • Pastor JD Farag the dividing of Jerusalem refers to overthrowing the capital city of a king. The passage is about the nations refusing Jesus as the son of David who will sit on the throne of David.

  • I remember a study by Davis Hocking that stated a remnant of the People of Esau would be living in the Mountains of Israel in the Last Days. They would die in the battle of Ezekiel. These people live under the statement, I will Bless those who Bless Israel and Curse those who do not! God directs His appointed. Trump has put them in the very place God wants them to be to fulfill Bible prophecy.

  • May I suggest that JD should speak with Amir Tsafati, he seems to believe the East Jerusalem is not actually the east side of Jerusalem but a village located east of Jerusalem. Just saying, both JD and Amir seem quite convinced of their opinions.


  • Jd may be right, this may not be the last covenant that is finally established. God also said, "They divided my Land." The Ezekiel war will return the Land to Israel. I thought this would happen during the year of Jubilee?

  • Hab 2:1-4;  I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

  • God's plan is his plan. Who and how God uses to implement is up to him. Maranatha

  • I Listened to Amir & Pastor Berry & Pastor Jack too I🙏 there Eye's will be open to what you are saying & President Trump Eye's too, But if this is God's plan My🙏 & ❤goes out to the unsaved I 🙏 they find JESUS in there ❤ Time is getting short I can't wait till He takes Us All Home❤🙏➕🕊

  • A message to pastor Frag : Please take a listern if you have a moment :

    May the Lord bless your ministry 🙏🏽

  • Could this be a part of the "great falling away"?
    Lost for words….
    You know how a car salesman or any sales person can take something and "twist" the subject of the matter all around Until a person finally agrees and accepts his product.
    This would be a con artist…or calling evil good or good evil.
    This would be, In some peoples eyes a good salesman, is good because he sold the product. Even if it is a package of deception.

  • Thanks for your video and clarifying what was said a few days ago.

  • I’m with you JD


  • Thank you Pastor J.D. for standing up for the truth built on the word of God!

  • I agree with scripture and I thank you for taking a stand for what it clearly states! I've had to stop listening to others who are teaching it's OK and all is well… The Word is the WORD of God we must take it for what is says and means.

  • I am a Protestant Christian and do not understand why the evangelicals are in support of Trumps peace to prosperity plan, very very bad for ISRAEL AND AMERICA. Do Not divide the land under no circumstances( Evangelicals may be the wolves in sheep's clothing) The great falling away, their roots was John the Baptist who came not wearing fancy clothes nor eating fancy food or living luxurious, the evangelicals today do not reflect any of that . The land belongs to Israel period, any true Christian's would and should know this. Everything that Trump has done and is doing for America is for naught if this deal goes trough, if it does God's Judgments will fall upon America this is what the Evangelicals should be proclaiming. Not hailing Trump as a savior of our Faith, our faith belongs to no man and can not be saved it is given by God, and what God giveth no man can take. Trump was doing good things up until this.

  • Netanyahu said he will take the peace plan to the Knesset. See what happens after that.

  • Trump said that Saudi Arabia was "on board" with this Peace Plan, and the Saudis have outright denied that. There is something to wonder about.. and the Middle East is in an uproar – but we knew they would be.

  • According to Daniel 11, Trump cannot be the Antichrist.. The AC's attributes are all there in Daniel 11. Trump DOESN'T match them.

    NOR, as Pastor said, should people be worshiping Trump – and MANY, especially "Christians", are doing just that.

  • It's ok, CUZ we as ELOHIM'S children should make HIM more important than the super bowl💕

  • Thank you for the teaching on Proverbs ….I would like to hear more.

  • The so-called Palestinians were given land between 1918 an 1922. The White Pages by W. Churchill . The land was divided with 76 % becoming land for the Palestinians. It was called Trans-Jordan !!!! That's right, Jordan is their land/home !! Israel only got 24% of THEIR land. So all the Palestinians need to go home to Jordan. BUT… Jordan wont let them !! Because Jerusalem is God's city, that's why satan has done this mess with the Palestinians and Muslum's. So if Trump is calling for dividing up the land for a 2 state mess then America had better be ready to be divided ( or is that already happening ?) and being at war with our neighbors/brothers. I don't think B.B. will go for it at all !! He know's better. Guess Trump hasn't read his Bible. Trump is being used by God but he is NOT the anti-Christ. This just takes us one step closer to the rapture. Stay strong , God bless, see you tomorrow.

  • Prepare for the Great Escape! Trump was a reprieve & now the Judgment!

  • When all my Christian friends were so in love with president Trump i told them to watch if the DEAL he makes is THE 2 STATE SOLUTION

  • Could be that's why God picked Donald Trump to be president…ALL IN GOD'S PLAN

  • Wrong. Trump did NOT say the Capital of Palestine would be EAST Jerusalem… Donald said, "This map will more than double the Palestinian territory and provide a Palestinian capital in EASTERN Jerusalem where America will proudly open an embassy. No Palestinians or Israelis will be uprooted from their homes."

    Eastern Jerusalem is beyond East Jerusalem.

  • Makes me wonder about a second meaning to the hook in the jaw

  • Trump's 'Deal of the Century' has just been REJECTED by the 'MANY' the 22 Nation Arab League !

  • I AM ON BOARD WITH PASTOR FARAG NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!! I am not saved but I believe and I have for many years

  • Back in the mid 1990's Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was tempted to trade land for peace. The Lord instructed our prayer group to pray Israel WOULD NOT trade land for peace. A short time later Rabin was assassinated. I will pray the same now. I know Trump is God's choice, BUT he can make mistakes, and I feel this might be his biggest. No two state solution!

  • This proverb message feels like the story of my life thus far 😟 EVERY SINGLE WORD

  • Pastor JD, please let our President know how God is against anyone dividing Jerusalem. The peace plan is not official until March 2020, and it can still be changed/modified. We don't expect President Trump to know everything about God's word, but we have a responsibility to guide others. Thank you for your message!


  • God wants us to trust Him and surpass that fear of standing alone. So encouraging that God gave you the courage to stand because 2+2 does not = 5 and I’ve been frustrated thinking that NO ONE else will allow themselves to see that. In these reports of your findings please continue to stay true to the Lord not to man (or woman).

  • First off, Israel is a people. Second America is not dividing Israel. America came up with a plan for peace and economic prosperity but Israel makes the decision and it is not forced. America will not be judged for this.God gave The Jews the promised land from turkey to Egypt to Iraq. Jerusalem is the apple of Gods eye and that is not divided. Also, what’s wrong with states being in countries??? Nothing for it will still be called Israel. The promised land has already been divided. America is not forcing a division, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
    People are freaking out because they really don’t understand the word and have a biblical YouTube Education.

  • When I heard that the Palestinians rejected it, I thought that was an indication of the soundness of the plan…wow. That was a superficial deduction. Thanks for clarifying the details. It’s an eye opener.

  • Thanks J.D Farag. Regarding the peace and security agreement for Israel, I see this as a template for what will eventually be confirmed or made greater by the antichrist. In the interim however, the Arab league will reject it. The very launching of this peace proposal may inflame the Islamic nations and Russia to fulfil Ezekiel 38, Isaiah 17. However, it will happen when Israel is unguarded, which would only happen if a leftist leader like Gantz comes to power. ( Remember the left are anti borders). Aside from this, the peace agreement still divides the land of Israel no matter what some preachers are saying. There is a deception here, giving any land to Palestinians or granting them any capital is dividing God's land which he explicitly gave to the Jews only. So although in their mind the so called peace team may think they are helping the situation, they are not. The land is not to be divided, period. It is the apple of God's eye. Trump has done many good things, he is there to fulfil God's prophecy, however he doesn't fully understand the implications of what he has done. Jesus is coming soon, we don't know the day or hour but this generation is in the season. Amen.
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  • I love Trump, but when I heard this "Peace Plan" my heart sunk.

  • I truly believe if America is involved in dividing any part of Israel at all then we can expect a major disaster in the United States. No way around it. If we divide their land God will divide our land period…

  • Pastor JD,

    I was very very much grieved when I heard the deal that President Trump has put together. I was even more grieved to hear some of my favorite Bible teachers praise it. I felt like I was alone in how I felt. We can't escape the consequences that will come if this is implemented. It is a poor argument to say the so-called Palestinians won't agree to it anyway and Israel will gain land. Any agreement that says any of God’s land covenanted to Israel is the land of the so-called Palestinians, even if they are living on it now, is WRONG and against the WORD! As a patriotic American I do love what Trump has done up until now. I am very sad. I was so happy to hear you are not in agreement with this deal. Thank you so much for standing on the word of God even when you are in the minority! I stand on the Word of God only…always praying I will not be deceived. I’m praying for wisdom and discernment for all of God's children…to not be deceived! I am looking forward to hearing you on Sunday. May Father God continue to give you His words of wisdom to feed us, His sheep! God Bless you and your family, and the wonderful church family in Kaneohe!

    With love in Christ! Connie

  • Pastor I absolutely agree with you. They are going to divide God's land. Jerusalem is God's land!!!

  • The valley of Jehosaphat is not an actual place. Joel 3:2 is refering to the judgement by a king and the reference is Jesus and the nations gathered in Armaggedon.

  • No worries mate, they said,"…a thousand times no" it aint gonna happen!

  • Improperly it's 181 pages. I read Revelation 18:1 and it's interesting?

  • Thank you for your open discussion, it always reveals to me what is really happening.

  • But Jesus said to leave your families to leave everything and follow him. Doesn’t that include these minister’s families?

  • Zechariah 12 is the other refernce to dividing and it is the day King Jesus returns to the earth for his His Jewish nation trapped in Bozrah and Jerusalem. Again it is Armaggedon.

  • Dear Pastor JD. THANK YOU for standing firm AGAINST President Trump's plan which indeed calls for the "dividing" of God's land. Please stand firm regardless of the verbal spin others are attempting to put on it. I want to encourage you to keep standing on the immutable Word of God. I am sure you may face much opposition; much of it even perhaps from your own peers. Please stand firm and don't back don't down. Don't compromise, and don't water down what God has plainly stated. It may seem that you may be standing alone, but there are many who stand with you. Most importantly though, God will be honored and He will one day honor you if you don't compromise on the truth. Don't back down. Israel is GOD'S land and NO MAN has the right to divide or barter away one inch of Tha whicht God has placed His name upon. I am praying for you.

  • AGREED, JD!! There is only ONE Biblical basis for non-Jews to be CITIZENS of Israel: the "Toshav Ger" Bat Sheva's husband; Uriah is the example. Uriah fought TOGETHER WITH the armies of Israel & was UTTERLY LOYAL to the State! The Israeli Druze are a good example! I heard an interview with 3 Israeli Arabs on Tues evening and they also stated that they want to live IN ISRAEL & view themselves as ISRAELIS. Although a minority; there are many good Arabs who realize their lives are far better in and ♡ with Israel. Quoting O.T. off-hand; "Be good to the Stranger (ger) who dwells in the Land; for you too were once strangers in Egypt." This is the only Biblical basis for non-Jews to live in Israel – utter loyalty to the Jewish State (as we see too in the Millennium.)
    I see and hear Pres Trump's GOOD INTENTIONS but urged him not to tackle this issue v. early in his presidency; saying that only Messiah will bring TRUE PEACE to this conflict. Everything else will be a false peace.

  • To me, and I do CREDIT GOOD INTENTIONS, this is STILL DIVIDING THE LAND & JERUSALEM!!! Remember the Brits ALREADY TOOK 79% IN 1922; TRANS-JORDAN. "Palastinean Arabs" were surely intended to enjoy full citizenship there. King Abdallah; 2nd generation MADE KING; from Saudia, knows this. Yaser Arafat was from Egypt. Erekat claimed to be from Jericho from ancient times; I gather a lie

  • 👀👁👁 how LONG the border just grew; border within borders; not good.

  • I greatly appreciate you!! There is 1 distraction; in our human self, all of it, we tend to blabber on. I have been raised up under a prophet and I have been ruined so to say as to his directness in the word. Even in every day normal activities he is very direct. I had never met a person with so much real sorge' love, compassion and passion but he doesn't blabber on. Let the Word do the work. I will still listen to you as you are a man after Father's heart, a true believer.

  • According to the Word, "the" Peace treaty will be from the anti-christ.

  • The USA only has until 2025. After that the demon(ic)-rats will take us down.

  • Get a grip. Jesus wins

  • Trump was chosen to expose evil, period. The great divide was revealed with the eclipse and another great divide will be revealed with the next eclipse across America. The question is; how do we react to this evil? How do we love, and how do we love our enemies. David; psalm 129:136, Rivers of water run down my eyes because man does not keep Your law. Are we there yet!! Why not??!!

  • The desires of your heart drives your thoughts which then drive your actions.

  • Reminds me….right after I got married my, at the time, husband told me he wasn’t going to spend all his free time with me. He was usually gone until we were all asleep on a nightly basis. Lasted 6 years.

  • I admire your courage to stand for the sake of righteousness even if you're in the minority.

  • Could you post your Sunday sermons to the web, PLEASE, I really like to learn from you but I’m in the UK

  • J.D., You are falling into the same fear trap that Amir fell into. I love both you guys but don't let fear dictate your feelings. We all know what is coming. It has to get worse.
    Everything that is happening is right on schedule. God is not worried, you shouldn't be either. Just like you said when you thought missiles were heading to Hawaii, you got a little excited. That is how I feel now. I am glad the peace plan is bad, maybe it will hasten the beginning of the end. I want to go home.

    So cheer up buddy, our redemption draws near.

  • Is this peace treaty for 7 years?

  • Praying for you my brother. Forget the deal of the century..we have the deal of all time and eternity..a spotless lamb came and layed his life down for you and me so we could be saved and spared what we deserved..eternal damnation. Thank you God for sending your son – Jesus. Thats all that matters..our friends will turn on us ..but God will never leave us or forsake us..ever.

  • I really do love you JD .. I thank God for you. We gonna be in heaven laughing and singing..reminiscing about our crazy run on bring so much joy and truth to so many just cuz your you. You dont even try just show up with your hurtin hairs and tell it.

  • I dont believe trump is the antichrist either. The antichrist is supposed to be very charasmatic and charming…President Trump is straight up and dont care who he offends. He offends. My friends get mad because he makes me laugh ..he is so politically incorrect ..and i am too:(

  • It makes me sad that nobody loves our president enough to stop kissing his ass and tell him what he is doing will not go well for him or us. Party of one.

  • I am praying God will give our president wisdom and big kahoonas and he will get out of the deal of the century asap. Let them duke it out.

  • Yes. Its true. I have no filters.

  • If I was like Queen Esther..i would use all my charm to go before the president and prepare a banquet and ask him to spare my people. Fellow Americans. Please do not divide Israel Mr. President.

  • 14:00–14:38…..?!?!?!? "This is not God?" Are you saying that things can happen without God saying go ahead?! I am a little confused why this troubles you so much Pastor. This plan is not a real peace plan, and must have stipulations to turn it from "peace"to tribulation. Is there a perception or way I could read this to understand what it is that upsets you so much? No matter WHAT the plan is, it folds in 3 and a half years, yet stands for 3 and a half years. No worries my Pastor! Love and blessings to you from ABBA ELOHIM in the name of YESHUA HA MASCHIACH AMEN AND AMEN.

  • Praying for you Pastor JD, looking so forward to your update and please know that many believe that you are absolutely correct in your understanding of the Peace Plan. Thank you! and you are loved and appreciated.


  • And as we know peace shall only be for a short time…. MAYBE THE DESTRUCTION WILL COME WITH THE RAPTURE… SOON YHWY

  • Agree with you pastor. Thank you so much .


  • A Revelation

    1st Harvest – Rapture of First Fruits – 144k – the Barley Harvest – We walk in the Spirit of Enoch the first man to be raptured

    Mid-trib before the end of 3.5 years
    2nd harvest – Rapture #2 – 144k (this plus first rapture makes 288k like David’s army) – the Wheat Harvest – They walk in the Spirit of Elijah, the second man to be raptured

    End of Trib – the two witnesses (288k total) plus the tribulation saints lie dead in the streets
    3rd and Final Harvest at 7 year mark – Resurrection not Rapture like Christ will be raised to a Glorified State and then raptured- the Grapes of Wrath Harvest – they walk in the Spirit of Christ unto death and resurrection to a glorified state then raptured – taken up as Christ was

    Always remember that God is a God of Order
    First man raptured

    Second man raptured

    was the last example of a man to be raptured

    Three harvests – 3 raptured men

  • Not sure why people continue to estimate that Trump is the antichrist or that Trump isn’t the antichrist. The antichrist is a deceiver. Hence, the objective is that you won’t know until it’s too late.

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