Brie Larson & Scarlett Johansson on First Kisses, Fan Tattoos, and ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Hey, you two. How long– did you
know each other before this movie got underway? Yeah. Yes. We did. Where did you meet and how
long have you known each other? I want to hear the whole story. Did you text each other? Did you hang out? We did. You don’t remember how we met? I do. I thought you– How did we meet? At dinner. No! Yes we did! Clearly, it made an
impression on me, but somebody else didn’t care. We had dinner on New Year’s Eve. We worked together. Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh my god! It’s the truth! Bad, bad! I didn’t– Shame on you. –even think about
that, because I just felt like I was basically
a glorified extra and you were Scarlett Johansson. So I was just like, wow. What movie? I noticed you, Brie. I noticed you. What movie? That’s not true. You were not a glorified extra. Yeah, we did this movie called
Don Jon that was directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And we did we– a couple since then. That’s true. Yeah, that’s true. Oh, man. You worked more with– Wow. And then New Year’s
Eve you had dinner. That’s quite a night
to have dinner. Did y’all– I mean, was
it a party or was it– I had a party and
Brie came because she came with a friend, a
mutual friend of ours. Yeah. And then we had like an
eight-course dinner together. Yeah. So, you know, casual. Wow, that’s nice. Yeah. It’s how it goes. I think I had something
that night, but thanks for inviting me anyway. [LAUGHING] And you both have lot in
common because you both started acting as children. Uh, well, yeah. And how old were you. I mean, I auditioned. I don’t feel like
I started working until like three years ago, but
Scarlett was a working actress. I was a kid actor. Yeah, I was a kid– Is that– That’s not me. That’s me. Oh, yeah. [LAUGHING] I thought– I was like, uh– That is you. Yeah, because it says my name,
so you know that it’s me. So wait a minute. That is so cute. So what did you– how old were
you when you started working? I was like that age. I was six, seven? Seven, yeah. So you auditioned but you
didn’t start working until– I mean, you’re saying you’re
noticed now, but what is that? Oh yeah, that was my first job. What was that? That was called
Roadkill, Easy Bake Oven. [LAUGHING] Are you serious? It was quality, quality work. What kind of name is
that for a child to– It was a fake
commercial for Jay Leno. I love my look. I kind of want that look again. I think that’s back. It is basically back, yeah. Look at me styling. Yeah, that was my first job. You could bring it back. Now I heard that
you can’t remember if you had your first kiss
on screen or off-screen. How is that possible? Is that true? Yeah. I don’t know what that says
about who I was kissing. Like you blocked it out? I guess I blocked it out. Does that mean it was bad? Yeah. It doesn’t mean it was good. Yes. It definitely wasn’t good. No, it was bad. How early back– what’s the
first kiss you can remember? What’s the first kiss
you can remember? I can remember in
sixth grade, like– Like 12, 11? Yeah. Yeah. 12 or 13, that
was my first kiss. It was like, you know– At a party? Spin the bottle. Yeah. Remember spin the bottle? I went away from the bottle. I was too nervous about
it, probably because I didn’t want to kiss anybody. Right. Clearly you don’t like kissing. No. No. Do you remember your first kiss? I remember my first kiss, but
I didn’t like the person that I kissed, and so I just decided– Who was it? Say their name. No. Yeah. And was it the French kiss? OK! I don’t– I don’t remember if– I don’t think so. I think it was like one of
those gross in-between ones that’s sort of like, ugh, ugh. I think that’s the– I know. That’s what it was. Like early on when you’re
learning your kiss, you really don’t– it’s just, you
don’t really know. You don’t know what
you’re supposed to do– Right. –like with your teeth. Yeah. The whole thing is
just, ugh, gross. See, that’s why
you don’t remember. Yeah, you’re lucky
you blocked it out. I feel like if it was like
that, I’d remember it. So I think mine was
probably just super benign. Let’s talk about
homecoming again. All right. Let’s talk about the movie–
the last time you were here, you were just about to do
that big fancy movie, Captain America, right? Marvel. Exactly. Uh huh. Captain Marvel. Thanks so much. I don’t know it that
was a joke or not. I never know with comedians. Oh god. And it mad a billion dollars. [CHEERING] A billion dollars. I just think that
number’s so funny. I feel like a billion
dollars is something you say in hyperbole like, I
made like a billion dollars. Like it made a lot of money. But, like, no, it actually
made a billion dollars. But it did make a
billion dollars. And you actually shot this
one first though, right? Yeah. We shot– she came on the
set while they were still– I don’t even think there was
a script for Captain Marvel, but they were shooting it
like, tomorrow, basically, which is kind of, you
know, the MO over at out– At out home? At our home now, Marvel-land. Yeah. And it was– but I think it
kind of worked for the, like, it worked for us anyway. It probably didn’t
work for you very well. I was very stressed about it. We’re like, oh,
who’s the new girl? They’re like, so,
what are your powers? And I was like, I don’t know. I’m not sure where I end up
with my origin story, sorry. Yeah, well, how could you? Because you hadn’t really–
it was backwards, sort of. Yeah. All right. We’re going to take a break. We’re going to talk about
other things after this. We’ll be back. So the premiere– That looked serious. Yeah. And everybody is in
it, like everybody. Yeah. Just, it’s like every movie
from– there was a shot. I don’t know– do we have that
shot available of the overhead of all the trailers? What? Where? I mean, look at– That’s Roberts camp. And then where’s ours? That’s crazy. Yeah, that is crazy. It really is. And like you were saying– have you seen the movie? Or you’re seeing– No. –tonight for the first time? Oh yeah. We’re seeing it tonight. We will be seeing it tonight. Yeah, with all–
like, the whole– there’s going to be two–
they built this crazy theater in the convention
center here in LA, and there’s going
to be 2,000 fans and it’s going to be bananas. Yes it is. Because people have been
waiting for a long time. And people go–
there’s tattoos– I know that y’all have given
yourselves tattoos for– right? Well minus Mark, because
he chickened out. Yeah, that’s right,
Mark, you chickened out. But it’s like– they’re kind
of like a– sort of like an Avenger symbol with
a little kind of– Oh there’s– whose is that? That’s Robert’s, I think. Is that a pile of hair
above– that’s gross? What is that? Yeah, why does it– Ew. Like, wait to take that picture. Why did he have so much hair
on the inside of his forearm? Yeah, that’s a lot of hair
on the inside of the forearm. Huh. That’s gross. Forget that part, but– But then fans have
tattoos of all of you. There’s some crazy tattoos
that fans have gotten. Yeah. Like the entire back. I’ve seen some of them. The entire back? Yeah, there’s one– well– What? Oh no! Wait a second! Yep. On a hand? Wait a second. Oh! Look at that. Wait, I’m on someone’s back? Yeah. That looks like the
bride of Chucky. Get out of here! Yep. That face is– ooh. Oh, snap. That’s my resting face. Yeah. [LAUGHING] That looks bana– I know. That one’s not bad. I mean, that’s beautiful. What’s in the middle
of my forehead? Oh, that’s someone’s skin. That’s someone’s skin, yeah. And someone’s mole
that is now on your– on your forehead. They just incorporated it. Yeah. Wow, my nose looks crazy. Oh my– That’s not bad. What’s the weirdest
thing that you’ve seen– Wow, that looks really good. –merchandised? You look hot in that one. Wow! I mean, I feel like a
new sense of pressure, like as a person to like,
not be a giant embarrassment to someone. Because that’s going to be a
lot of work to cover up if, uh– Yeah. I think it looks good. I like it. Maybe another
actress comes along that looks similar to that and
they don’t have to change it. So they can just change over it. Yeah. I feel like you could turn
that into like Angelina Jolie as Maleficent,
like, very easily. So that’s fine. For sure. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. OK. All right, we’re going to take
a break and we’ll play a game. Do you want to play a game? I don’t know. Is it scary? Because the last time I was– [LAUGHING] I just want to make sure that– No. Is anyone coming out? No. Cause I am ready this time. OK. No, we’re not going to– You’re going to punch somebody. Yeah. I know. We saw you push
a Jeep up a hill. We’re not going to
scare you again. Oh, yeah. All right. That was cool. I felt bad about
myself, but [INAUDIBLE].. By the way, so she
pushes a Jeep up the hill to get ready for the movie. What did you do? Um, you know, I
watched a lot of videos of her pushing the Jeep
up the hill, basically. And I kind of enter on. I’m sort of like her spirit– Look at her. She’s actually pushing
a Jeep up the hill. Yes. I mean, that’s– you’re fierce. Yeah, that’s incredible. Yeah. That’s not– Yeah! [CHEERING] We’ll take a break. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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