Breath of The Wild: Hylian Army BOOT CAMP Training Ground!

Years before the Great Calamity
This is an intense, harcore Hylian Army training camp! We need 110% attention and focus around here. [Sound Effect] Uh, you get off your sheikah
slate, taking selfies! [Triggered Sound Effect]
The mighty Hylian Army was once a great force of protection for the kingdom of Hyrule but
sadly stood no match to force of Calamity Ganon. The entire army along with Link (Almost) was
wiped out from the dreadful attack and this sparked a bit of interest towards the Hylian
army for me. I want to explore into some potential lore
for Breath of The Wild’s Hylian Army. As I don’t really cover as much lore as
I want to. Now I am aware this is a very small niche
sort of lore but these sorta unexplained areas really interest me. If you have unlocked the woodland tower in
the game and look on the map you will notice the surrounding area has a rather interesting
name “Military Training Camp” Well that’s exactly what I’m exploring
into, so let’s do this? [Intro Plays] As I mentioned in the intro the entire Hylian
army that once stood strong is gone. Like very gone, like completely destroyed
by calamity ganon’s attack never to be seen again kind of gone. However there is a lot of things they left
behind and today I’m focusing on the military training camp. Before I jump right into speculating I did
check the master works which believe me is jam packed full of interesting lore about
the game and I do have videos planned thanks to that book but they will have to wait a
few more weeks. Anyway long story short the military training
camp didn’t feature in the book surprisingly. I checked under the central hyrule, eldin,
akkala, lanayru and even notable locations but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the book. So that leaves this down to us investigating
within the game itself. Now by the looks of things this could of been
the Hylian Army’s main training camp for new recruits and older members. Firstly it’s just behind Hyrule Castle,
the location the royal family lived in which would require really heavy protection so it’s
an ideal place to be located. Any excess or overload of soldiers could go
on standby out at the camp whilst also training of course. If all hell was to ever break lose by Hyrule
Castle signals from a high point of Hyrule castle could be made over to the camp, signaling
across the moat of the castle. This could be raising a flag or letting of
some sort of smoke. So it’s almost like instant backup if you
like if all hell was to ever break lose. Just like how the army or royal navy reserves
in real life work. The reason I believe this is their main training
facility is because most of the kingdoms large facilities such as a prison, water storage,
market place and all of that stuff are located within castle town or nearby. The prison is exactly like the camp, just
of to the side of the castle. Away from large public areas but still within
a quick traveling distance. Also just a small detail, there is a stable
right down the road from the camp so there is a chance some soldiers would of stayed
there as well as within the camp itself. Central Hyrule seems to host a lot of important
facilities to the kingdom, with all the ones within central hyrule acting as the main facitile,
in this case a training camp. It is likely there was other small camps in
further away regions such as the neclude and tabantha regions to train up soldiers out
there but the one within central Hyrule is the main one. Now what about the camp itself, how was life
as soldier in this camp? Well from looking through cutscenes where
soldiers of the Hylian Army are spotted they appear to be very well disciplined, standing
straight, 100% focused and fit to do their job alright. They also look very coordinated and structured
as a group. An army as solid as this doesn’t come from
nothing. It takes serious training and dedication to
build that and that’s exactly what I believe this camp was for. Training up the best and most elite soldiers
for central Hyrule, the heart of the kingdom. As back then this region would of been bursting
full of life and required a good amount of protection. If you go and explore the camp for yourself
you’ll notice how it’s split into a lower ground and higher ground section. I believe these were different parts of the
course. Lower being easier and higher being more difficult. I believe this is the case due to the structures
we can find on each level. There is a lot more towers, walkways and obstacles
on the higher ground and on the lower level there is more of this swap and some walk ways. More of a beginners and less advance training
area. From the remains we can see it doesn’t look
like there was many living quarters, just a few small buildings so it would make sense
if what I mentioned earlier that being the nearby stable was used to a place to stay
as well as the living quarters on site. Looking at the structures found this camp
must of been absolutely brutal to train in. Tall towers to climb, long tedious running
courses and the swamp we see was probably water back then so there was likely swimming
and other water exercises involved. Needless to say one hell of a tough camp but
it made same damn impress soldiers so how did it end up in such a state, what all went
wrong and how did the downfall of the military training camp happen? [The Downfall]
Well we already know Calamity Ganon’s attack was malicious, destructive and really changed
the land for ever so the attack itself would of caused a lot of damage. [That’s a lot of damage] but from structures
such as the stables we can see that the Hylians repaired and restored certain structures them
and began to use them after the attack but the military camp was left to root and be
overrun by enemies. We can clearly see from the skulls and presence
of enemies themselves that they now run this camp. Perhaps if the enemies hadn’t of got there
first then maybe there would of been funciating training camp after Calamity Ganon’s attack. Now to explain the elephant in the room, the
giant tower sticking out of the ground. We know this hasn’t been visible long as
all the towers were below the ground until Link activated them so this wouldn’t of been
there when the camp was still used. This fortress of a camp looked to be one of
the strongest points of Hyrule. Watch towers, large barriers, a bunch of tough
soldiers training daily. This would of been amazing to see all those
years ago and hey if we ever get that pre Breath of The Wild game maybe we will see
the camp in full life. I know it’s nothing major but things like
this really give the game character and just makes the lore more and more interesting and
fun to explore. So that’s my thoughts on the story behind
this ancient military camp that was sadly destroyed and overrun due to the attack of
Calamity Ganon. Well here we are the end of the video how
exciting? I never really know how to finish these so
here’s the usual, thanks for watching everyone, I really hope you enjoyed this little insight
to a bit speculative lore from Breath of The Wild. As I mentioned early I have a few videos planned
thanks to the master works book. Although I want to make them some of my best
work so they will take a few more weeks. Be sure to join our Discord server through
the Link below and until the next time, I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.

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