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Hello everyone, my name is Pratyaksha Trivedi, a student of PGDM Retail Management from Birla Institute of Management Technology Today I would like to talk about two topics
First – Branded House, and Second- The Luxury Brand John Lobb Branded House – A branded house means that the company itself is the brand and the products and services offered by them, are the subsets of the main brand The branded house offers the benefit of bringing together multiple products or services under the umbrella of a single, strong brand. Individual offerings from the same company may leverage the brand recognition and reputation of that company, even when launching new products or entering new markets. The synergy among different units of one company may strengthen each individual unit. In this model, we can say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In a branded house, all parts of the company must share the same vision and values. This requires closer cooperation between various departments and business units. This can be a drawback in some cases, but may also lead to increased customer loyalty, as customers are attracted to the overall brand rather than the brand of an individual product. These customers may be more likely to buy other products from the same company. Some of the best examples of Branded House are FedEx and Virgin. The advantage of branded house is that, all the products and services can share the same budget, customers, and market position. John Lobb – John Lobb Bootmaker has been in business for almost 150 years. and prides itself on upholding its exacting standards and unique levels of craftsmanship in the creation of hand-made shoes and boots for men. There are three signatures at John Lobb Firstly – The Ready-to-wear permanent and seasonal collections. John Lobb offers ready-to-wear collections: oxfords, derbys, loafers, buckles, boots and casual models. Secondly – By Request;
By Request is a special order service that allows the customer, after choosing from over 150 available models, to change the leather, colour, width and sole. Thirdly – Bespoke: The art of Made-to-Measure From the fitting room to the workshop, each and every pair of John Lobbs is designed according to the customer’s dreams,to the exact measurement of his foot. Some of the famous clients of John Lobb include Prince Charles, Princess Diana, John F Kennedy, Calvin Klein, and Queen Victoria I hope this video was really informative.
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