Bottleflip Challenge 2019 w/ Jackman

For years you have asked, “Where is… the yearly bottle flip challenge?” And we have finally answered! Behold my challenger: JackSpediceyPie! I have been summoned! *giggles* You’ve been there all along?! o0/ I know you keep me in the basement… *Ding-Dong* My door is ringing. *giggles* He really does keep me in the basement. Please. Help me. Please, you guys don’t know what it’s like… It’s been years. My hair isn’t even green anymore, the dye ran out. I didn’t grow this beard on my own, it’s just cuz I haven’t been able to shave in so long. God, please help me, please send help. WHAT ARE YOU TELLING THEM!!! Nothing. Bottle Flip Challenge. Stop clapping at everything I clap if i want to We have our bottle We have our g-fuel G-fuel in the bottles! It’s (time), have you been practicing? No I’ve been in your basement I can’t! Oh that’s right I haven’t even been able to drink water Well that means ur gonna lose Jack Dammit! U suck Jack! dAmMIT reddit FiftyFifty Oh no we bottle flip, whoever lands the bottle, the other person has to look at the reddit That’s right. This is the most requested video on my channel, here we are: Bottle Flip Challenge 2K19. The annual *dab* Annual bottle flip *laughing* C A M E R A TWO!!!! *laughing* btw the legs are animated well K. this is my bottle, I will flip this. *fails* Ok well thats *laughing* Get out of the way Edgar. Edgar. Edgar’s the judge *fails* UOAH OAHHHHHH *DOUBLE DAB* HAHAAHAHAHAH
HAAHAHAAHAHAH *continues laughing*
CAMERA ONE!!! pewds: i dont wanna do that man decapitated in tropical forest or a hedge hog in a kayak oh please
jack: please be the hedge hog in a kayak please kayok in kyac… kayock???
* everyone laughing* jack: kayok in kajack!!?? ahahaha yay!!! *claping* awwwwwwww!!! hes cute thats adorable thats a risky clip of the day!!! hey its not that there is a decapitated man behind him or anything ayyayyayyayy! what you wanna see it?
uhhhh wait a minute look at * jack interfering* doggy!!!!


  • "CAMRA TWO!!" Séan and Felix~2019

  • Edgar ass thooo

  • Did Jack swear in swidish

  • He has legs

  • Pewds

  • 11:30

  • YES, my two favorite screamy Bois!


  • PewDiePie Ez

  • Proff that Ireland is better

  • I really hope they do this again in 2020.

  • That jack guy is pretty cool he should start a YouTube channel

  • 12:44 oof pewds jack just rosted u dude

  • love or hate him,
    hes flipping staight bottles here

  • Rest in Peace Stefan, We miss you ❤️

  • imagine edgar with the lion outfit

  • jackspadiceypie

  • 11:25


  • This quality though???

  • Pewd bottle flipping 3 years ago:Why?IM LOSING!!
    Pewd practiced 2 years ago:Ok,I think we're done,JACKKKKK
    Pewd waited to Jack Last year:Hmm,Where is he??
    Pewd Bottle flipping with Jack again:I loss:(

  • Sean is the best he has the blood of a gay like gladiator (Shawn)

  • Every time they jell "CAMERA TWO" i lose it?

  • Woah pewdiepie has legs ??

  • Edgar looks like an old man when he dies ill lose it

  • Bro Brad did such a good job photoshopping legs on pewds

  • Is it me or does Jack look like Baldur from God of War 4?

  • They forgot the chance to flip again

  • He looks like TOM from Tokio Hotel

  • Unpopular opinion: Felix looks really cute with hats on

  • better be one in 2020

  • If Pewds doesn't flip first he can't land it. Just like the 2016 one

  • 9:15 Pewds sounds like a transformer, transforming

  • WAIT… he has LEGS????!!!!

  • I just watched the other bottle flip challenge. ?

  • I play tuber simulator

  • And the winner is Edgaaaarr

  • 11:29 top 10 anime battles
    Number 1: Swedish viking vs Gaelic Gladiator

  • Why is Edgar wearing a belt?

  • 1:26 now we saw their legs together

  • Hamburger????
    i miss him

  • PewDiePie viewer: I saved up 400 dollars, but should I get a VR, or a PewDiePie chair?

  • 11:35 LOL

  • ?

  • Jack: just do it we all know that your gonna suck


  • Why is this so gay.

  • Comrades, don't let Felix and Sean let pass another year on 2020

  • Make part who wants part 3

  • 2:40 song?

  • this video sponsored by volvic

  • for years you have been asking for the yearly challenge

  • Rest in peace Stefan Karl Stefansson that is so sad

  • Garlic gladiator vs One Swedish boy.

  • rare footage of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg's legs before it gets decapetated

  • 1:03 You suck Jack

    1:04 Dammit

  • 11:30 waaaaat pewdiepie has legs

  • 5:20
    Edgar:Check my ass

  • Footage of Irish Man Squatting

  • I

  • Jack wins. . .FATALITY!!!

  • 2020 anyone

  • You just pushed your dog away like it was nothing

  • I love how Edgar is always around Jack so he'd pet him ?

  • I like that in the description Seán is described as basement boy

  • I have a hedgehog

  • Edgar is always looking at Jack's Penis

  • More like Reddit 90/10

  • Pewdiepie yay jack looks thinking he’s looking at a good boi but in his horror he looks at the cut off head

  • you could have said theirs a nonexistent promo code

  • Best collaboration video in history.

  • he has…LEGS!?

  • Me when i think i fail the test

    Turn out : 1:39

  • Hjönk Hyönk am duck

  • did no one notice edgars diaper

  • 7:37 RIP me

  • IM DEAD 2:00??

  • Love these videos ?


  • 2:01 lol

  • Pewds and Jack playdate

  • Edgar the model

  • Jack Wonnnnnnnnnnn

  • Ireland

  • I have a feeling Markiplier is in Felix's basement to

  • 2:01

  • I swear someone probably called the cops on Felix

  • Ducc

  • What the heck are jack doing with the edgar 6:20

  • Why. Blur when show Big brain

  • Jack has clearly studied matpats video on this to the point where he physically can not loose

  • like for edgar's asshole

  • "How is that even make any fucking sense!?" lmao

  • Who is here because of the youtube recomendations

  • 12:15

  • Up da Irish lmao

  • How can Pewds come up to camera 1 if he had no legs

  • The Ray William Johnson's transition

  • 11:30 that's some quality CGI on the leg slap

  • Who is watching in 2019 and cringed

  • Me as a gamer eating ice cream alone……………… Playing minecraft

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