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To be a business owner, you have to have that
passion, that drive, that skill to kind of continue forward. Veterans have that tenfold. They’re learning it in the military for their leadership direction; the government is training them
on a specific skill or trade. Once they have that passion, they can do pretty much anything. [TONY TURIN]
When I was in the military, it actually had always
been a plan of ours to move back to my hometown
and start our own business. I think part of the reason why so many Veterans coming out of the military are excited about starting their own business is we just have such
diverse background. I mean, we’ve faced situations that most civilians will never know, and we can utilize that. Whether it’s the
pressure we’re put under, some of the tasks
that we’re called to do, it really just gears us up and it actually makes
owning our own business relatively easy. [MARK KRING] We have an
edge probably on everybody. We’ve learned leadership,
dedication, we have discipline, and there’s mission accomplishment in everything we do. Upon my retirement out
of the National Guard, I was looking for
something I could do to put my soldiers to work– guys that were coming home from deployments who didn’t have jobs– and also something to help me with my retirement. I started Veterans Sealcoating LLC and Veterans Snowplowing. We grew exponentially. People got the word
about what we did, the products we use,
the finesse behind it, and it worked out real well. I’m Cheryl Malone, I’m a retired lieutenant colonel from the Air Force, and I am also the CEO
of Life Transition for Me. The skills from being
a squadron commander being in the Air Force translate in that we think strategically, then we focus
on what our mission is and we execute it,
and we go for the best. We want to win. [ROLAND FOSS] Having the military
experience on your résumé tells people a lot, and it’s not just your customers, it’s not just advisors or friends or prospective employers, but it’s banks, it’s suppliers, it’s the people you’re going to do business with. You’re a project manager when you’re starting
as an entrepreneur. You’re wearing
many different hats, and that was an experience I
had many times in the military. My name is Wade Franklin. I’m the owner of the UPS Store Clarendon, located in Arlington, Virginia. What I like best about
having my own business is controlling my own destiny. I think everybody in the military has, at some level, an understanding of a mission and what it takes
to complete the mission. My name’s Colin Archipley. And I’m Karen Archipley. And we founded Archie’s Acres, which is a small-scale
hydro-organic farm here in San Diego County where we grow fresh produce,
primarily basil and other herbs, and we supply a number of retailers. Karen and I bought this property
while still on active duty. It was a great place to live while I was stationed
at Camp Pendleton. I can’t think of anything that’s
more of the American story than, you know,
serving your country and coming back and
creating a small business. [MICHELLE TAYLOR]
I think Veterans are suited
to be entrepreneurs because of how we’re
trained in the military. You get stripped of
everything from basic training, and then they build you up to have this incredible amount of pride and responsibility. So, I feel that inner strength
that you pull out as a Veteran helps you to really get
your business going. Nothing in my Army career prepared me to install or design solar systems. But while in uniform, we were given a different
task every day, possibly, and it was for me to understand
what the mission was, figure out how to do it
with the resources available, and get it done. And with that mindset, you can
start your own business. It’s just a matter of figuring
out what needs to be done and then just putting
in the work to do it. [TURIN] My four
years in the Army, I knew the whole time
that at some point I wanted to get out
to start my own business. So, me and my wife
kind of talked about plans and how we were going
to feasibly do this, but it wasn’t really until TAPs, the Transition Assistance Program, where they told me
about a program called Boots to Business. The Boots to Business program provides a crash course in entrepreneurial training through their two-day program, as well as their eight-week
online training course. Really what we do with Boots to Business is draw on that military experience in a way that makes it relevant
to business ownership. We help them understand how their– what they’ve learned in the military– how that translates to starting a business. The program is just really designed and fine-tuned for the Veterans in order for them to understand not only the resources
that are available for them, but to be able to
create this viable plan for whatever their
conceptual idea is. [CHARLES McCAFFREY]
Once a Veteran has gone through the two-day Boots to Business course, they have a number of resources available to them such as the Women’s Business Center, Small Business Development Centers, Veterans Business Outreach Centers, and SCORE, which are available nationwide. [TAYLOR] The Small Business
Development Center and SCORE helped me comprise a
list of items I needed to start my business in, with. So, what kind of certifications I needed, what kind of permits I needed,
insurance, you know, staffing. It’s such a great program, and I think it really gives
aspiring entrepreneurs the knowledge and the confidence to really continue down that path and be more successful at it. In the beginning, when I first started thinking
about opening a business, I didn’t have any of the tools
or who, what, where, when, how. I needed that two-day course. It’s really about creating,
seeding, cultivating, and nurturing a community
of Veteran business owners across the United States. They can really become
resources to each other, sell to each other,
learn from each other, and grow their businesses
through that community. If you’re interested in starting
your own business, I really suggest that you go through the Boots to Business program
because that’s where, again, you’re going to get all those tools. Just a huge, huge opportunity that’s available to you for free. So, do the work, put in the tasks, and you’ll be surprised what you learn. Our business has been successful because we’ve had the resources and the help along the way through things like Boots to Business and Small Business Administration that have really encouraged
and come alongside and made us who we are today. [MUSIC]

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