Booting the BIG-IP system to a different software image

Hello, everyone. I’m Erin from AskF5, and
today I’m going to show you how to boot the BIG-IP system to a different
software image. You boot your BIG-IP system into a different boot location
so that you can process traffic using different versions of software. Note that
doing so impacts traffic and requires rebooting your system, so you may want to wait until a scheduled maintenance period to boot to a different boot
location. After you log in to the Configuration utility, go to System>Software Management>Boot Locations. Under Boot Locations, click the name of the location you want to boot to. On this
page, you can install the configuration you are currently running to the target
boot location. To do so, for Install Configuration, click Yes.
Note that boot locations are also called volumes. If you are installing the
current configuration, then for Source Volume, click the volume on which it is
installed. Click Activate, and then OK to immediately restart your BIG-IP system
into the boot location you selected. That’s it! If you have installation,
maintenance, troubleshooting, or general questions about F5 products and
solutions, leave us a comment or send us an email.

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