MAIN TITLE BOY 1: Yeah, coffee and cigarettes
is the fucking bomb. -I guess I’ll smoke a cigarette.
-It’s so awesome. I’ve got, like, this…. -It’s, like….
BOY 1: Mm-hm? BOY 2: Herpes?
-Ha, ha. It’s– No. Well, I’ve got, like,
herpes but on my eyes. -I’ve got this tingling on my eyes.
-What? -Stop smoking weed.
-Just around the rims. Oh, Jesus. Oh, my God, Julia. -What the fuck is that?
-I know. I think that’s Dave. He had my phone. BOY 1:
Shit. Oh, God. I’m so sick of talking about the boys. I mean, do you even remember
what we used to talk about before? No. That’s the address. Let’s go. [CAR HORN HONKS] -Hey, you seen Mike and the girls?
JULIA: No. Fuck. Tell them we had to go, yeah? JULIA:
Hey! Wha–? -Jesus.
-Ha, ha. Shit. [CAR HORN HONKING] BOY 2:
Oh, hey. Hey, guys. -Are you gonna be all right to drive?
-Yes, Mom. -Well, I can drive you.
-You’re not even coming. Well, I can drop you there
and just bring the car back tomorrow. Fine. Aw. Ha, ha. Let’s go. -I guess I’ll smoke a cigarette.
DAVE: It’s awesome. -Give it back. You’re a pig.
BOY 1: Sorry. Time to go. -Let’s go.
-I thought you weren’t even coming. I’m not. I’m driving. Oh. DAVE: Here.
JULIA: Let’s go. DAVE:
Photo first. Definitely need a photo first. Just one. All right, okay. [SHOUTING AND LAUGHING] DANA:
Smile. Very good. Have you guys seen Mike? Because Steve’s already left, so…. DANA:
Let’s just go. DAVE: Mike!
BOYS: Mike! Mike! Mike! -Mike! Mike!
-Mike! Mike! Don’t worry about it.
He’s probably already left. MIKE:
What’s the fuss? Steve’s left. Fucking asshole. Well, you can come with us if you want. What, with these dickheads? -Fuck off.
-Julia, there’s not gonna be enough room. We’ll just sit on the boys’ laps. Fine by me. No. They’ll lie on the floor
if you’re worried about cops. -Because the cops won’t see them.
-It’s 10 minutes away. -Let’s catch a cab.
MIKE: Ah. -We’ll get in the boot.
DAVE: Boot! Boot! Boot! Boot! -I won’t drive with them in the boot.
JULIA: I will. Give me the keys. -No.
JULIA: Give me the keys! Bitches, please. Can we hurry the fuck up? -Or pash or something.
-Fuck off! Dana, give me the keys. Fine. Let’s go. DAVE:
Walk on this side. You’ll be all right. I got you. Anyone farts on me,
they’re a fucking dead man. You know, I reckon I could go Dana. Yeah, no chance. Fucking knee out of my fucking nuts. -I’m gonna vom.
-Ha, ha. Fuck off. -Spew-cam.
-No, no, I’m serious. -I’m fucking serious, guys.
-Okay. Hey, pull over. -Pull the car over.
-Yeah. DAVE: Hey, stop the car.
-Come on. BOY 1: Stop the fucking car.
-Stop the car. -No, no, no. Breathe.
DAVE: Breathe. Just breathe. Just fucking breathe. There we go. Oh, what the fuck?! -He’s gonna vomit!
-Oh, no! No, no. Okay, okay. Tell us–
Tell us everything you ate today… -…starting with breakfast.
-What?! -I don’t know. It works for hiccups.
-Fucking muesli. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. What kind?
-The one with apricot. -Okay, yeah, anything else?
BOY 2: A yogurt. No. DAVE: Oh, fuck! Pull the fucking car over!
-Oh, fuck! Pull the fucking car over! What the fuck? Pull over! -Fuck!
-Fuck! Fuck! Stop the fucking car! [CRASH] Julia! Are you okay? Julia. [SIRENS WAILING NEARBY] I’m fucked. I’m so fucked. I’ll say I was driving. Okay? I haven’t been drinking, so when the cops
get here, it’ll just be an accident, okay? Dana…. Okay? I’ll say I was driving. [TOILET FLUSHES] Why won’t you talk to me? Everyone hates me now. They all think that I killed the boys. And I know what I did, and I know what
I said, but I need you to say something. Can you please say something? I didn’t ask you to lie, Dana. Julia, I really need you
to say something, please. [CRYING]

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