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Hi. Lee Phillips. I want to talk to you about my Boot Camp for a minute. I do a bootcamp a very exclusive get-together we do it anywhere from about three to five times a year and I bring in no more than 12 people now “:a people” is basically usually 2 that would be you and your husband/wife we’ve had people bring their lawyer or their accountant and everybody else but basically two people I take 12 couples let’s say and sit you down for two days and we go through advanced asset protection most of the people who come are my students that means that they are using the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth they already have wills and trusts and all of that sort of stuff most of them but I go through advanced asset protection we go through business structuring and how to run businesses and we go through tax stuff. Good tax stuff. My theory is my goal is is to lower your adjusted gross income by let’s say 20-30% so if you’re in a $300,000 tax bracket you make $300,000 my goal is to make it so that you show that you make $200,000 on your taxes now that’s a big deal because for example the 20% tax deduction thing that pass-through businesses get real estate investors get now that’s basically cut off at $315,000 adjusted gross income and by the way it’s just not me doing the taxes we have at least two tax guys with us at all times one was a special auditor agent for the IRS for seven years and he is there, he gives a couple of the presentations. Another one was the head of the western region of the United States tax division the IRS criminal for, well he’s got 30-some odd years with the IRS he’ll be there. We’ve got a couple of attorneys that are there including me but we sit everybody in a little horseshoe type thing so that everybody can see everybody else and then the presenter stands in the middle of the horseshoe and gives the presentation. You’re welcome to ask questions it’s one-on-one basically in fact in the evenings what we do is we set aside blocks of time for each participant and I go through with you and answer your legal questions see what you need done and the tax guys sit there and they go through it with you so you rotate around to each one of us and you get personalized help on what you want to be helped on at that point. We don’t do your divorce and that sort of thing we’re doing the business structure, the estate planning, the asset protection, the tax planning that sort of stuff but it’s really kind of fun I actually have a lot of fun at these little events because you get to know the people we’ve had groups that have actually had reunions so the people get close to each other and it’s something that you can’t get anywhere else. People are just amazed at what it is and what happens I get flowers after I get canned boxes of candy and all sorts of stuff from people who have attended the events because they’re just so grateful that we have set them down and told them
what nobody else has ever told them about their asset protection, their business we get a lot of small business people and it’s fun to deal with them
because you can see it they will figure out how they can make an extra 30-40% in profit and that’s a big deal. I get a lot of satisfaction out of that. It’s fun to help people do that. We’ve had people who one guy was sitting there and I was talking about LLC’s and things and the guy started to cry. I’m going okay this is a little weird I mean he’s 50 something’s and after I go “What’s going on? and he says well I’m looking to having to declare bankruptcy he got hit really hard in the 2008/9/10 when real estate turned down and the bankruptcy attorneys have said
you’re gonna lose everything it’s gone. Short story is the guy ended up actually
declaring bankruptcy he didn’t lose four pieces of property and a half million dollars in cash cash equivalents his house and everything else he lost about $25,000 because he could see how we could protect his property. Yeah we explained fraudulent conveyances and everything else in our bootcamp and the neat thing about it is is we apply it to you because with only twelve people in the room I can pretty much answer your questions and bring it down to your level whatever that is we can make it work for you. The bootcamp is really neat you’re gonna have to call the office, see when they are. We do send out emails and that sort of stuff every once in a while but they fill up pretty fast and we don’t really have to worry about getting twelve people in the room it’s more like a waiting list. So if you’re interested well you should be interested give the office a call and see when the next one is that’s available anyway and let’s get you in and apply all of this legal stuff that we talk about on the YouTubes and everyplace else let’s apply it to your situation because that’s what the Boot Camp is designed to do. Most of them are in Salt Lake they are in a really cool venue we feed you breakfast and lunch each day and we eat together so that we can talk and discuss and do all of that sort of stuff and we have lots of treats and stuff all
the way in between it’s really very nice, first-class operation so you can stay anywhere you don’t have to stay in a specific hotel like I say they’re usually in Salt Lake right now we’ve done them in Florida in a number of places and and we’ll probably start to do that in a year or two but right now I’m kind of stuck in Utah with my wife’s situation (ALS), so We will see you at the Boot


  • Sounds like a great boot camp except I'm not at that level

  • 👍

  • I want in: Lets get rich

  • Been watching your videos. Do you do personal consultations? I'm a teacher who took early disability retirement. My retirement is very little and have a limit on earnings. My condition isn't going to get better, but as for now I need to do something while I can because I have a 7yr old. I have an LLC that could possibly produce income, but am afraid of making money and loosing my retirement. Is this an area you have experience in?

  • i agree, these type of events are extremely helpful – perfect example of sum of parts much greater than the whole !!

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