Bố già bolero | Tập 2 FULL: Xóm Mồi Cô tan đàn xẻ nghé khi ông Bảy chấp nhận phục tùng Tài Chó Điên?

OMG! Didn’t you hear what she said? Go and apologize. Sorry, Mong Tinh. Shut up! Take it easy, Tai. I said shut up. – Tai!
– No! Stop it! Keep showing your faces here, and you’ll regret it. I thought you died. What did you say? Let’s roll. You were awesome back then. You drove them away just by raising a fist. Dad? Mr. Tam, you alright? – Dad? What happened?
– Tam! Tam! Please wake up! – Dad?
– Call an ambulance! Episode 2 Sweetie, calm down. Come and sit. My dear. Calm down, girl. He’s gonna be alright. Where is the doctor? What if… – he’s gone.
– Lord! How could you say such a bad thing? Don’t ever say it again. Auntie, what should we do? Hey, the doctor is here. How is my dad? It was intracranial hematoma that
caused his unconsciousness. He’s fine now. He’ll be discharged from emergency
room when he wakes up. I see. Thank you, doctor. – What’s wrong?
– Jesus! Why do you keep crying? Come on, my dear. Keep it down. Stop crying. Stop it. Stop it! Now! Dad, don’t leave me. You bad girl! Aren’t you afraid it would come true? The doctor said that he’s recovering. You see, even those gangsters
have failed to knocked him down, how can a hematoma? She’s right. Sweetie, go wash your face. You must stay strong for your dad. Go! She’s right. Go. Wash your face. He needs you now. Go. Sweetie, go. – I’ll be back.
– Ok. Be strong, my dear. Honey, I didn’t want Nu to hear this. What is his current condition? I’m afraid… he can’t survive with that hematoma. I think so too. We just want him to wake up. Being in a coma may lead to death. My bad. I’m just worried about him. Forgive me! Mrs. Nam, you and Bin should go home now. I and my husband can handle it. I’m ok. Please let me stay. No need. We can handle this. Gee, we’re neighbors. I should be here with you. Go home. Bin needs to rest. He can sleep here. No worries. Honey… Mrs. Nam, please go home and
help me take care of my stall. You really want me to leave? Alright. Whatever you ask of me, I’ll do. Bin, wake up. – Are we going home, granny?
– Yes. Let’s say goodbye. Quick. – Goodbye auntie.
– Good boy. Goodbye uncle. Goodbye you both. Take care. – Take care.
– Ok. Mr. Bay, take care. Hey! Why are you driving too slowly? In case my client leaves,
you have to take his place. You have your own rules. And so do I. What’s yours? It’s “Slow down or Regret”. Right. You’re right. Don’t you see I’m driving? Nice rule! Somehow, being slow is good. Slowly… put it in. Then… the longer the better. Oh my goodness! What the heck? Why did you brake so hard? I was about to fall off. What happened? Out of fuel. So… Jesus… I’ll be too exhausted to work. So, just leave it to me. Let me handle this. Don’t mind. I’m just saying. Hey. Yes? Do you still remember our first time? What did you say? We have never ever… What are you thinking? I mean the first time you drove me to work. You pervert! Gosh… Back then, Lam had a stomachache… so he couldn’t drive me there. Then you had to give me a lift. You know, you’re like a lucky charm. I get more clients when I go with you. You know, we all have to work. Though this is such a hard job, I’m still ok with it. Maybe you’re the only call girl who feels proud of your job. Well… Of course. This is passion at work. Ouch! Are you ok? Oh no… Gee… Heels are not suitable for walking. I twisted my ankle. Because of you. I’m so sorry. You’d better take off your heels. It’s even more painful than working 3 shifts continuously. It’s not too bad. Take off the other one. Don’t walk on heels. It’s not good. Wear my flip flop instead. They’re bad-looking, yet they’re soft. Well… So you’ll walk barefoot? It’s ok. Thick skin I have. Don’t worry. Put them on. They’re ugly but they’re good for your feet. Well… you hurt your ankle, why don’t you just sit there and let me push? Ok. I’m sorry. Tinh, may I ask you one thing? Go ahead. How… VND200,000 for a round.
The room is on you, I’ll get the towels. Nah, how long have you been doing that job? I didn’t ask for the price. For years. Mom, let’s have some congee. Leave it there, son. I’ll eat it later. Yellow leaves fall off a tree, I’m here longing for you. Your velvet eyes and soft lips that got me blind. Days pass us by, my faith for our love is fading away. Do you see flowers are blooming? Various kinds of flowers represent my hidden feelings. You sing exactly like your father did. Mom, please eat more if you want to hear me sing. I know you’re tired, but you can’t take medicines on an empty stomach. Mom, I bought you some bird’s nest essence. You have to finish a bottle per day. That’s too expensive. How can you afford it? Well… With my salary. My boss realized that I’m good at persuading… so he appointed me to be a real estate salesperson. I’m a good boy, right mom? I’ll get millions of dongs commission on a house I sell. – Is that true?
– Yes. Mom, you don’t have to worry anymore. Thank God for blessing my son. Mom, now I can pay the bills. All you have to do is taking good care of yourself. Hello. I’m at home. I’ll be right there. Mom… What happened? My boss called to ask me if I had finished my tasks. He needs me to clear up some problems. Mom, I gotta go now. You still have to work at this time? Mom, I’m a salesperson, I have to be there when they need me. Hard working is praiseworthy, but please don’t neglect your health. If anything should happen to you, you know, I can’t bear it. – You get me?- Ok mom. Let’s finish this up then take the pills, Mom! – Ok, don’t worry.
– Alright. OMG… Honey, what time is it? It’s midnight. Time to go to bed. Is it 12AM? Really? I was just singing. Honey, you’re nonsense! Would you please stop making fun of me? With you passion for singing,
you should have been a singer. We’d have a fortune now. Didn’t I tell you not to bring that up? I’m sorry, dear. Oh, no! Nu! She went to the toilet but still hasn’t returned. Right. Where is she? Look, it’s her. Where have you been? I was taking a walk. You got me worried. I thought something happened. You gotta be careful, okay? You’re just like my dad. No one will kidnap me so don’t worry. Anyway, just go and see how your dad’s doing. Is it true? Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. That’s great, big bro. This time, we’ll teach them a lesion. No, you idiot. We’ll teach them a lesson, not lesion. Just quit your word-play, moron. The market… is under my hand. As for the Moi Co hood, that Tam always gets in our way. Big bro. Why do you want that hood so badly? I just don’t see the point. Yes? So, you want me to take that Moi Co hood? But there are better places. Yes. I know. Just count on me. Big bro can take whatever he wants.
You have a problem? Hey. What is it that he wants? Do you know what makes a person like a place? It’s not because something is there, but rather, someone is. Who? Who else could it be? It’s a girl. To say he likes her is not quite right. Our boss wanna hook up with her. I’ve been waiting for this day. At last, that old fart is done for. Hoang Lua’s gang… has got their eyes on this hood for a while. We’d better hurry. Yes, sir. Hey. Where are you off to? You heard the boss.
I’m gonna kick their butts. You’re such a dummy. Yes? What’s it, big bro? Ouch… You said we should hurry so I was gonna go and deal with them. Deal with who? I dunno. Idiot. Big bro didn’t mean it that way. This is how I see it, bro. They always say “The early bird catches the worm”, but do you know “Those who come last will be first”? Good. You really live up to my expectations. Big bro, what about me? Goodness! Hey! Stop! What the heck are you jerks doing? We’re here for the protection fee. Honestly. I’ve never paid that kind of fee since I came here. From now on, you will. I have no money. If you don’t pay us, you won’t make it here. What are you gonna do? How about this? – N-No!
– How’s that? Sto… You can’t spare an old lady? What does that mean? Why don’t you… mind your own business? Actually, I am. Got a problem? Retreat! I drove them away for you. So what? You expect me to be thankful? You’re just like them. Collect the fee. Hey. What are you up to? What do you want?! Ouch. W-What are you gonna do to me? Pay up. I have no money. Kill me if you wish. Stop. Mr. Bay. Help me. What are you doing, Bay? Don’t give them money. I’ll take that. It’s barely enough. Is that all? Yeah. You can’t get any much more. Wanna die? Just stop it. Let’s just comply. Mr. Bay! They will keep coming here if you give them money. I’d rather die than live to feed you bastards! Forget it, Nam. Tai. Can you leave so we can continue working? We need to earn money to pay you, don’t we? Bastards! You’re always like this. What if they keep coming back for more? How would we pay them? Damn it! Mr. Bay. Please reconsider. This ain’t good for us. Let me ask you. If they keep coming back and asking for more money, we won’t be able to pay them. That’s right. We shouldn’t put up with them. I met them in the alley this morning. They also wanted me to pay. That’s pure nonsense!
How could a hooker like me pay them? Those bastards are unreasonable! They’re all rubbish! Mr. Tam would make their lives
a living hell if he weren’t sick. – Yeah.
– They pissed me off, too. I’m just a tricycle driver, yet, they keep asking me for money. Maybe I should drive a cyclo. Listen, guys. We can’t let this go on. Let’s call the others in the hood to stand against them. That won’t do. We should just bear with it. It’s dangerous to mess with those thugs. Really? Aren’t you always brash and cocky towards me? Why are you such a whiner today? What you do know? You have any idea how crazy street gangs are? Just lay a hand on them and see what happens. Yeah. I paid them to keep us all safe. They are reckless thugs. What if something happens? Anyway, just consider the money spent is for our own safety. C’mon, Mr. Bay! How could we live like this? I can’t continue putting up with them. Just think about it, guys. Tam is still in the hospital, unlikely to recover any time soon. What are we gonna do if they come back? Who will protect us? They might break some tables today, but we have no idea what they will do next. They will beat me up, as well as you and your wife. But I can’t stand them any more. Seriously. Why are you not with me? Cut that crap. Listen. Why don’t you try and oppose them? Let’s see if you’ll live to see another day. I’ve had enough. Let’s go, dear. We need to pack up and go to the hospital. Nu is waiting. – Mr. Bay!
– C’mon. – Let’s go.
– Please reconsider. Stop it! Mrs. Bay? Goodness! Just look at them. They just walk away like that. Calm down, we can settle this. You guys agree with me, don’t you? Without those two, we still have the others so don’t worry. I hate these things the most, you know. I’d rather die than continue living in disgrace. No thanks, I wanna live. What the heck? You’re such a coward. I’ll take it if you say so. Yes, please do. Hey, Nam from Sa Dec. Stop seducing my man with your cheap trick! So, what’s your name? – Lang.
– What a cool name! I’ve told you many times. With those makeup, you will just scare them away, ’cause you look like a ghost. – Dig in.
– Yes. Oh my! How I love these intestines. What do you think you’re doing? You wanna die? Ouch! Let me go! They were together, so something is up. What do you assume?


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    Mong chú ra càng nhìu sản phẩm hơn ạ !!

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    Tụi nhỏ mới lên nên không hề biết ông 7 ,
    Chỉ duy nhất một đại ca giấu mặt đằng sau muốn thâu tóm xóm mồi cô là bạn cũ và cũng vì trước đây luôn cạnh tranh cùng ông 7, nên giờ muốn cho ông 7 tái xuất , nên đã dùng đủ mọi cách để ép buộc

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  • Theo mình biết thì phim này dựng theo bối cảnh khoảng năm 2014, những hình ảnh quen thuộc và nhất là 200k/shot

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    coloman nhìn ngầu giống trùm cuối

  • Chu color nam cuu 5 chu tien nhom bong lai .xin chu coolor man den qiup. Tinh nhat bong lai.di..chu o.cam on chu

  • Anh Color Man ơi ! Anh là người quyền lực nhất showbiz tiếng nói của anh như nước lũ. Tịnh Thất Bồng Lai của 5 Chú tiểu đang lâm nạn anh hãy lên tiếng đứng ra bảo vệ họ với.

  • 1h42p , ngày nào cũng làm việc xong, quay sang xem video của chú, cười cái đã rồi đi ngủ, con thích bộ phim này, thích chú bảy, hihi,

  • Phim hay wa di

    ÔNG BẢY công khai thân thế lẫy lừng khiến băng nhóm Tài chó điên khiếp vía?
    Thực hư chuyện này là thế nào?
    Xem ngay nhé: https://youtu.be/WTEWTm9xEuQ

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