Blonde woman and black man steal money from deli tip jar [TIP JAR PART 1] | What Would You Do?

Stealing from the tip jar We see it all over the news three footed suspect mother-daughter Duo eighteen-year-old pastor’s seal a nice worth of tip money stole about $40 dollars and tip jar thieves come in all shapes and sizes Including this woman who grabbed attention along with some cash when this video went viral Security footage shows the brazen young woman grabbing her jacket. There’s a moment of hesitation and then she swipes the cash it makes a run for it and and there were just five bucks Today we’ve set up our hidden cameras at belljo Vinay’s Italian deli, could I get it turkey and cheese sandwich to go? Yeah. You got it. How much is that? Six fifty We’ve got three actors taking turns stealing these deli workers hard-earned tips So nice people leave all this money in here if you witness someone with their hand caught in the tip jar What would you do? HI How you’re doing? Can i have a good Turkey and cheese sandwich? Sure. Thanks. This man tunes right in as she starts grabbing cash He continues to watch as she stuffs it in her pockets and then pays for her sandwich with the money She just swiped a $6.50 Thank you very much but he stays silent as Sarah walks out the door That Lady Yeah, why Don’t let her come back What happened every time like you guys had your back turned and she would like take a dollar the seven dollars She just gave you she took from the chip John. Why didn’t you say anything? I? Didn’t want to be in a position where it’s my word against hers time to introduce ourselves How you’re doing buddy? How you’re doing man? I’m good. I’m John Kenny honest. This is what what do you do Wow. Awesome. What did she do? She took a tip jar money. Did it stop her? No I did not I felt like that wasn’t my place. I had to do it the way that I thought was right We’re rolling again more customers enter the deli and notice our beautiful bandit in action He told us he was gonna say something if Sarah ran out with the cash But when she lingered he left without speaking up take some more He doesn’t want to look so oh there he goes the old side plans This time Sara doesn’t even stick around for her order, you know what just never mind it just cancel my order. You don’t want the sandwich Yeah, no Thankyou She successfully dashes out the door with the dough Was it just me or she just steal out some bucks out of that jar What happened? She kept taking dollars out of that jar She kept stuffing in their pockets She’s standing and i’m like watcching her i’m like What the f**k man Are you sure? Swear god dude Time to tell him they sure do and we caught all the action what happened here, man You gave her a death stare, but you didn’t say anything to her. I don’t know what she was doing, honestly I didn’t know if she put a big bow in there and she was taking change out and I was kind of waiting to see If she was gonna get her sandwich, or I don’t when she walked out. I was like that was a pretty interesting hustle I mean she is stealing somebody’s tips. Isn’t it on her? Anyway, her karmic debt has to be repaid not mine As we start again we’re wondering if anyone will step up and confront our eye catching criminal Are you taking money out of there Wait just a couple bucks. He confronts her right away and even makes a kind offer That’s stealing it’s just a couple bucks. What did you deserve one penny of that who made you the tip police? I’m not the police. I’m just a fair and honest person if you want to apologize then put the money back It’s over. If you don’t I’ll call the police right now because I saw it before he sounds the alarm Let’s say hello. Hi, sir. You don’t have to call the cops. It’s what would you do? No ii thought about blowing the whistle That was the right thing to do the fact that she’s an attractive young woman did that play into any no wrong is wrong? On that note we decide to switch things up and bring in a new actor It’s Jamaat’s turn who steals some tips? Make it a turkey lettuce and cheese This woman notices our crook stealing the cash right away, but she keeps to herself And she continues to watch as our burglar takes his sandwich along with the extra cash right out the door is this But she gives her witness account to our cashier I say anything temprano. He has a weapon or anything Time to let her know he’s really an actor. Oh My gosh What were you thinking? Like? How could somebody do that? You know right in front of you? Yeah. Oh gosh, I feel bad I didn’t say something I cut it cuz I’m like what if he has a gun or something? You know if it had been a woman or someone Smaller, would you have said something? I think I would yes. Yeah now the deli is packed and Several of these men watch Jamaat stuff bills into his pockets And that’s enough to make this man step up to the counter and Move that tip jar out of Gemma’s reach This woman can’t believe her eyes I need a couple extra dollars pay my good for my sandwich. So she starts asking questions I’m just long – that’s fine. It’s fine When he doesn’t return the cash she takes matters into her own hands Yeah, please take it at least five dollars each that I see out of that jar You took money from here problem Why are you with this pocket? Yeah, why are you ready? Because they work for their money Throughout the day many people stand up to Jamal But after this woman sounds the alarm this man takes it one step further This is really not like When Jamaat tries to rush out He guards the door and traps him inside we should break it right Right, okay, but before he gets violent here before he makes a citizen’s arrest let’s bring in one more witness He’s an actor. It’s what would you do? You wouldn’t let him out the door though, I would have held it What’s the moral of the story here Just don’t look the other way and just assume yeah, you know just because you see something wrong speak up and say something You know just just don’t ignore it the law applies to everyone Hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here. Thanks for checking out the ABC News youtube channel If you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel And don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching


  • The first guy (like the customer) is low key really cute lol

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    Not everyone wants to get involved…

    Case closed

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    So NiCe PeOplE lEaVe aLL tHis mOnEy HerE

    Who is she and why is she my spirit animal!?

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  • Meanwhile I feel guilty for not putting money in the tip jar. I can’t even imagine stealing from it.

  • But it was only men who noticed the woman stealing
    Maybe if female customers saw it they would actually react to it the same way they reacted to the black guy stealing??

  • People who steal tips and drive away deserve a 4 flat tires, shit ain’t cool.

  • Just don't make a black man/ Muslim man do this…These people already have enough hate. Eventhough this is fake just don't!

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  • you should of used a black woman. men criminals get treated worse than women criminals smh.

  • the guy at end did a dangerous thing. dont risk your life for 3 bucks and for a shop that isnt your own. only risk your life if someone's life or your life is in danger.

  • I found $20 dollars in Walmart on the floor and I was scared to pick it up because I thought John Quiñones would pop up

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  • so she been stealin tips for fake tits?

  • It would be a different case if this was real and stealing from an Italian deli wouldn't be very smart!


  • As a black man I wouldn't have gotten involved with that white girl stealing either no way!!! They would believe her over me anyway. And for the black man stealing ofcourse people are going to confront him no surprise. This is the system of white supremacy 101

  • "I didn't want to be in a position where it was my word against hers" … Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the perfect example of white privilege. It seems like people mistake white privilege for being class privilege… like "I was poor, too growing up and didn't have opportunity". That's not what white privilege is. It's THIS. A black man doesn't feel as if he could speak up because they might believe the white woman over him or even call him a liar.

  • You can see the “bruh” on the first guy’s face lol

  • Help I can’t stop watching these

  • Hmmmmm I would probably have yelled robber at the top of my lungs

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  • The girl that didn’t day anything to the black man is insanely racist. Not cool

  • Black dude folk speak up

  • 90% of comments are people race-baiting & blaming the people who spoke up. They’re DIFFERENT WITNESSES. It doesn’t mean they’re racist. It might mean some people are afraid to speak up against criminal activity. This episode actually shows people in the comments are obsessed with race.

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    Ima dude though

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  • People are normally nice to females even if they are wrong

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  • This happens all the time from people u wouldnt expect

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  • honestly, they did that bad on their self.
    black people are very stereotyped because of their behavior that we’re used to seeing :/

  • It's so sad that she did not want to say something cause she did not know if he had a gun like fr come on now

  • I think it was honestly a race thing they didn’t care for the lady but when I came to the black man she they where more caring 🤔🤔

  • First guy is a pussy

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    Black guy steals
    Who knows what else he's capable of

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  • we live in a shit society , where … forget it. you know what I mean. Im tired of saying it.. NOTHING IS mericratic. just have to live like this

  • All I can say is Our world has not gone shitty yet. There are still so many people who cares for other, stand up for others. Im still proud to be human. Love you all.

  • ''I didn't want to be in a position where it's my opinion against hers''
    Brother knows wassup

  • That's a STUPID title 🧐🙄

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