Bhakharwadi – Ep 219 – Full Episode – 12th December 2019

Balkrishna. Uncle. Jyotsana, look there. My uncle. Uncle. What are you saying? I can’t see anybody here. Balkrishna.. He is calling me. But his throat seems sore. Look there. My uncle is there. Where? I can’t see anything. Hey! Jyotsana, can’t you hear
his voice? I will only hear
if he speaks, right. Say whatever you have come here
to tell him. Jyotsana, you can’t see him,
right? Then why are exactly looking
at the side where he is standing? You can see him, right? So, you pointed out
at that direction. Now, I am talking
in the same direction and asking him to say
whatever he has come here to say to you quickly
and leave. Balkrishna.. Oh, God! Now his voice
is completely gone. I don’t know
why is he calling me. And why is he not saying
anything else. How would I know? ‘Seems like Mr. Mahendra
has got a sore throat.’ ‘When is he going
to say’ ‘that divorce is against
our culture?’ ‘When is he going
to say that?’ Balkrishna.. Divorce is against.. What? Kala.. Kala Kumari? Oh. Hey, Jyotsana, when uncle
was alive we had a tenant named
Kala Kumari. She took ‘Bakarwadi’
from us and said that she will give
the money later. But she did not give
the money later. Uncle, you don’t worry I will get the money back
from Kala Kumari. Now, you leave. No, he didn’t say
Kala Kumari.. He said, divorce is.. Di.. Jyotsana, you said that you can’t even see
and hear my uncle. Then how did you hear what he said? You can hear and see him, right? Then listen to her carefully. Her? Hey, Jyotsana, uncle
was a man. Yes. Yes, but the ghost
who has come here is uncle’s soul, right? And soul is a female isn’t she? That’s why I am saying listen to what the soul is saying. Hey, ghost. Wherever you are and whatever you have come
to say just say it quickly. And say it clearly. H-Hey, Jyotsana why are you yelling
in front of uncle? Look he is staring
at me angrily. No, please forgive me. Forgive us. Uncle, what do you want? Now, I will talk. Balkrishna. Oh, God! Now his voice
sounds squeaky. No. You must be hallucinating. Nobody is here. Yes. Jyotsana I think somebody
is pranking us. I will go and pull his pants by pretending to touch his feet. Bless me.
– No. Listen. Didn’t you say that you can see a ghost?
– Yes. Then it must be a ghost. Yes, it must be. I am very scared.
– So am I. Please don’t go away
from me. You do the same. You don’t go away
from me too. Let’s pray to God. So, actually, what happened was I was murmuring to God so God asked me if ghost.. If he should ask uncle’s ghost
to leave? So, that’s why I said yes. The God asked you!
– Yes. Oh, Lord!
– So, focus on prayers.. Continue to pray. Close your eyes.
– Eyes.. Close your eyes. The God isn’t talking to me.
– He will.. God is great!
Thank you. Come, Urmila.. Look at your cracked voice!
Eat some more ice-cream! We couldn’t finish
our task. How would I know?
I got my voice back. My throat is clear.
– That’s wonderful! Then, let’s do this. Let’s finish the task
that was incomplete. Come..
– What do you mean? Are you going to tell him We’ll get caught
if we go again, right? Mahendra, let’s do this. Tomorrow, we’ll create
an illusion again. Then let’s go home.
My voice is cracking again. Let’s go..
– What do you mean? Where are you going
that side? Let me go. I want to use
the restroom desperately. I’ll be back in two minutes. I’ll relieve myself right here
if I don’t go right away. Then you should’ve worn
a diaper. Diaper!
– Why? Didn’t I buy you a pack of diaper
on that day. Yes, you did.
But I prepared pakoras out of it and
made you eat them last night. I had Pakoras made of diapers! Let go of me!
No, I didn’t make you eat. What nonsense!
Mahendra, please let me go. I’ll be back
in a couple of minutes. I can’t control it anymore.
It will flow out! She’s putting me into trouble. ‘I just wish..
I just wish that he believes’ ‘it was a spirit.’ ‘So, by tomorrow, I’ll get
the incomplete work finished’ ‘by the time Mr. Mahendra’s
voice gets clear.’ Dear! You scared me! You should’ve given me a signal
before calling me. So that I know
that you’re about to call me. Okay.
– You can call me now. Dear!
– See how you did it this time. You should always do it
this way. You should give me a signal
before calling me. Are you feeling scared? The spirit..
– I don’t know. whether it was
an illusion or real.. No.. I’m sure it was real. Pray to God and go to bed.
Come on, go to sleep, okay? I.. – Go.
– I’ll go to the restroom and come back. No.. Dear!
No.. What are you doing?
I want to relieve myself. Listen..
– I want to use the bathroom. It was I
who saw the sprit. Why are you getting so scared? Dear, the spirit must be roaming
outside till now. So, please don’t go..
– Jyotsana! J-Jyotsana, look at the shadow on the wall. Dear, please come. I want to use the bathroom. ‘We are doomed!’ ‘Urmila shouldn’t come
out of the bathroom now.’ ‘Oh, God! The voice in
my thoughts is also so bad.’ Why don’t you go alone, Bharti? Why did you wake me up? I’m feeling very scared. Ever since mother-in-law
told me that uncle’s spirit
is roaming around.. And in the house
to find that.. I’m scared since then. You already know
how sensitive I am. Bharti,
you’re not only sensitive but young too. That’s why I keep saying that my wife is young. Because she is slim. ‘The balloon flies
in the sky’ ‘because it is weightless.’ ‘So, the wife and balloon
are the same.’ ‘Chutney and gazelle
are the same!’ – Wonderful! Did you hear that? Did you hear someone
praising my poem? I think uncle’s spirit
is roaming around. Please come with me
till the bathroom! How can you behave like this
at this age! Come.
Go alone. I’ll stay here
and think of a new poem. If uncle likes it I can make him
even more happier, right? Go!
Very good! All right.
– Yes. Lord Ram..
Lord Ram.. Lord Ram..
Lord Ram.. Lord Ram..
Lord Ram.. Lord Ram..
Lord Ram.. Lord Ram..
Lord Ram.. Lord Ram.. Lord Ram.. ‘Did Mr. Mahendra
praise me?’ ‘No.. The spirit
would have praised me.’ ‘But the spirit doesn’t exist.’ ‘Ms. Urmila is going
to pretend as one.’ ‘What is actually happening?’ Oh, God! – Did uncle’s spirit
come back? No.. He will only come
tomorrow night. I mean that’s a possibility. Jyotsana, you were saying
he would be outside. Now, you have said
that he might come tomorrow. Does the spirit
talk to you or what? No.. I..
– Wait. Jyotsana, it’s the shadow of the Kurta on the wall. Oh, God..
– S-So? So, the spirit wasn’t here. It was just my feeling. No.. He was definitely here. You neither saw
or heard him. How come you are certain
that he was here? Why?
– You had spoken to him as well. He might have wanted to say
about the divorce instead of Kalakumari. You even know
what he wanted to say. You are more certain than me when you haven’t even heard
his voice. ‘Jyotsana, things are getting
out of control.’ Mr. Balkrishna still uses
a cup. He still uses it
saying it’s down to tradition! I had asked him to install
a shower. He still hasn’t done it.
I just can’t believe him. Oh.. Oh, no.
Does he use Babul twigs? He might be cleaning his
teeth using them. Drat! Nonsense! Oh, no.. I last saw it in 75. I-I have a bad headache. Me too. I will do one thing, Jyotsana. I will take the money
from Kalakumari tomorrow. So that if uncle’s spirit is
here, he will attain salvation and he will never come back. He will have to come back.
– What did you say, Jyotsana? To ascertain whether you have
taken back the money from Kalakumari,
he has to come back. He has to, right? You just said so. All right. Let’s see if he comes
tomorrow or not. I will massage your head.
Let me do it. Go to sleep. Jyotsana.. Does my head seem like
a tomato to you? You are acting as if you
are squashing tomatoes! You are massaging my head!
Be gentle. You were being hard.
Just leave it be. You may go to sleep.
Let me sleep as well. This night was way
too hectic. Hail Lord Ram.
– Oh, no.. Hail Lord Ram.. Shut up.
I am real. Oh, gosh! U-Uncle.. Greetings. God bless you.. Have a bath.. Not here. May you be blessed. May you be happy. May you have a long married life, Revathi. – What? Uncle, I want to ask you
something. – Go ahead. Why did you call me Revathi? I had been to Ms. Urmila’s house as well. She calls you Revathi, right? All right. Oh, no.. She is conversing
with me. I have to scare her. Hail Lord Ram.. Hail Lord Ram..
– Leave right now or else.. I will go.. That was a close call! Prabhakar.. I saw it.. I saw uncle’s spirit. Prabhakar..
He is in the bathroom. Come.. Wait, Bharti.. You will get scared. – Hey..
– Come.. – Bharti.. Mahendra. Mahendra. I am here! Come! Let’s escape!
– Run.. What happened,
Sister-in-law Bharti? Gayatri is coming.
Flee. Flee! – God! Mahendra,
you are saying flee. But haven’t budged an inch
from where you are standing. Come on, let’s run!
– Run! What happened?
God! What happened? What is it?
– I forgot my shoe there. Male version of Cinderella! Let me go and get it.
– What are you doing? Forget about it. We’ll get it tomorrow.
Come now. Sister-in-law Bharti,
what happened? From where did the sound come? Where had you seen
granduncle’s spirit? There. Over there.
Gayatri, over there. Calm down.
Relax and then talk to me. What happened?
– I saw granduncle’s spirit in the bathroom. It even spoke to me. I swear. I saw the spirit. Why did you use this gesture
to show spirit, Sister-in-law? This gesture is usually used
to show Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. I know. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is
a highly spirited person, right? That’s why I made
this gesture, Nirmiti. Hey, stupid women! I meant, Nirmiti and you,
Sister-in-law. Is this time to discuss
all such things? See, the main door
of our house is left open. Sister-in-law Bharti, you
definitely are hallucinating. First of all,
your mind is fixed on.. And she always has some
or the other misconceptions. Oh, my god! You mean me?
– Yes. Hearing Brother
Prabhakar’s songs you might be
the first person in this world who says
that they are nice. Isn’t that a misconception? Keshav, aren’t my songs nice? No, Brother Prabhakar. If we have to call
your songs as nice I wonder what new name should
we give to the store room. Let’s go. Come on. Keshav, come and see. Definitely something
has happened. See here,
Sister-in-law Bharti. This proves that you
had some misconception. Oh, my god! Nirmiti, granduncle’s spirit
has left its shoe behind. Sister-in-law,
the spirit was not Cinderella for it to leave its sandal
behind while leaving in a hurry. It is possible. My Bharti never lies. I am sure it was some spirit. It definitely wasn’t
Ms. Urmila or Mr. Mahendra who had come here. Brother Prabhakar,
why are you again dragging them into all this? Because,
they are behind all this. What! This sandal
belongs to my dad. Why had he come here
so late in the night? Those two will answer this
question tomorrow morning. There is something
fishy going on here. Oh, god!
Oh, no, Mahendra! Gayatri is coming with
your sandal in her hand. Think,
what will we tell her now? Okay. Mahendra, tell her that
the sandal isn’t yours. No, say that it is not
a sandal in the first place. Perfect answer.
Tell her that. Okay? If it is not a sandal,
what else is it? Is it a bowl in which
we serve food to guests? Dad.
– We are not going to attend the divorce which is going to
happen with great pomp and show. Yes, go ahead.
Hit us. Hit us with whosoever’s
sandal you want. That’s the only thing
you haven’t done yet. Hit us with that sandal of
your in-laws’ family member. This sandal belongs to dad. I had bought it for him.
It is faux leather. Do you remember, Dad? Yes, go ahead and hit us
with this one, Gayatri. Your intention is to hit us. Doesn’t matter whose
sandal you use for it. Right. What I am trying to say is,
I found this sandal lying in the
my house. So what? So, tell me. How did this
sandal end up in my house?


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