Bhad Bhabie “Gucci Flip Flops” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Females are such haters. I don’t think I’m a girl. I don’t know what I am. I really don’t because I’m not like these
bitches. I’m really not. I’m not a fucking hater. Girls always want competition. It’s just like, bruh… If you’re ugly, you’re ugly, okay? Stop being a fucking hater, stop not liking
this bitch ’cause she look better than you. Stop not liking this bitch ’cause she got
the mans you want. Stop not liking this bitch ’cause she got
more money than you. Just, bitch, live your life, okay? I hit Yachty on Twitter, and then I had this
one song I was gonna send to him, but I don’t think he really liked it, so he didn’t get
on it. But then, when I hit him back and I was like,
“Hey, what about this one?” He was like, “Alright, yeah, let’s do it.” This was like around the same time when “Gucci
Gang” came out. And it was such a bullshit song but everyone
fucking loved it. I was just like, “We need a song like that.” If I have slides on, I’m gonna fight someone. I’m just gonna take them off but… I wouldn’t fight no one in a dress. I did get in a fight and I had my whole tank
top ripped. Bitches always need to hold on to something. Just take your ass beating and be okay with
it. There’s no way out of it. Why you gonna rip shit? The six is like a Mercedes, like a car. I can’t legally drive. I’m too lazy to get a fucking permit. I don’t wanna go nowhere anyways. I’m a good driver. I am a good driver okay? Give me a fucking chance. Okay? Every time I’ve drove with someone in the
car, they’ve been scared at first and then they were like, “Oh you’re actually not
that bad.” It’s like, “Yeah bitch.” What’d you think I was gonna do? Fucking… Drive on the wrong side of the road? I don’t know what’s supposed to happen
here. Get the fuck out. Kick some rocks on your way out. Like when you’re walking and you kick rocks. Kick rocks. Goodbye. If you’re in my presence, I’m gonna smack
you. But if you’re not in my presence, when you
are in my presence, ‘cause eventually you’ll be in my presence again unless you run away
like most pussies do, I’m just gonna wait ‘til I see you and then I’m gonna smack
you. Bitches like wake up and they’re like, “How
can I be a hater?” And I’m just like, “How do I make money?” I’ll take pictures all day. Unless I’m trying to get in and out of somewhere,
I’ll take pictures. I don’t care. But if you’re doing the whole following
me around with the phone bullshit and being weird, I might tell you no because you got
enough footage. You’ll be alright. Bitches are garbage. I don’t like bitches. I don’t like females. I like some females but I don’t like all
females. The only females I really fuck is like Asian
and India Love… And Billie. Now it’s weird ‘cause I can’t go out
like I used to. I can’t get into places ‘cause they’re
like, “Get your 15 year old ass the fuck up outta here.”

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