Best Zero Drop Running Shoes for the Trails (Part 1)


  • I love the Vibrams…..i run in those everywhere. They're awesome! I'm not crazy about shoes that have overly extreme amount of tread. I've had a problem with them catching on rocks and tree roots, rather than providing traction, but gliding across them. Unfortunately, I've had some pretty good falls over that.

  • Love you; love your vids… one of my best online coaches… absolutely appreciate all you do; thanks!:)

  • I cannot wear 5 finger shoes, because i have twin toes on both feet. They do not make those types of shoes to accommodate twin toes, so i chose the merrell trail glove 3. It has a wide toe box too. I need a new pair and may try one of your suggestions. The information you provided is thorough and interesting!

  • Ah, fantastic, just the very first recommendation was what I'm aiming for. Thank you

  • Great review Bretta, why do I always feel like I suddenly need a new pair of running shoes after watching your videos 😁

  • Only 2 shoes companies ? Why not Xero shoes

  • Another great video Bretta! What kind of shoe would you recommend for Head-Over-Heels running? As seen on this link…

    Maybe it should be called Head Strike Running… Wicked sport!

  • You can see Tirunesh's forefoot here

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