Best Trail Shoe of 2018: Salomon Sense Pro 3

– So my favorite trail running shoe is back. It’s the Salomon Sense Pro 3. For those of you new to the channel, I did a review of the Sense Pro 2 about a year and a bit ago. I liked the shoe and I’ll put a link to that review in the description below, so you can check that out. But before I go on, I’d just like to ask you
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the same between iterations. I love the Sense Pro 2, and I love what they’ve
done with the Sense Pro 3. It’s fixed those weaknesses that it had in the previous model. So the first thing you
notice is the upper, it’s got a S/LAB treatment. It’s firmer, more durable, it’s got rid of that fabric
that used to be at the back and now you don’t get any scrapes and look at the shoe, after a hundred and forty
six kilometers, a wipe down, even after I run through
mud, rock, harsh terrain, I’ve done a few river
crossings in this thing and it just is bulletproof. And I love what they’ve done to the shoe. It’s made it so much more durable. The next thing is the fit. That classic SensiFit, EndoFit
combination is just so good, and I think that’s really
what’s sets Salomon apart from the other manufacturers. It’s a Salomon shoe so
it’s going to be narrow and what they’ve done is
still maintain some room in the toebox in order for you to move your toes without rubbing. So even on long distances, I did the Otter Trail this year and even on that long distance race, I didn’t have any rubbing,
any significant blisters and everything was good. So, the fit’s still
extremely comfortable. A lot of people talk about the Sense Pro as a middle distance shoe, and I honestly tend to disagree. I believe that the cushioning system as well as the combination
with the ProFeel film and the fact that it’s a bit stiffer, kept my feet comfortable,
even into the marathon distance, and I think, definitely you can go long, you can even do ultras in
this without any problem. I think the biggest
change between Sense Pro 2 and the Sense Pro 3 is
actually this outsole. They’ve changed the lug pattern, they’ve changed the lug
design, it’s a bit more toothier but more aggressive than
lugs are much deeper. And to be honest, I think
it’s actually added something to the Sense Pro’s game
that it was lacking. A lot of people have said that Sense Pro has kind of given up a bit of
its rocky terrain credentials as a result of these deeper lugs but I tend to disagree on that as well. I think the shoe’s phenomenal, the deeper lugs have just
given it that extra ability to grip hold of muddy situations but still doesn’t let up
on the rockier terrain, you could still blast
down on the really steep and really technical stuff. And I think the Contagrip outsole that they’re using in
this model is super sticky. And to be honest I find it extremely tough to find a weak point in the shoe. Price is right, at 2400 Rand. There has been significant upgrades, it’s definitely a better
shoe and to be honest, it’s so versatile, going from short distances all the way through to
marathons, even ultras. I’ll be honest, you can
do that all in the shoe. It’s super responsive, it can
handle any type of terrain, and just works. I feel like only negative
you can kind of come up with is maybe it didn’t come
in enough colorways. So maybe, do some colorways,
that’s all Salomon. But the shoe is perfect
and I think I’m in love. I’ve been recommending this shoe to everyone, I love this shoe and I
think this is probably the best trail shoe out there right now that you can get for the money and just for it’s versatility. So if you’re in the market
for a new trail shoe or you’re thinking about it, go check the Salomon Sense Pro 3 out. It is phenomenal. I suppose anything I can say is that it’s probably the best
trail shoe of this year. So go check this out,
this shoe is awesome. So guys if you wanna see
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and seek adventure. Peace. (upbeat music)


  • "Price is right" and then this brah say 2000 bucks. Tsek, I threw my phone away from shock. 😁Dope video though.

  • Are you from Johannesburg South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Nice one bro. Would love to get this one. I used the sense pro 2 before. Please subscribe back 😉.

  • You'd better have a very strong foot to run ultras in these !

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