Best Shoes for Crossfit, Insanity,T25 | Top Workout Shoes for Insanity, P90X3 and T25

Hey Fitness Fans, Steve Twomey here with Real
Fitness Reviews. I want to talk to you today about my favorite shoes to wear for Insanity,
Crossfit, anytype of High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT. Like T25, P90X3, all those
types of movements. Especially for crossfit, one of the things I want to talk about is
having a shoe that is more like a minimalist style shoe. So if you go into any Crossfit, gym or Box,
you will see alot of deadlifts, squats, clean and jerks, all those olympic style lifting
movements. What you want to do with those types of shoes is you want to find something
that will allow you to feel connected to the ground. You will see alot of people wearing
New Balance Minimus style shoes, Vibram Five Finger shoes. Vivobarefoot, alot of shoes
that are the minimalist style, without a lot of heel to toe drop or a wedge. I want to talk about one of the shoes that
I wear for running. My running shoe from Nike is a Lunar Glide. I absolutely love it, great
running shoe. You will notice that the angle at which it drops from the heel to the toe,
that allows your knee and kind of forces your whole body into like a forward starting position,
which is great for running and speed. However, with plyometric style workouts, especially
box jumps or plyo jumps, you are really exploding off and then landing with a fair amount of
force on your knees. That can put undue stress on your shins which can cause shin splints,
and also long term wear and tear on your knees. Shaun T has a great blog which I will attach
here in this video talking about how running shoes are not the style of shoes you want
to wear for T25, Insanity style workouts. The shoe that I picked up is the New Balance
1157 CrossTrainer. It looks like it has a fairly high heel to toe drop ratio, the footbed
is actually just really deep. It is a great shoe one thing I really like about it, it
is structurally and laterally strong. You can’t twist it a whole lot. That is one thing
to check out, you want to make sure, that when you are doing Insanity workouts, you
are doing alot of suicide drills, where you are making lateral style movements on a regular
basis. This will allow you to make good quick cuts, when you have a shoe that has lateral
support. This is about a year and a half old so it is broken in more, but my Nike shoe
really twists. Quite easily, find a shoe that allows you good structual support especially
for your ankes and what not. Another shoe that I wear when I am doing crossfit
style workouts, is the Komodo Sport from Vibram Five Fingers. They are the originator of the
Five Finger shoe design. If you do not want to go with something as odd looking as the
Five Fingers, with the individual spots for your toes; it looks kind of silly. I personally
like them, but my wife wanted me to pick up a shoe that would not make her embarassed
to be seen with me, a VivoBarefoot shoe. They have a number of great shoes and just
check them out. They give you that minimalist style feel without the funny looks. Hope this helps. I have a great review in
depth of what kind of shoes that I wear and what kind of shoes my wife wears, when we
are doing those types of workouts. Check it out at Thanks so much for Watching!


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