Best SHOE COLLECTION for men in 2019

hey now this is a video request. a lot of
you guys asked me: hey Daniel what are the best shoes for men? and so in this
video that’s what I’m gonna talk about and there are a lot of different kinds
and styles of shoes. there are eight basic kind of shoes out there like
athletic shoes business shoes work shoes sandals loafers outdoor shoes and so on.
now we’re going to look at all of these shoes so let’s get into the video hey guys welcome to DLM model lifestyle
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I’ll add the links of all the shoes that I’m gonna talk about in this video in
the video description down below. so it’s just a bit easier for you to go and
check them out. now I’ve done a lot of modeling jobs with a lot of shoes over
the last 12 years and there were some shoes that are really great and some not
so much. for shoes to be really great they need
three basic things that kinda comes together: style meaning the way that they
look and then they need to feel really good as well
and then lastly the quality needs to be really good. those three things are very
important and then the price of the shoes needs to go together with those
three things. if a shoe misses one of these qualities, it is not worth it to
buy it. well that’s my opinion at least and hey I know that you might not agree
with me on all the shoes that I’m gonna talk about in this video and that’s fine
because we all have different styles and with that in mind let’s start. we’re
gonna start with athletic shoes now my second choice is that Adidas leistung 16.
right now it goes for around one hundred and seventy dollars and the word leistung is a German word that actually means performance and this shoe was
designed for Olympic weightlifters so it’s a great idea to take these shoes to
the gym. you can get it in white or black color but my first choice is the metcon
four shoes from nike. well right now they go for one hundred and thirty
dollars but that might change by the time you watch this video.
this shoe fuses a natural fit with explosive performance and it
comes in a big variety of colors that you can choose from. my favorite sneakers
is the white sneakers from Lanvin right now they go for around four hundred and
ninety dollars which is a lot yeah they are pricey but they are worth it if you
have the money. now these shoes are made in Italy from pristine white leather and
set on supportive rubber soles these shoes fits in with almost everything a
man’s got in his closet but if you are on a lower budget and looking for
cheaper shoes try the white sneakers from h&m actually I have them on. I have
them on right now this is how they look like. these are
very comfy, it’s not expensive. now they sell between 20 and 30 dollars which is
not expensive at all. they look and they feel great as well. all right next is boots. now my second
option for my favorite boots is that Brown Chelsea boots in suede from ASOS
it goes for around fifty six dollars these boots scream style, but my first
option is the Calvin Klein black men’s Clark boots, they go for around $80 and
they also come in a toffee color if that is a color that you might prefer. all
right now let’s move on to formal shoes now my second option for formal shoes is
Cole Haan warren cap toe Derby, now these shoes will never go out of style so
they’re definitely worth the investment and they also have four different colors
that you can choose from but my first option is the LA Milano men’s double
monk strap shoes. these shoes is just something else they go for around fifty
six dollars and they are one of the few pairs of shoes on Amazon that gets the
full five-star rating from customer reviews I have added them in the link as well so
you can go and check them out yourself and do a little bit of research. now
let’s move on to slip-ons and loafers now my first option is the Santoni Fisk
square-toe loafer that is made in Italy. it comes in black and brown color and it
goes for around five hundred and seventy five dollars. yeah it is a little bit
expensive but my second option is the Dell Brook Italian leather loafer from
Banana Republic they go for around one hundred and forty eight dollars. so if
you’re looking for a cheaper shoe that is still great go and check them out. now
if you’re even on a lower budget my third option is Aldo’s
Maximillian City loafers. now they go for around forty five dollars which is a lot
cheaper and Aldo has a huge variety of loafers so if you want loafers
while working with a low budget Aldo’s should have a pair of shoes that
will work for you. all right let’s move on to the sandals my first option for
the best sandals is the sandals from Cole Haan
they’re called the zero grand sandals not only do they look and feel great but
the quality is good as well. they have a good rating wherever you look, even on
Amazon they have a 4.5 gold stars from customer reviews. now they also come in
six different colors that you can choose from. my second option is the native
shoes Spencer LX. I especially like the white
color that fits in with most clothing styles, but they also have three other
colors that you can choose from. next let’s go to the outdoor shoes
all right the outdoor shoes. my first option is the Solomon X ultra 3 GTX
hiking shoes, because it has a perfect mix of durability, lightness and
performance. now they come in 7 different colors that you can choose from. my
second option is the Keen Targhee 3 waterproof hiking shoes. this is a great
update that modernized the classic Targhee design and it is one of the most popular
day hiking shoes out there. alright now let’s move on to the best worker or
safety shoes. alright now my second option for the best
worker shoes is that Timberland Pro men’s Titan soft-toe lace-up. it has all three qualities: style comfort and quality. this guy also has
one of the best customer reviews everywhere, but my first option is keen
utility men’s atlanta cool steel toe work shoe that comes in three different
colors. this shoe is also rated at the top everywhere you look.
so you can go and check out the thousand three hundred customer reviews just on
Amazon alone if you’re unsure. all right now remember I’ve added the links of all
the shoes in a video description down below just to make it a bit easier for
you to go and check it out and do your own research and hey I’d actually like
to know your favorite pair of shoes you know every guy’s got that one pair so go
ahead and add it in the comments section down below. now if you liked the video
give it a thumbs up subscribe and click the notification belt so you won’t miss
the next video and that’s it cheers guys


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    In Portugal are not cheap, only in the balances, but so far here the best shoes, I can find with sporting insoles ADIDAS.
    Adidas helps in the performance of the insoles of these footwear collections, however until now, they are already worn out and always with grease continued to use until I buy others. I have some for winter and others for summer.

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