Best Minimalist Barefoot Footwear for Travel? Elemental Earth Runners Sandals Review

– Hey, it’s Tom from Pack Hacker and today we’re going to be taking a look at the EarthRunner Elemental Sandals, a minimalistic sandal that
sticks to your feet so well, you can run in them. Let’s get into the review. (upbeat music) Alright, so when we take
a look at these at first, you can see there’s a very
complex looking strap system. However, once you get these on, it’s actually not that complicated and you’ll be really glad once they’re basically stuck to your feet. The EarthRunner Elementals are the thinnest sandal that EarthRunner offers. Now, they do have a bunch of
different sizes and soles, but for me personally, I tend to go with the most
minimalistic sole possible, so I can really feel the ground and get as close to as
barefoot as possible. You’re also gonna see that
there are these little coppered inserts at the bottom of the shoe and these keep you grounded
as you’re walking around. You can see that we have
kind of this dotted tread. I have been using these for the past year and I have found them to be,
you know, generally grippy. They don’t really get
a little bit slippery. When it’s raining outside
or when it is wet, it tends to get a little
bit slippery around here, on the top of the shoe itself. And when you compare it to flip flops, they stay in a lot better. You’ll never hear that annoying, you know, slap sound, you know, when
you’re wearing flip flops. You won’t hear that with these because when these straps
are in on your feet, they’re literally stuck to your foot. Additionally, I also use
these as a running shoe, so instead of bringing
exercise shoes with me, and I do really enjoy
minimalistic footwear. Sometimes I run barefoot,
depending on the surface, and these work great for that purpose. Also, the shoe is vegan, if
you’re into that kind of thing. Now, if we compare these
to ordinary sandals or something like flip flops, or crocs, (crocodile grumbling) they’re going to be a
little bit harder to get on. Now, you usually have to kind of bend down and fit your foot through this, and then pull, you know, this
strap up beyond your heel and that’s gonna take a little bit longer than just flipping on
sandals really quickly, but ultimately, once you get
them on, it’s totally worth it. These sandals show a lot of foot. You know when these are on, sometimes it looks like
you’re completely barefoot and you will get some looks, (crickets) maybe even some comments from people that see you wearing them, but if you have the right
kind of personality, you’re gonna be fine. Alright, thanks for taking a
look at the Pack Hacker review for the EarthRunner Elemental Sandals. There’s gonna be a link below to purchase. Thanks for taking a look. We’ll see you in the next one. (beep) (inhales) I would never ever smell
these if they had been used. Don’t worry, they’re brand new. (beep) These can also be used as a noisemaker at special sporting events. (clapping) Go team. (beep) (upbeat music)

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