Best Filmmaking Books for Beginners

On this episode of the Piedmont motion picture show We’re taking a look at some of my favorite books on the subject of filmmaking and that starts right now Hey guys Ryan camp with the Piedmont Motion Picture Company. Thank you so much for joining me today This channel is all about learning and growing as a filmmaker So if you find this video helpful Please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe if you haven’t already and let’s become better filmmakers Together kind of a quick video this week I’m actually in the process of putting together another Short film that’s going to go up early for our patrons sometime next week And hopefully I’ll have it to show to you guys at the end of next week But I didn’t want to leave you guys without any new content this week So this week we’re going to take a look at two of my favorite books on the subject of filmmaking. Both of these books are amazing resources for filmmakers They’re both very affordable and I highly recommend you pick up both of them if you are interested in the subject of digital filmmaking, the first book is This bad boy right here by Barry Anderson is the DSLR filmmakers handbook This book has everything you need to learn about real world production techniques everything from camera settings to lighting to audio Rigging and setting up all of your gear on set all your lights on set It even has a section on how to shoot underwater. It even goes into post-production and shows you how to export for specific formats like if you’re going to be showing your video on TV or in a theater Highly recommend this book the DSLR Filmmakers handbook pick it up. It’s really cheap on Amazon I don’t think you’ll regret having this with you at all times and this bad boy right here by Steven Asher and Edward Pincus I think that’s how you pronounce his name the filmmakers handbook This is actually called by some the filmmakers Bible And as you can see it is a thick tome This has absolutely everything you could possibly think of in it when it comes to filmmaking and the craft This book isn’t quite as fancy schmancy with the colored pictures as the DSLR filmmakers handbook and they both have very similar Titles this is called the filmmakers handbook. The other one is called the DSLR filmmakers handbook. Don’t get those two mixed up but this book This book has it all You can keep this book in your glove compartment in your car Keep it with you at all times and your your your backpack If you have a question about any kind of situation that comes up chances are it’s going to be in this book and this book actually goes into depth on the business side of things on how to get funding for your projects and it even has a chapter on how When you finish your film how to pitch it to companies and get it shown on TV on you know Things like Netflix and stuff like that. This book has it all gear lighting audio equipment mixing rigging production techniques everything like I said, not quite as Not quite as visually interesting as the DSLR filmmakers handbook because it has like colored pictures and nice diagrams and stuff Don’t get me wrong this one This one has diagrams and whatnot, but everything is in black and white and kind of a little bit more Schoolboy if you will but this books going to go into depth on any kind of subject whether it’s you know, file formats all the way up into you know, like I said the business side of things and This other book focuses more on the production side of things So if you want a comprehensive guide on everything that this channel is about and everything that if you’re interested in filmmaking Everything you could possibly want to know about filmmaking is in this book and I highly recommend you pick up but both of these Links to both of these books can be found in the description below and these are affiliate links So if you click on them, you are supporting this channel. So if you do, thank you very much Like I said a really quick video this week. I wanted to get some content out to you guys I’m still working on something really special Hopefully have that up for you next Friday Oh, and before I go question of the day, what are some of your favorite books on the subject of filmmaking? Let us know in the comments below. So the rest of us can check them out big Thanks for our patrons who make this show possible Big thanks to anyone watching this video. Please give it a thumbs up Please subscribe if you haven’t already be sure to check out our digital store for awesome filmmaking resources like our LUT packs Thanks for coming along on this filmmaking journey with me. I am and I’ll see on the next FIBA version picture truck


  • What are some of your favorite books on the subject of filmmaking?

  • Hey thanks for the heads-up on those!

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