Best Ed S01E08b – The Unhappy Sandals

* Ed the dog and
Buddy the squirrel * Lived in swell
house in a swell world * Ed wakes up every single day * And vows to be the
best in every way * One best Buddy, one best Ed * One best Buddy, one best Ed * From the morning
till they go to bed * One best Buddy, one best Ed * Have you ever seen
a squirrel go nuts * No * Ed’s here to help,
I’ll tell ya what * Your best friend
that’s what he said * These are the
adventures of best Ed * One best Buddy, one best Ed * One best Buddy, one best Ed * From the morning
till they go to bed * One best Buddy one best Ed * One best Buddy one best Ed – Smell that fresh autumn air. Days don’t get better than this. It’s just me and the leaves and
the wind in our tree going– (cheering) Ed, what are you doing here? You said you’d be gone all day helping the pup scouts on
your annual fondue fundraiser. All day! – Yes, indeedy. That was the plan, best
Buddy, until the incident with the pot of
molten mozzarella. Didn’t you hear the sirens? But thanks to my lucky stars, no one was seriously fondoodled. And now I’m here to help you
with this insurmountable task. And what can make an
insurmountable task all the more mountable? – Not the happy sandals,
please don’t say– – The happy sandals! (bagpipes) – Ed, this isn’t
really necessary. And if I have to listen to
one more minute of this music I’ll go right out of my mind. Did you hear what I said, Ed? Right out of my mind! I’ve never raked so
many leaves before. Only Ed can help turn a simple
job into a 24 hour chore. – [Ed Voiceover] Dearest
best buddy Buddy, by the time you read
this, I will be gone. Gone to release all of
our loose leafy friends into the wild. Feel free to enjoy the happy
sandals in my abstinence. Just imagine how
good it will feel to have your merry
way with them, yea. – Yeah, just imagine. (maniacal laughing) Ta-ta now, bye! Now that would make me happy. But since these things
mean so much to Ed, I guess I’ll just have
to stay miserable. Unless… Some happy sandals. Oh, maybe I’ve gotta
move around a little. You know, get the
full Ed Experience. (squeaking) Hey there, neighbors. Just, um, skipping out to
fetch the morning paper. And to, uh, add a few
things to the trash. Off ya go. Wait, those aren’t garbage,
they’re Ed’s happy sandals! Come back, stop! Well, I couldn’t find
the real happy sandals, but these look
pretty sharp to me. Ed will never even
notice they’re gone. – Buddy! Thank goodness you’re here. We’ve been robbed!
Burg-ulerized! Someone has stolen my
most cherious possessions. But why, what kind of person would wish ill upon our
little friends, flip and flop? – I’ll tell ya what kind. The kind with guilt
written all over his face. I smell a rat. – Guilt? Not guilt, dirt. That’s dirt all
over my face, yeah. From when I was
doing my dirty work. Nice to meet you, I’m Buddy. – Don’t gimme that. It’s dark, actually. I know, ’cause I checked, and
I’m watching you, squirrel. (whistling) – What’s going on, officer? Why are you calling
off the dogs? – I’m sorry, son. But my guess is that
your sandals are halfway to Hong Kong by
now, to be cut up in some flip flop chop shop, then sold on the street
as designer erasers. But, sooner or later, the
guilty party will slip up. Then Sergeant Jojo
Friday will be on him like stink on a squirrel. You got that, mister? – Fare thee well, my
little flip and flop. I just know you’ll
make great erasers and help change the world. – Okay, this is no
time to get paranoid. Just try to stay calm, Buddy. Get a grip on yourself. But how can I, when everywhere
I turn I see police dogs? Watching me, hoooouuunding me! I should have told Ed the truth! I didn’t mean to
lose his sandals. But the guilt of
guilt was too great, and now I’m a marked squirrel. My only hope is if Ed gets over
this and calls off the dogs. I mean, he seems to like
those slippers I found. But he’s acting funny,
and not in a fun way. Hey there, pal, whatcha doin’? Enjoying those
new slippers, huh? Do you love ’em or what? And is that tartan or plaid? Because it’s so rad,
it’s a really rad plaid. – Yes, friend, the plaid is rad. Now run along, little Buddy. This crossword isn’t
gonna do itself. – Well, I’m glad you’re happy. Hey, here’s a thought. Why don’t we take those
rad plaid beauties out for a twirl, huh? Slap on some silly slipper music and really show the neighbors, and whoever else
might be watching, how you’ve moved on. Last one outside is a– – Glorious, sport, but
old Ed is expecting a very important
phone call right now. The Swellville Police
had a break in the case. – Police? – But, you know there’s no
one more important to me than my little Buddy,
so I’ll tell you what. Right after my phone call,
you and I will go out and play a nice game of fetch. Sound good, champ? – I guess… actually no, wait. You always say that you’re
here to help, right? Well right now, I
really need your help! Because, um… I bought too much ice
cream, so get in here and help me make shakes
for all our friends, okay? – Some other time, okay, sport? Old Ed’ll have to
take a raincheck. – But Ed! I found these foundlings
on our doorstep and I really need
you to come here to help me help them
find a good home. – Aw, what have I told you
about bringing home pets? Better hit the bricks
without me, okay, ranger? – No, it’s not okay! I need to see the old
helplessly helpful Ed, not this new “old Ed.” (phone rings) Don’t get up! I’ll get it. – [Jojo Friday] Guess what, doc? I’ve found the rat who’s to
blame for the missing flip flops and I’ll be right over. – Thanks, but we’re quite happy with our long distance
provider, good bye. What if we went
out and found you a brand new pair of
happy sandals, huh? We’ll hit the mall
and shop till we drop, then come home and
call off the dogs and forget this whole
thing ever happened. Whaddya say, pal? – I guess I could–
(bagpipes) – Hey, look at you. How happy do those stylin’
sneakers make you feel, huh? Oh they’s the bomb,
dose skins are proper! – Mmhmm, but do
they come in plaid? – How do those crazy
cowboy boots feel, huh? Yeee-haw! Oh man, oh boy, look at those
cuckoo clown shoes, huh? – Golly, I don’t
think so, champ. Your old Ed’d have
trouble finding a belt to match those bad boys. – Oh come on, can you
just pick a pair, please? What kind of shoes will
make you Ed again, Ed? – I’ll tell you what kind. The kind that went
missing, disappeared. Vanished into thin air,
that kind, squirrel. – Okay, I confess! I lost Ed’s happy sandals,
it was me, I tells ya! – You, slugger?
– Yes, me! But I didn’t mean it. I should’ve told you sooner, Ed. – There, there, little
Buddy, it’s okay. Everybody makes
mistakes sometimes. – You mean you aren’t mad
and I’m not gonna go to jail? – Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, I could
live without my happy sandals but I could never get
along without you. – Then I guess you won’t
be needing these anymore. – The happy sandals! – Flip and flop! Where have you been? We’ve been so worried about you. – When I said I smelled
a rat, I checked it out. And guess what? It panned out and
we found the sandals tickling the toes of your
local garbage collector. – Hey Buddy, look at me! I’m back in the sandals again! – And what happy sandals reunion
would be complete without– – Our happy sandals theme music! (bagpipes) – My work is done here, but I’ve got one last
question for you, squirrel. You actually enjoy being
best friends with this mutt? – Guilty as charged, Jojo.

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