Best Budget Running Shoes 2018 (Under $65)

Running is a great form of cardio that can
relieve stress, help control weight, and even in some cases eliminate depression. However, although running may seem like a
simple task, it can be quite hard to find wallet friendly running shoes. Today, I am going to bring to you guys 5 running
shoes that you could purchase on budget. Now these are not in a particular order so
keep that in mind when watching this video. Also, there will be links to all of these
products in the description below so make to check it out after this video. The first one on this list is PUMA Tazon 6
FM Running Shoe. With the starting price being $42, the shoe
is made from synthetic leather with rubber outsole for extra grip. Its T-toe construction helps for a snug fit,
while the midfoot saddle increases comfort. Plus, not only does this shoe look great design
wise, but it also does its job. It is able to perform highly when it comes
to supporting the feet. Some of the pros of this shoe is its comfortability,
abundance of padding inside the shoe, and its sturdy laces. Some of the cons are that the arch is not
too flexible and the shoe is on the heavier side. This is highly recommended for those looking
for a comfortable shoe that will last you a long time. Second on the list is ASICS Gel-Venture 5
Running Shoe. Starting from the price of $40. It’s made from durable synthetic material
with a thick rubber sole. It’s rearfoot GEL Cushioning System is an
excellent shock absorber. It gives you the stability and motion control
that you need, at a much lower price than its competitors. Its soft, breathable inner lining keeps the
feet cool and protects your feet from blistering. Also, its industry-standard EVA foam in the
midsole increases overall responsiveness. Some pros of the shoe is that it is very stable,
the rear foot gel provides extra comfort to your heels, and it is lightweight. Some cons is that the shoe gets larger as
you wear it and the mesh fabric can be hard to clean. Overall, this shoe is recommended for those
who enjoy lightweight shoes and trail running. Third is the Saucony Cohesion 11 Running Shoe. With the price around $42, it is made from
synthetic material with a durable rubber sole. It has a heel PowerGrid system, which provides
great cushion while helping the runner maintain stability. Some of the pros is that it’s durable, lightweight,
and comfortable. However, a con of this shoe is that it is
not suitable for long distance running. So if you are considering running a marathon,
I would pass on this shoe. This shoe is recommended to those looking
for a cheap, reliable daily trainer for running short distances. The fourth shoe on the list is NIKE Downshifter
7 Running Shoe. Priced at around $60, the shoe is made out
of synthetic material. It’s soft, lightweight single-layer mesh
and impressively soft foam insoles help wrap your feet. Some of the pros of this shoe is that it comes
in a variety of colorways, is lightweight, and has an aesthetically pleasing minimalist
design. A con of this shoe is that the shoe is narrow. So for those of you with wide feet, these
may not fit you well. These shoes are great for daily runners and
due to its great minimalistic design, allows users to sport different activities. This is a great buy for those who want a neutral
shoe for casual or light workouts. The last shoe on the list is ADIDAS Duramo
9 Running Shoe. Priced around $60, it is made from textile
and synthetic material with a rubber sole. It has a cloudfoam midsole and a padded collar
and tongue, which adds extreme comfort and stability. Some of the pros are its comfortability, versatility,
and eye catching design. Some cons are that it takes some down to break
into the shoes and the toe part of the shoe contains lot of empty space. If you are in a market for a budget friendly
shoe that is built to support and stabilize the foot and can be worn as a daily/casual
running shoe, this is a solid option for you. Alright hope you guys enjoyed this video. I like to keep my video short and to the point. If you guys liked the video, please give it
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a great rest of your day!


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