BEST AND WORST LUXURY PURCHASES 2019 | Louis Vuitton, Hermès & more!

hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
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going to be talking about my best and worst luxury purchases of 2019 guys if
you are new here my name is Cassie I’m just self diagnosed luxury addict I put out videos on Wednesdays and Fridays sometimes Monday’s so if you like luxury
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luxury addicted family when is it that we’re going to rehab never guys are you
ready let’s go starting it off with the best the first best item that I bought
with these Louis Vuitton archlight sneakers that I bought myself in February what a
vibe I love these so much more than I even thought I would obviously it’s such
a statement sneaker if you’re not into statement sneakers and you want
something a little bit more subtle a little bit more clean then this is not
the vibe for you but my gosh if you’re here for a statement sneaker the archlights and of course I had to go with a neon color way because neon is just my
thing I see a lime green and I’m like ding ding ding honestly I have just been
so impressed I found them super comfortable love them would highly
recommend would even consider buying a second pair I don’t know I don’t know
where life’s gonna take me you 2020 so I think that I’m like cheating a little bit
because this one was a gift but I loved it and it has become such an easy piece
to style and throw on and wear and just live your best life and just flex on
them hoes you know so this is a Burberry shirt dress it’s in a kind of blush pink
check firstly the cotton is so glorious and breathable but at the same time
very silky on the skin which I love second of all like I said so easy to
style oh you know on one of those days especially in the summer when you’re
just like I have no idea what to wear and I don’t care and I just need an air
flowing to every part of my body hello the third best designer item that I
definitely bought this year she is no stranger to you all okay and that is the
Fendi F is Fendi hoop earrings one is silver one is gold and I love them they
are just the perfect size hoop super easy for a casual
just to cheer it up a little bit and amazing for an evening look as well I
love how their different metals the F’s kind of go in opposite directions kind
of thing so it makes the the Fendi logo and all that they are not heavy at all
they’re relatively light but they are amazing quality they look amazing if you
are a hoop gal another item that I have used every single day this year and have
loved every second of it the Louis vuitton coin card holder from the men’s Tigarama collection okay firstly the slime green she’s unmatched I love an SLG
that’s a pop because why not they’re inside the bag it’s not like you’re
carrying a neon green bag like to do your life okay which is a lot to commit
to but while I’m not just having pop of an SLG you know bring a little bit of
fun to the party she makes me smile every time I see her because she is just
glorious and I love her and practicality wise she fits it all in I love I love
and definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made this year next purchase is a
pair of heels Amina Muaddi where do we even begin okay
this woman knows shoes not only does she know shoes she knows comfortable shoes
and beautiful shoes Wow like I said very comfortable I love this little kind of
stout heel she’s cute she’s killing it why not
as I you know grow older I am beginning to appreciate a slightly lower heel
compared to my more prostitute-y friends that I used to frequent I love these
with jeans I love these with I have a wonderful pair of wolford leggings that
I think everyone needs to buy I will link them below that I paired with these
and what a moment watch a true moment Amina Muaddi is bringing it home she
really is okay my last item that I am so happy I
bought this year is the Louis Vuitton multi pochette accessoires get it the right way
around Cassie okay for a number of reasons aside from the
fact that I love the bag I love every single I love that this three parts I
love that I am just jingle jangling my way through life I love the whole vibe
and the aesthetic of it but also I am so glad I got it because of how hard it is
to get now also fashion file we’re selling it for like three times the
price and I’m like if that is an investment piece I don’t know what is
this is gonna be part of the permanent collection now so this is definitely
gonna be coming more in stock I know that there are waiting lists and all of
that now we move on to the worst kicking it off with my Hermes Oran sandals
yes now I am not mentioning these because they’re hideous or the worst
things or you know they were a massive waste of money but I am including them
because I am disappointed within those two times that I’ve worn
them fair enough it is due to the choice of leather but there are already three
scratches on it okay and that is just know there’s more
than three that’s like five do you pay 500 pounds for sandals for scratches you
know I don’t recall falling down I don’t recall being in a situation where I had
spiky things touching my feet okay so this is just you two general walking
around living my life and that disappoints me greatly
I probably shouldn’t include gifts on the worst purchases but she’s made it in
here and this is I’ve got these for my birthday
and these are a pair of Burberry shorts okay which in theory I love here’s the
thing with it with this kind of an item is it’s all down to styling okay so that
you don’t look like you have no shape or that you’re frumpy or it’s unflattering
okay so with it being already oversized and then a size too big it has become
more and more difficult for me to pull off really so that makes me very sad to
be very honest with you number three is actually one that I ended up
returning and if you’ve been on this channel
throughout this journey of this year then you know this is the Louis Vuitton Louise phone holder that I bought
earlier in the year and I ended up returning because a screw started coming
out of it I think it was maybe like a week or two weeks after I’ve got it and
I was like unacceptable okay so I ended up returning it and also when I was
returning it I was kind of thinking you know what she don’t have like hits the
body a little bit as you walk which is a little bit annoying because her phone is
quite heavy so to be honest I’m gonna end up with bruises on my stomach if
this goes on any longer so a little bit good riddance
that the screw came out and so therefore I got a refund in all of that but the
last two are not necessarily purchases that I think are the worst but are
purchases that everyone else thinks of the worst okay this absolutely glorious
truly stunning but not all that practical pair of sunglasses from fenty
okay now in theory are like why are they the worst they are fabulous if they are
everything they are a moment okay and I’m totally listen I’m going to New York
for Christmas and best believe I’m going to be flexing with these on the streets
of New York okay winter Sun beat down on this face aside
from the fact that we love them and their everything and they are truly one
of the best pairs of sunglasses maybe ever made I believe these have a UV
protection rating of one what is suitable for cloudy days with a bit of
Sun in the background for like the use of sunglasses that most people would use
in the height of summer loving life you know the eyes are probably suffering a
bit that is why it’s a worst purchase what a mini all entrant what a queen
what a moment okay I love this a lot of people think this is the most ridiculous
thing they’ve ever seen and my dad included is highly questioning my sanity
after the purchase of this I mean for me it’s just it’s a little piece of fashion
history it’s hilarious I love it I rock it is a necklace I think that it is
just the cutest funniest little fashion joke and I’m in on it I love it and I
think it’s amazing I mean I literally put nothing in it right now literally
put nothing in it still has its stuffing in there I really have no words and I
really can’t justify myself and truly why do I need to okay because if you get
it you get it and if you don’t just continue thinking I’m crazy and
ridiculous let me know what you think of my best and worst purchases of the year
if you’ve been on my channel for long enough let me know if you’ve seen
anything else on my channel you’re like oh that should have been in best or that
should have been in worst let me know guys I’m going to link to another video
here in case you’re enjoying this hang out with me okay we’re vibing and we’re
getting on well you know just watch the next video because it’s gonna continue
guys have an amazing morning afternoon or evening wherever you are and I’ll see
you in my next video bye guys


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    On my list ?
    Fendi hoops, need them
    LV mens card holder, want it, only wish it had gold hardware ?
    You know I’m on the hunt for the LV Pochette in green my twin

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