Best $100 Weird TARGET Tech

I think we got weird Hey what’s up guys Keaton here, so we’re back at it again. I got a hundred bucks this time We’re outside a Walmart what we’re about to do is go find the Weirdest tech products, gadgets inside the place for hundred bucks [Mumbles] Let’s go, let’s go Why break a leg? So incase you guys don’t know how this goes down, basically your boy goes to different spots and he looks for weird tech. I got a hundred bucks And you guys freaking love this series if you guys want another one Drop a like and let me know in the comments where I should go next I’m a little loud I realized that, we’re gonna take it down a little bit, and no We are not buying this alright? Just I’m gonna tell you guys now Sh, sh, no Hey Lo-gang I got a movie I think you guys are going to want to see It’s called Jake go check it out, it’s a great movie. I found it, we found our first item It’s like an LED watch like yeah, sure I want to know what that’s about. Let me know in the comments which one You would have got It’s going to be this one cuz’ I think I broke it, Captain America rock on I like this three bucks, it’s a pen It’s a lightsaber. That’s why we come to these things That’s why your boy does his thing out here in the streets of Target. Alright, we’re getting the pen, Kobe, bam [Music plays] [Mumbles] That’s weird, if I’ve ever seen weird [Music plays], I’m single, I’m single Guys we found it. These are on sale your boy needs the deals, we really need the deals on this one I can’t, and I guess I’m gonna need some help getting this off the rack. Guaranteed never to hurt or fall out I’ll let you know I will really let you know if that is the case. I’ve been asked it’s my inside voice I don’t know what that is, I’m a loud person. I’m sorry mom, but they got something here That your boy is kind of curious about I want to know What is with the smart touch buttons? I think I know what this is We’re still Shooting hoops out here at Walmart. The Weirdness, weirdness going through my body What is quick? You’re kidding me! It comes with a battery pack? Alright well let’s trap, where’s the where’s the need help? I need some help. We’re still looking for some weird tech I think I found something. I don’t know what that is But you know what? I’m It’s 36, what? Is that the price? Is that the price of them? I like it a lot What is that? An LED clip light for e-readers and books, yes Yes, every time I come in here, and I start thinking no they don’t got anything I want to know what this is about, 2 bucks an LED glow stick I know the regular glow stick the ones you go snap crackle pop, Rice Krispie to, this has an LED in it Yeah, let’s do it [Music Plays] It landed upright nailed it [Music Plays] I don’t know about you, but your boy’s a little toasty out here I even got the tank, suns out guns out, you know what it’s about, working out hard So what I’m thinking is I got buncho balloons here Yes, 100 balloons, one little, one little tie action sign me up brah! Lou, I am your father I almost turned around and literally did not go down this aisle, but we found a Twitter product, tweet talking birds I record and repeat every word, okay we’ll [Mumbles] Just as I thought I gave up, we got some Finding Nemo walkie-talkies for the low Nope nope Yo why is that so creamy? What, what are they doing here at Walmart? Yeah, you know what it is One of these, I’m, I’m telling ya. I know one of them is gonna, they got that thing on lock [Noises] KO! I’ve never been in a fight, I don’t want to fight anyone. Put them away, put them away, Keep them [mumbles] I live here. Hi, I’m your neighbor, say hello Time to check out! $94.39, alright, we’ll take it, we’ll take it Alright we’re legit, it’s good. Let’s do it man Also yo, this shirts fly Alright guys so I’m back from Walmart, and let me just tell you how much fun that was and how Many people just kept looking at your boy. I think I need to wear more tank tops That’s what they wanted to say sun’s out guns out. You know what it is, so here’s the stuff that we got, we got a ton of stuff So much stuff it doesn’t even want to come out of the bag. So let’s just start trying some of this stuff out We got so much stuff. So I’m just going to speed through all these the first thing That I want to check out is these walkie-talkies if I can walkie and I can talkie with this For eight bucks this thing was on sale that would be amazing. I’m just going to free ball it, Finding Nemo walkie talkies flip them on Shows that they’re on [Chatter] Did you guys just hear that? Someone is interrupting our signal here, no joke. I think I found a walkie-talkie is anyone there? [Chatter] If anyone knows Spanish let me know what they said, I don’t know This is your boy Keaton here, make sure you subscribe. They work! The next thing is this smart screen projector I made a video on this it’s called the secret button iPhone trick. I made this video like two years ago I want to see what’s changed, if anything has changed, it’s for the 6s, I got my 7 We should just be chilling, if I can open it, seems to be the hardest problem I should have bought scissors with the hundred dollars. There we go, we got it installed That’s chill, now I just gotta squee-gee it out Squee-gee, squee-gee, squee-gee Time to see if Keaton screwed this up like he does with most products, this is just quick it works on like everything else I’m just going to show you this actually works, ready? I’m just gonna hit the button here, and it’s going to cancel out watch this Bam just like that it actually works! Moving on these are the ones that I actually want to put to the test So it says guaranteed never to hurt or fallout, I’ll let you guys know real quick If that’s the case. Okay so I got them out, now we got to put them to the test. This is sweet They’re magnetic like That looks cool alright, look at those tips. I, I think they know what they’re saying, these will never fall out of your ears I gotta get the hair okay, I know the hair I know I need a haircut Uh those feel weird, those feel really weird. I’ll play some music. Alright so we’re gonna play some 21 Savage, I love his new album It’s amazing, so we’ll play bank account Oh, oh Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, alright never to hurt or fall out, they’re loud I think that’s the only thing hurting my ears, but that’s awesome. I got, I can turn that down, never to fall out They don’t know who they’re dealing with here Oh my you can hear like squealing in your ear That’s really weird, I’m giving it all I got here. They’re trying to get out but they’re going nowhere honestly No They’re just, no no they’re not going anywhere. We got a book light here You’re boy has been reading lots of books, maybe even going back to school. No one really knows Everyone needs one of these That’s a nice light there. I don’t really have any books, but I do got an iPhone Bam, you clip that on there late at night, now fam you can see your screen at night no problem Next up, we got something I’ve never seen before it’s an iPhone 7 case No, that’s not it, but it also comes with like a battery pack. They just decided to put tape on every little box I don’t like the tape I’m not a fan of the tape. An iPhone case and a battery pack like that, and it’s charged They know your boy, and it’s got a light That That’s a good deal. That’s a really good deal. You got the charge cord, that’s cool. See how it looks on my iPhone That’s, [mumbles] That’s, that’s actually pretty nice, whoa It’s a pretty manly there man, it’s good. These things right here I was tripping out when I was seeing them, these are probably the cheapest on the list we have an LED glow stick I’ve never seen an LED glow stick before, I’ve seen a glow stick And I’ve seen something that I can open. Last to 20 hours longer 250%. I like this, numbers, they’re great It’s a simple twist And it’s off, twist and it’s off the problem with glowsticks is they’re one and done. This is a one in fun I like this a lot, and we got what looks like a lightsaber pen. The weird stuff you find at these places I’m telling ya, it just comes to your boy Okay, I don’t think you can see that too well, got the lightsaber part here looking for the pen part How will I stru.. Oh, the cap is on… That was so bad [Noises] [Noises] I love star trek [Noises] Your boy was not gonna Go down the little girls aisle But honestly I gotta go down there more. Wait what, what did I just say? This was insane when I found it, it is a Talking bird that tweets. It says it can record and repeat every word so I got my bird out here I don’t know why more people don’t pick this thing up, this is amazing So in the instruction manual which your boy never reads It says your bird loves to be pet. Who doesn’t want a two-finger stroke at the bird I would love to say hello Hello, hang on Oh Okay it’s mouth’s moving too It’s definitely tweeting for me, it said it will record anything and say it back Let’s try this, why did I get kicked out of Best Buy? Why did I get kicked out of Best Buy Oh my God this thing’s amazing! Yes, I’m keeping this thing forever! Fly free little birdies That’s a win, it landed. This thing that we picked up here is actually really awesome. It’s this watch from the avengers Let me know in the comments who your favourite Avenger is, mine definitely has to be Batman. Alright this is my Avengers watch It’s an LED watch it looks awesome To check the time you just press the button, Captain America. I like that, I like that a lot. Do you like that since you’re listening? The last thing that I picked up and some of you guys are gonna say yo this isn’t tech, this is a cool product Honesty like, this is insane water balloon fill up 100 water balloons in six… In sixty seconds, I hope it doesn’t hear me. Let’s check this out That’s awesome! I’ve always seen one of these but I… But now I have one! You just peel off the top here, you hook this up to your hose or whatever It fills up a hundred In 60 seconds! What? I literally don’t have breath to tell you how cool this is, let’s try this with some water Progress, we are making progress! You just really gotta hold it tight. I can’t recommend enough on buying a hose. If you, send me one Please some company! Alright, we got our water balloons These are the best the water balloons are going to get. So I’m going to Carefully take these in. I have a little bird that keeps talking so I just want you to know Shh, be quiet [Mumbles] [Noise] That was great. Okay, I’m going to all these water balloons off here first This is the greatest thing ever. I, I needed to buy, what? This is so easy! And it’s like it didn’t even crack! It didn’t [Mumbles]. They’re not even cracking! [Mumbles] Dude it’s not even popping This was amazing! I want to give a huge Facebook shoutout to Aidan and Laurent for having my Notifications on. If you guys want one, turn them on and let me know in the comments. Subscribe if you’re new and tweet me at techsmartt If you guys find any other weird places, gadgets like this. This bird is still working Bye! Literally what is going on at the team ten house? What’s up [mumbles], it’s me, Keaton! I’ll be the eleventh member Bro! Sign me up


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