Bernard® BTB MIG Guns T Series Flip Flop

Start by unthreading the guide cap on
the Miller Power Pin. Using a pair of pliers, pull the liner
from the gun. This works best when the gun is laid out
straight without bends or kinks in it. On the back end of the gun, use a
flathead screwdriver to remove the screw insulators. Remove the black power pin insulator, use the 5/16″ nut-driver
or a flathead screwdriver and remove the housing screws. Remove the housing from the handle. Using a pair of needlenose pliers, remove
the terminals from the rear housing. Place the control plug and the rear housing off to the side. Slide the handle back until the cone nut
is exposed, Take your 1″ wrench,
place it on the Power Pin body and the 78″ wrench on the cone. This is the
second hex from the cable, unthread the connection. Place the Power Pin off to the side, On the front of the gun remove the housing screws with your 5/16″ nut-driver. Remove the switch housing
and slide the handle back to expose the cone and cone nut connection
using your needlenose pliers. Remove the switch from the housing. Then remove the terminals from the
switch, Place the neck into a vise. Be careful not to push pressure on the neck aluminum since you
could potentially crush it. Use a 7/8″ wrench, turn the cone hex
counterclockwise, Spin the cable as you thread this
connection. Remove the neck. You can now start the flip-flop process. At the opposite end of the gun, thread the
neck into the cone and cone nut connection until it’s snug. Place the neck into the vise again
without damaging the aluminum. Use your 7/8″ wrench to thread the
connection back onto the neck to a torque spec of 18 foot pounds.
Again make sure you spin the cable as you’re doing this, remove the neck from
the vise. Using a pair of needlenose pliers, place
the lead terminals back onto the switch. Place the switch back into the housing
by aligning the grooves. Pull the handle back up over the neck body. Align the handle and housing holes with
the threaded holes of the neck body and using your 5/16″ nut-driver,
reinsert the housing screws. On the old front end of your gun
reinsert the Miller pin and body until snug. Use a 1″ wrench on the Power Pin
body and a 7/8″ wrench on the cone hex and thread it to a torque spec of 18
foot-pounds. Reinsert the lead terminals onto the
rear housing, keeping in mind that these are not polarity sensitive. Slide the handle forward, align the handle and housing holes with the threaded holes on the Power Pin body. Using 5/16″ nut-driver,
read the housing screws back in place. Place the Power Pin insulator back over
the pin body. And place the screw insulators back on
the screws, Lay the welding gun out straight with
consumables removed. Reinsert your liner using short strokes
to avoid kinking, push until the liner retainer is flush with the pin. Reinsert your Miller Guide Cap,
dress the liner as required you’ve doubled the life of your gun and
your flip-flop is complete.

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