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The Burmilla is a very versatile shoe It is a hybrid shoe, we can say, because it comes from the outdoor world and enters in the urban world. To design the Burmilla, we started looking for comfortable shoes. So we went to study the market,
see what was happening in the market, and one of the most comfortable shoes
are the slip-on shoes. They are shoes without laces and they adjust to feet by themselves. But there is a huge problem in the market, that is… there are people with wide-arched foot
and others with narrow-arched foot so, being a slip-on, the shoe fits your foot
or it doesn’t fit your foot. What we did with that? We have added a tightening system
to the shoe. We decided for the atop tightening system for several reasons: one of them it is the quality
and other is the easy way we can use it. This system is really, really simple just put your foot in, turn the reel and it tightens turn to the opposite side, and it loosens. So, what this allows is a micro-adjustment One click, two clicks… It will adjust millimeter by millimeter
to the foot. This shoe has a high-quality construction. It is made in Europe, it is a shoe which leather is italian and which materials are noble. We have leather we have neoprene,
that is very elastic and, at the same time,
it moulds to any kind of foot, whether it is wider, less wide… We also have rubber that
provides protection to the heel. About the design,
what I wanted to do here was split the shoe in three parts. The front part is the precision part, the part where the shoe
has two areas of leather that is,
it doesn’t move so much, it gives a bigger support to the foot
and it is much more precise. On the side part, we only have
two pression points on the foot arch. We also have these laces that, despite their fragile look, they are made of a high resistant material
named Kevlar that turns them almost unbreakable
or even unbreakable, we can say. On the back part, what I did here was give flexibility to the shoe. As we can see,
with this open part here, inserting the foot is much softer and faster, and allow a wider adjustment. When we are tightening,
this part goes after our foot. This shoe was made using a technique
named ‘Strobel’. This technique allows the insole
to be sewn to the shoe, and with that, when you put
the foot into the shoe, there is no blank spaces between us
and the shoe. With this, we have much less blisters,
it is much more comfortable, and a lot more precise. I think that, more than the minimalist and
casual design of the Burmilla, this is a shoe that will
really impress your feet both for its comfort and functionality. A functionality that came from the outdoors and that we have brought to the city.

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