Becoming a Sailor, Part 1: Arrival Night at Boot Camp

When they get there, immediately we’re going
to be outside waiting for them and we’re going to start applying the stress right away. You’re going to adjust yourselves forward
to where your toes are up to and even with that horizontal line. One of the most intimidating aspects of joining
the Navy is the arrival at bootcamp. It’s your first test in performing under pressure. Getting them in, getting them to comply, start
listening to instruction. Getting loud with them, putting them under
stress because from the very, very beginning we need them to start making decisions, and
operating under a stressful environment. We’ll get them running, we’re going to be
loud with them. We’re getting them lined up, we’re going to
start giving them quick orders. Quick, fast orders, very specific. I’m going to ask you as a grown up what your
shoe size is. The goal tonight is, honestly to get throgh
a process. We have, what boils down to a four step process. I’m going to brief them initially, explain
expectations. You can now make a phone call right away while
you’re standing on this toe line. How to talk to us, how to stand, how to act. How to move and then we’re going to get them
in to diddy bag issue, where they get their initial PT gear. So we’re going to get them out of their civilian
clothes. They’re going to mail them home. We’re going to put them in PT gear so they
all look the same. We’re going to height and weigh them, make
sure they’re in standards and we’re going to get them in for urinalysis. So that’s our mission. You no longer have personal space, welcome
to the United States Navy. Everybody is scared walking through the door. But listen, listen to every word that’s spoken,
because the little words are what’s going to get you the attention you don’t want. Stop moving. If we tell you to run, run. If we tell you to stop, stop. If we tell you to look straight forward, look
straight forward. If we tell you to shut your mouth, shut your
mouth. You need to be able to listen and do what
you’re told quickly. Don’t just act through fear of stress. You have to be able to make decisions, listen
to input and do things accurately the first time. That’s going to be the key to success. … I also said you’ll sound off. The bootcamp arrival is a seminal experience
in joining the Navy, but it’s just the first step. Keep watching for more information on what
it takes to be a US sailor and how you can succeed. Do you understand?


  • Navy Here I come ?I got 1 more week

    Thank yhall for your support?

  • Blah blah blah blah

  • Wimps

  • Was on the first bus of the day, didn't get yelled at once. Easy day

  • Went to navy boot camp sum., '63 in San Diego. Don't know how things are today in boot camp, but prob. easier, I'm guessing. Proud now that I served a hitch.

  • Really?? Wow, no one raised their voice during my arrival, once in awhile during boot. Hell, My dad yelled more than the RDC’s so maybe I was just use to it !!!

  • Left MEPS, Los Angeles, for San Diego, Navy RTC. 5 Oct 1985. "Put it in your ditty bag"

  • Navy you made another bootcamp video! Must want new squids or something! Or need more sailors

  • 35 years ago for me in August

  • You brought them inside to yell at them?  What happened to the yellow foot prints out on the grinder?  No more conveyer belt long lines to get your seabag filled?

  • The petty officer at 00:55 was a rdc in one of our training group division she was a badass. Petty officer Hobbs is her name.


  • 1 year ago today for me

  • Thanks to all who continue to serve. I sleep well at night knowing our sailors, soldiers, air men, and marines are on duty. My God Bless!

  • From this point they will strip your civilian ways and out you on a navy ways! This was me 7 months ago and i'll be out in the fleet now as a corpsman! Good luck to the men and women who's joining! Go Navy! Hooyah!

  • Basic was a piece of cake compared to later on off the coast of Vietnam. Working 18-19 hours a day, and it was back breaking work bringing on ammo. Everyone came home ok.

  • All I could think about after arriving in Orlando in 84' was when do we eat.

  • August 2002 for me. Good ol’ NS Great Lakes or should I say Great Mistakes ?. Wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. Haze grey and under way!

  • Fuck these welfare whores

  • ah yes..dec 7th 1977..rtc orlando 230 am..welcome to hell..I was 17 and just entered the mouth of the dragon…

  • Next day shore patrol scooped up two that went over the fence..welcome back!

  • Step one


    Also, there's no 'W' in sqwid


  • It was all a game. Roll with it and it's all good.

  • I quit navy boot camp because I wasn’t prepared and went in with that mindset of “I’m not worried, I’ll do fine how hard can it be” and when I realized how hard shit hit me I quit. Plus I wasn’t ready to die for my country and in boot camp they are always etching that sort of narrative in your head. If you’re truly not ready to give your life up for your country then you won’t even make it through boot camp.

    I wanna try to go again because I think that I’m stronger and i know I’m prepared to die. But if I can’t re enlist then I’ll be a firefighter; all ik is that I have to serve my country in whatever way.

    Thank you and respect to all those who serve??

  • When do they take off their clothes and start slapping each others asses in rainnow g-strings.

    E-2 GM


  • Great Lakes naval base I remember this place well

  • see the world join the navy

  • Got to boot camp great mistakes in 1981 they were tough now u can’t even yell at recruits they cry like baby’s Another thing I would never ever let a women yell at me

  • NAVY never again volunteer yourself you’ll see!!!

  • "un fuck yourself, recruit"

  • My boyfriend is doing this right now and I'm fucking terrified for him. But he'll be able to do it! I'm aching to talk to him so he can tell me what's happening!

  • I entered in 1986. I remember laughing when I got off the bus at the yelling. I didn't laugh again for the next 2 months.

  • Went through recruit training at great lakes in 1973, I had the time of my life, I had been told by a retired gunners mate the key to success is listen and follow every command exactly, I loved every minute of it.

  • Oh give me a break. Navy basic training is a fucking joke. It’s hardly intimidating. Thumbs down.

  • It was the biggest joke. Bootcamp was a whole lot of folding clothes, and learning how to iron.

  • Y’all are in for a nice little surprise if you think it’s a cake walk. Wait for the cameras to go..

  • Coming here a week after graduating, I remember being really scared and intimidated, especially since I was half asleep on the bus lmao.

  • at 1:13 ASMO CENTRAL lmao they used to make that be like, the most terrifying possible thing

  • Then you regret ever joining when you get to the fleet lmao

  • Soft

  • "HEY YOU GUY!"

  • 1981 and it was not puss filtering

  • No females there

  • Worried now

  • Wow this guy was a baby pissing in his diapers when I joined , wow I feel old, no disrespect

  • Cake walk…?

  • Only reason I’d ever join the navy is for buds other than that navy are for pussys

  • What should you wear when you arrive at boot camp?

  • I served in the army..have been out for 6 years..but damn I wish I would have joined the navy..I love the navy

  • i went in 96 they cussed everbody out till we we left lol

  • Baby Faces…….Man, They Are Literally Children…

    It Emphasizes How Critical It Is To Making Sure That We Only Send Our Children Off To War As A Last Resort..


  • Navy boot camp. 1975. piece of cake. Co-ed. Company commander quit on us week 4. No CC for 3 days. Just classes and meals. Able to get some pot too and smoke on the roof. Orlando.

  • A retired SEAL saying "the most stressful part of joining the Navy." Lol. Real convincing, boss.

  • Enjoyed boot camp as the building next door held the young women that would flash their tits. We lost several to the heat and one recruit nearly died from heat stroke. We never forgave the CC for this and before the end he basically lost his mind. He tripped over a bush broke his arm and we made it difficult for him everywhere he went either entering a building and or leaving a building. So he was replaced by a guy that was 5’1 and he didn’t last long either. I think he had a hard on for throwing the trash can,so we loosened the bolts and when he threw it the next morning,it came back and hit him very hard. Yep the good ole days of tooth paste in shoes and the greatest gift was dental floss!!

  • Where's the lube

  • The hardest part is just trying to not fall asleep lol

  • Already prepared ? ROTC did its job n I work graveyard not sleeping not a problem suckers ?

  • 1:45 that was one of my rdc's. Petty officer cup

  • ? there’s wayyyyy more swearing I promise and they are not this nice haha.

  • Yall think this is hard? My drill instructors etc were all experienced infantry, one was part of the Austrian special forces another for my platoon was an e6 infantry sgt that loved to kill and the E7 of the bunch left after my cycle to be a ranger instructor ??


    Chief: Loses temper completely

    Me: shitpant

  • petty officer hobbs is still there??

  • Navy is the worst branch to join

  • Ymca theme plays

  • Gay


  • I’d probably cry 3 seconds in

  • Went to NTC Orlando. Believe me there was a lot of profanity. Some terms I had never heard before.

  • 1:44 the Petty Officer here was the 3rd RDC of my brother division. Great guy.

  • It was wild getting off that bus, I was scared shitless lmao.

  • ABH all the way. 5 years. Do it. Dont be a little boy.

  • Some of it sucks, big time. But, don't hate the suck, embrace the suck, make the suck part of you.

  • Looks like a bunch of pussies.

  • Whats the food like at Navy bootcamp good or does it suck?

  • This is a walk in the park compared to what I experienced at Fort Knox in October 1969.

  • I probably plan on doing this, maybe, but the only problem I have is that I might smirt or laugh a bit because how the Sargent talks is so bland and if he curses it's funny

  • Wish they had YouTube in 1979 at least it gives you a general idea of what to expect. I thought it would be like the Abbot and Costello movie I saw before I joined lol.

  • Lol I had that RDC in the bottom right corner at 2:00!

  • more like slipper camp… comfy cozy…

  • RDCs are not the the hardasses this vid wants you you to think. They are there to help you become a Sailor. I got sick as a recruit and those RDCs helped me out when I got set back. If you ever hear them say boot camp is not the Navy, believe them.

  • My boot camp was a bit different than this..1969 Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Company 344.

  • I was so excited to go RTC great lakes. The only time I ever got nervous was even the bus pulled in and I saw the sign that said, welcome to RTC great lakes! Shit got real!!
    Like the chief said in the video, just fucking listen and give 100% and it's a piece of cake!!

  • Get ur degree and be an officer… Everything is better even reserves.. Find state schools that do rotc.. Navy will pay u pay for school… And u train in summer.. Do ur ocs in incriments… When u graduate ur an ensign…enlisted if u just want the benefits til u figure out life…

  • Why do they keep making these after I went to bootcamp but they never did right before that. Been in for a year now, and I think this is the 3rd documentary they’ve made.

  • 116 2007, worse part was the square nut shot on day 13

  • For the record & FYI,,, The Navy doesn't operates a Boot-Camp. The Navy Operates a basic training program. There's only one branch of service that offers a Boot-Camp and i promise you if you ever were there, you would remember that Hell for the rest of your life even if you lived to be 100

  • Some think this boot camp is tough, try the USMC. I see one Navy NCO in the video. In Marine boot camp there are 4-5 NCOs in your face the entire time. And during the entire time, this is the beginning where you are being torn down to a shell of a person, only to be built up in what the Corp wants. Navy boot camp is a cake walk in comparison.

  • im from Long island leaving around thanksgiving about 2 weeks

  • It’s weird to think that drill Sargents are actually people and not always yelling and pissed off

  • It's where the recruit meets their new best buddy: the company commander.

  • Boot camp San Diego 1979, Company 917

  • So this is what my maternal grandfather went through when he joined the Navy in WW II.

  • It’s been 5 1/2 months since I graduated Boot Camp.

  • No offense to all my Navy buddies,
    But any other United States ?? Marines
    Watch this and catch themselves
    ?Cracking Up? when they talk about this being intense!!!
    Like the dark of Night and the brightest Day one could experience differences between the 2,
    But glad there’s a branch for all different personality types, personally the Marines was the only choice for me,
    I wouldn’t have been happy in the Navy, Army or the AirForce,
    Cause I would have always wanted to be a Marine.
    But I would ( & did ) date Army & Navy Girls!!??

  • No one there acts this calm and friendly.This must be for recruiters to use

  • i really want to make my family proud and even myself, i will go there someday 🙁

  • That guy was my RDC he was a royal prick

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