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Hi everybody! Today we’re gonna talk about beards. Cause beards are so popular right now. Actually, I have a beard. I don’t got no beard. Or do you, which brings us to our first point! What is beard? Beard is hair that goes out of a face. I don’t think that’s right. I have hair growing out of my face, but it isnt really a beard. Is it you have hair everywhere because you are a groundhog? You’ve saying animals don’t have beards? Well, that’s not quite right either, cuz I think some animals do have beards. LIke dogs? No, not like dogs. Like monkeys. Although some dogs do have beards actually. This is getting a little hairy. Aw, that’s hilarious! Did you do that on purpose? No,it was an accident! Okay, let’s break this down. Great. I’ll be right back. Okay people, here’s what we know. Monkeys have beards: Body beards, because hair grows all over their body, but not their face. Okay, I’m back. What’d I miss? I just need a monkey body beards. Hey, where did you go? I got really jealous about all these beards so I went to the corner store and bought beard tonic. They sell beard tonic? That place has everything. What should we talk about next? Um, how about groups of people that have beards? Great. Dwarfs, Abraham Lincolns, and wizards all have beards. Hey, Fafa, I just thought of something interesting. Don’t only good wizards have beards? Oh, you’re right! Nice wizard Dumbledore has a beard, But evil Voldemort does not. Good guy Gandalf has a beard, But the Wicked Witch of the West does not have a beard. Vikings all have beards. They’re wizards, right? Not necessarily, ooh but a Viking did once say an amazing quote about beard. If you are handsome and grow a beard,it will make you more handsome. And if you are ugly and grow a beard it will make you more ugly. You’re making that up. You don’t know no Vikings. I am not! I swear I heard a Viking say that once! meh mo meh meh meh mo meh, meh meh mo mo meh meh meh That is very interesting! Look, I know we still gotta talk about bearded ladies with a ZZ top, but I think I got a problem here. Ooh! Ooh! You know, I just got to do that ZZ Top! Okay, just please hurry! These very old people are rock’n’roll musicians. What’s amazing about this is yes, 2 of them have incredible beards. But the one with no beard his last name is BEARD!!! I am completely serious! Mario, you gotta get back in here! T-this is getting outta control I’m stepping on it, I don’t know what to do! Nonononono, don’t worry buddy, like you said the corner store has everything! I’m gonna get you some beard removal tonic. They sell that? Yeah, don’t worry! Gorilla uses it for his belly beard. I’ll be right back. Okay. Please Hurry! Fafa? Yeah? Are you okay? Yeah. I feel great! This is actually a pretty good look on me! (happy music)


  • Not that funny, but better. It increased the number of episodes I'm willing to wait before making a judgment.

  • So are mustaches nose beards?

  • No kids in the title! NICE

  • Well that was better than the last one. A little cutesy, but I chuckled.

  • #nice? There was nothing 69y about this video?

  • Fuc

  • >:]

  • i know all of these things, yet don’t know about this…

  • Missed y’all

  • Youtube keeps randomly un-belling my bells >=O

  • Saruman, Gandalf’s turned-evil fellow wizard, has a glorious beard

  • Please bring back word of the week

  • Saruman had a beard tho

  • Ah nostalgia

  • Good stuff guys, glad to have ya back

  • Glad you are back.

  • I'm sorry, but I've unsubscribed. Your new videos are neither funny, nor interesting. I doubt even children would be interested. Best of luck with your endeavours, and if you make content that's as good as your previous stuff again (perhaps on a different distribution system other than Youtube), then let me know.

    Anyway, I'm done with this channel. Thanks for all of the other great content. It was a real joy to watch, while it lasted.

  • Wtf with this junior humor sh*t?! I know, I know… funding. Sucks. If we raise more money for you to go back to making hysterically funny videos for adults, would you?

  • This was a very good video. Much like your older ones. Glad to have you guys back.

  • I'm so glad you guys are back!

  • I know ya'll got a new format, and I love it, but, ya'll GOTTA bring back product reviews. Watching Zack eat the Rollie mess or test the poo-pouri was some of ya'lls best.

  • Definitely liked this one more than the last one.

  • I'm so happy to have you guys back! 🙂

  • Beard Tonic… somebody's been playing RDR2!

  • MR. BEARD!

  • I mean, it's like they think we're all stupid now. Like explaining quantum mechanics by saying "Planet stays happy cause gravity gives it big hug ?"

  • Glove and Boots Patreon!!!
    Who will give this a ????

  • I am very glad you guys are back. 🙂

  • Yaay

  • Saruman had a beard

  • i miss the live game streams.

  • Really hoping you are planning a New Years video. Your year end videos were awesome!

  • Wtf did I just watch?

  • Are we not going to talk about MARIO’s BEARD?! ?

  • Definitely better than the Naughty/Nice one, I was afraid you were going WAY TOO FAR down the G rated rabbit hole. Ever think of doing a poll to see who your viewers ACTUALLY ARE? In this house we have Gen X parents, an 11 year old and a 20 year old. We've been watching your stuff for 5 years. But the youngest just got his own Youtube profile a month ago…so any old stats from YouTube just show the GenX parents. Even the Xbox (where we watch Youtube on the big screen) doesn't show a 20 year old guy because we set THAT account up when older son was 12, so the Xbox still thinks it's run by GenX dad, not a Gen Z son. Keep pivoting!

  • The good: Glove & Boots is back!
    The bad: Glove & Boots fans are back! Explaining to Glove & Boots how to re-launch their property!


  • I feel like a kid again…

  • If u can. can you do a video about furrys

  • When are you gonna include girls on your blog?

  • Fafa sounds so passive in this…

  • Nice vid. Thank gaud

  • Much better than the last video!


    P.s. missed you guys!

  • Okay, but why is "Puppets" in the title? Are there going to be Glove and Boots videos without puppets?

  • So glad y’all are back!!!!

  • No more being able to click on the picture on the wall in the background? #Sad.

  • What animal is Mario. Is he an alien

  • The pace seems slower this year.  I don't think kids mind things being a little over their heads…it's how they learn.

  • Getting better! ?

  • Oh hey the first episode of Glove and Boots in two years!

  • Thanks for removing the vids for kids thing

  • Patrion guys… You are worth it. And they were never r rated. There best videos where vertical video..heros journey.. Etc. I bet if they never said they are going to have to be family friendly no one would have noticed.

  • But.. But… Sauron is an evil wizard and he's got a beard!

  • Finally a new video.

  • it's only missing woman/Lady character into glove and boots like white cat girl, or human, or muppet, or monster, or another species to she can do youtube with fafa and mario like Segurito's cousin Daisy from segurito's show on youtube, it's better please adding the girl or lady. 🙂

  • If you put crap on a stick, it's still crap. I hate sticks.

  • WAIT! What happened to the Gorilla blog intro?

  • Do product test videos again!

  • 1:47 but Sauron also had a beard.

  • Nope. Still not G&B quality. Feels squeaky clean somehow. Seriously was your audience ever kids? I’m going to go back and watch your product review videos to cheer myself up.

  • much, much better guys! i admit i was kind of worried because of the last video, but this one felt right, keep it up!

  • Great job guys you scared them away again

  • Great to have you back!

  • Hey Saruman has a beard! That refutes your theory!

  • WOOO that's a relief your pivot towards children isn't terrible n shitty THANK GOD YOUR NOT DOING CRINGY CHEAP ASS NURSERY RHYMES FOR KIDS

  • Play the Lego movie game ok does not have bad stuff in the game

  • Loved the visual of Fafa's beard! Glad to have you back!

  • My pup has a long beard

  • I feel like they’re being significantly less self aware. Like in their old videos Mario would have said “Beard tonic? But you were gone for like 5 seconds what the hell?”

  • What is that darned tune at the end?

  • Glove and Boots, you can either become a kids channel and gain a new demographic or stay mature and keep your old one. There is no in-between.

  • This is better! Not completely better, but not as bad as the other few.

  • this video is good like some of the older ones

  • This was way better than the "Naughty of Nice" one! And I actually liked that one.

  • LOL I like that quote!

  • Doesn’t Saruman have a beard?

  • This is definitely better than your other video, not the best, but it feels more like glove and boots. But you also have to remember, they just got back and it's probably difficult to start up again. But I'm definitely going to stick around and hopefully they get as good as they were!

  • Not bad

  • Welcome back!

  • For those who are bellyaching about the 'new kid-friendly' G&B – most of their videos were already kid-friendly. Example: The product testing videos. Just no jokes about getting kicked in the no-no's, which I can take or leave. They're wittier than all the late-night talk shows combined.

  • Gandalf good, saruman bad. Both bearded wizards…. Hmm.

  • Saruman has a beard

  • Saruman has a beard.

  • Was that a bear rug at the end there?

  • Ha, they took out "Videos for kids" from the title.

  • Fafa became Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.

  • I’m really sorry to say this… but I want to give advice… these new videos do feel like Elmo…. I really miss the old content, and just because you are a puppet channel doesn’t mean this has to be for kids. If you need more money, use patreon or however u spell it lol I really miss your old content, and how u enjoyed it so much, especially the gaming. That was hilarious. Please don’t ignore us, you are completely throwing away your old viewers! Nobody here is 6….

  • ah that music at the end gives me flashbacks
    Live Streams
    Ah memories

  • There was an old man with a beard,
    who said, "It is just as I feared!
    Four larks and a wren,
    two owls, and a hen,
    have all built their nests in my beard!"
    -Edward Lear

  • What's even worse than Voldemort having no beard, is that he has no hair at all.

  • Gannondorf has a beard and he's an evil wizard

  • Saroman..

  • Look either you like glove n boots or you don't. I know everybody just loves to leave a comment but sometime they don't make any sense. Glove n boots characters are cute n funny no matter what they do-so watch or don't watch but stop putting them down. I want more of them I wish there was more Johnny T and I wish gorilla would talk. I love them no matter what. GLOVE N BOOTS RULES!??????????

  • I use to watch you guys a long time i was searching for you guys for year i subscribe but didn’t push the notification

  • You also forgot that hillbillies have long beards too, lmao. And I loved how you mentioned ZZtop in the video!

  • The real incredible story about ZZ Top is that they originally formed to pretend they were the Zombies: or on another channel you would love, if they were still making content:

  • But saruman is a bad guy wizard and he has a beard.

  • Movember, mo problems.

  • Movember, mo problems.

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