Basketball Tips for Women : Choosing Basketball Jerseys & Shoes

I’m going to talk to you about proper basketball
attire. Most importantly before anything else, you have to have proper shoe equipment. When
you play, you’re going to make sure that you have a mid to high top. Make sure it gets
to at least your ankle, or even above your ankle. Always remember you don’t have to have
the most expensive shoes in the world. You just have to have shoes that have really good
support. Also when you play, you want to have mesh shorts. You don’t have to have mesh shorts,
but something very comfortable that allows you to breathe, that allows you to move freely.
Also, wear a shirt that allows you to move freely. I like under shirts, but you can wear
a cut off t-shirt, t-shirt, and even a sweatshirt if it’s chilly. As long as you can move well,
you can shoot well, play defense. Nothing that impedes your progress while you’re playing.
Also ladies and some guys, please pull your hair back. The last thing you want to do is
someone to get their fingers caught in your hair and get your neck snapped back. Also,
it keeps the sweat out of your face, and nobody likes when they get whipped in the face with
your hair, so make sure you pull your hair back.


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