Basketball Equipment & Rules : Basketball Shoes

You also, when you’re starting to play, you
want to have the right gear. And, part of having the right gear is having the right
shoes. Now, you know, you have people that have their own opinion about which shoes are
the best, I’m going to leave that up to you. But, one thing you want to look for, when
you’re looking for a basketball shoe in particular is, you definitely want, you have a choice,
you have, you have three quarter and you have high top or you have the low top. I’m, I’m
rocking the high tops today. One thing you want to look for is, you want to look for
optimum support on the inside of the shoe, I mean in, depending on you know, how your,
how your foot is shaped or whatever. You want to get a shoe that best fits you. Usually
when you’re picking out a shoe, you want to get a shoe with great tread, you know, whether
you’re playing indoor, or outdoors like we are; you want a shoe with great tread, so
you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the court. Now, when, if
you come out there with brand new shoes, which is usually the case when you?re first trying
to play ball. If you come out on an indoor court with brand new shoes, just be careful
because brand new shoes tend to be very slippery, when you’re starting out. So, I suggest you
walk around in them first, might want to do some drills which we’re going to talk about
later. But, that’s having the right shoe is pretty important. You don’t want to hurt yourself,
it can get dangerous!


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  • they sure look nice…

  • I love the ending:

    (serious face) "it can get dangerous"

  • ai12

  • ADIDAS is still the best basketball shoes..

  • he's wearing air jordan 8 playoffs

  • Best Shoes For Indoor Basketball are Kobe Vs.

    Many College and NBA players beside Kobe wear them because they are soo good.

  • I really just like any Nike shoes, I've had 5 shoes though out my playing and I prefer Nike over adidas or reebok!

  • nike hyperdunks…yeah and the hypermax too. I got the hypermax but i used to have the hyperdunks and they are amazing

  • fuc commercials


  • air jordan 8

  • I'm 14 years old 6"4" size 16 shoes. I can't find the one that fits me best over the internet.

  • do they really help?

  • @greekballer96 Those are the air jordan 8's

  • dangerous shoes slip and get hurt XD

  • guys..whats a good basketball shoe? for outdoor and in..??..please i need i wanted lebrons but they sayin its like mad narrow and i got a wide ass me please

  • I have two pairs of basketball shoes. Nike Air Flight Scorer and Nike Air Max Dirk Spot Up(Dirk Nowitzki's signature shoes). Are these ok?

  • If you have long feet, aim for Adidas, to be more specific, Dwight Howard's shoes. If you have wide or fat feet, go for Nike's. Adidas and Nike are both good basketball shoes. Good Nike basketball shoes would be Jordans, Air Max, Air Flight, LeBron's, Kobe's, etc. They're all good. Aim for shoes with high tops like Air Max, LeBron, Air Flight, etc. They provide better ankle support and less risk of ankle injuries.

  • @greekballer96 jordan 8's

  • @greekballer96 Jordan 8 Playoffs

  • @greekballer96 jordan 8

  • I ride Mid Tops

  • I wear 10.5 high top Nike's…I just don't feel comfortable with mid tops


  • @greekballer96 Jordan Retro 8's

  • are the aj 13's good for outdoor?

  • @greekballer96 retro jordan 8 playoff

  • he forget to say ''Hi, i'm travis''

  • hyperfuse are good

  • Hyperfuse is good for playing and it isn't as expensive as trending shoes(Kobe 7 or Jordan 2012). You don't need to have a dope-ass pair of shoes to play though.

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  • What shoes are good for outdoor guards??? Please answer!!!!

  • playoff 8s

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  • playoff 8s.

  • I be wearin those galaxy to play ball

  • air jordan 8's

  • why does he always swallow :/

  • nice jordans!

  • I hate when people wear retros to hoop in

  • Playoff 8s

  • ummmm those are playoff 8s…..


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