Bartender Rescue | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

[MUSIC PLAYING] Last week, a video of a woman
giving a bartending tutorial made the rounds on Twitter. And shorty had no fucking
idea what she was doing. For an old fashioned, you need
bourbon, maraschino, cherries. MERO: OK. Orange slices. MERO: No, you don’t. Bitters. MERO: OK. And then you can either
have regular sugar cubes or you can use simple syrup. So we’re going to start
out with our glass, and we’re going to take
our orange slice wedge. I thought they said– that’s a whole orange. Bruh– That’s how they
cut the oranges when we was in public school. Yo. They need to peel that shit. They was like,
boom, it’s a four. MERO: Fuck out of here. There’s your Vitamin
C, little nigga. Next. Take that shit. Yo, hurry up and drink your milk
because it expires in an hour. [LAUGHTER] So you’ll see you
have your orange, your cherries, and your
sugar cube all in the glass. You’re going to mash all
of that up really good– or whatever it is that you’d
want to use to mash that. Jon Taffer’s in the SUV like,
what the fuck is she doing? What is going on?
Shut it down! Shut it down! We’re gonna shut this place down! This is ridiculous! This is a health
code violation! MERO: What the fuck is this? Once everything’s mashed
up, go out and put, like, two, maybe three dashes of your– You know when you
go to someone’s house and they haven’t used alcohol
in their bar in mad long? You’re like, ah. Feel like, yo, how
old is this Alize? MERO: Uh, OK. Is this Jello? Yo, I had this Baileys from
the night Tupac got shot. – Yo.
– Like, ah. Then we’re going
to get an ice cup. I love the
drummer’s just like, any time you’re ready, sister. Yo, just– I drum all day, baby. Yo, please. Oh, you need another fill? [DRUM NOISES]
All right. Let’s go. Get the cherries out. Fill it all the
way up with ice. You’re going to put 3
ounces of bourbon in. So this is a pretty
strong drink. [YELLING] Yo! Yo, whoa, whoa. Strong drink? Look at that. You’re coming through like, bow! That’s like coming through
the wall like Kool-Aid. Like yo! Oh yeah! Guess who’s going to jail? You blow the
breathalyzer on that. It just says, yes. Yes, he is. Hey, yo! You drink that in a club, you
just walk over to the bouncer like, yo, throw me out now.
– Yo, throw me out now, dog. – Throw me out now.
– Throw me out now. Yo, big man, throw me out. I’m about to be a problem. Before you got to call
me big man, throw me out. So this is a
pretty strong drink. You think? And not that many– You know the craziest
part about that drink? I’d still be like,
a little more. Yo, why– yo.
– Top it off. Come on, man. Why you being cheap
with the liquor, yo? Come on, son. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. You put my ice and
cherries in there. It should stop. Come on. I want my $8 worth. They’re like, sir,
this is a TGI Friday’s. I was like, I know, I got
my professional Skechers. You know what I’m saying? The relaxed fit shoes. All right, you see
me and my woman here. Now let me see that menu
with the two for one apps. Yo. That lemonade
better be electric! Stop playing with me. [LAUGHTER] What’s up, ma? You like ribs? Rib for two, please.
– You know what I’m saying? Yeah. A lot of women don’t realize
you could get two apps for $9. – See?
– See? I’m showing you
a good time and– I’m frugal and
I’ve got a big dick. You know what I’m saying? You just hear the
pussy drying up like, ah. Anyway, back to our show. So of course you
want to make sure all those flavors get mixed up. So you’re going to go
ahead and kind of– Yo, come on, ma! Come on. At this point, I’m like, yeah. Yelp review. Pour back and forth. MERO: Wow, wow. And that’s how you
make an old fashioned. Oh my God! Oh my God! [APPLAUSE] Pinkies up because
we’re classy. – You know what I’m saying?
– Salut. Salut. Know what I’m saying? Woo! JULIA: No, Mero! No! No! Nasty. [BURPING] JULIA: Mero! Shit got me. Fuck you looking at, bro? No, chill, chill, chill,
chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill,
chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill,
chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill,
chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill. Chill, we got to secure the bag. Secure the bag. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  • Mero a real one PURO

  • Shoulda washed it down with the brugal

  • 不不不不

  • Desus has me dead when he fell asleep in the end lmfao

  • Mero is a man from another era. Not too many built like him anymore.

  • Mero a animal

  • The fact they knew John taffer name from "bar rescue " is kinda dope, I love that show

  • Lmfao mero killed his drink and desus wanted smoke from a random audience member…

  • White Girl: Nooooooo nigga we got a show to do

  • 不不不

  • Penguinz0 brought me here.

  • Lmao thats exactly how drunk niggas be. Be wanna fight a nigga then 2 seconds later they slumped

  • 4:04 whhyyyy am I Mero?!不 its nasty but imma kill it

  • This is every white girl at every task, all the confidence none of the skill. Seriously think about all them white women teachers and CEO's and how they really be.

  • Wow as a bartender you hit the nail on the head my gs

  • Bartender… Bih where ???

  • What you looking at bro!不不不不不不不不不

  • Why do I get the feeling the secure the bag bit is based on real life, but it was Desus saying it to MERO?

  • Mero the for downing that one! Damn!

  • yoo too much

  • "Shit Got Me" 不不不不

  • "HERE'S YOU VITAMIN C"!!! classic.

  • Did Mero Murder the limo driver after the show?

  • After one drink… "Ayee you can throw me out NOW!! Ima be a problem tonight!"

  • Damn hella liquor in that shit lmao

  • #DropJulia

  • Yerrrrrrr!

  • That drink should be called domestic violence

  • 4:00 there are two kinds of people on this earth

  • Lmfao

  • Wonder what happen to mero after this

  • And they're back. the brand never died

  • Next best thing to having a drink is watching somebody drink I'll get twisted

  • What the fuck kind of old fashioned is that? Here's how I make them:

    ┤hrow 2 packets of brown sugar into a rocks glass
    ┤hrow 2 cherries and 2 orange slices in, and muddle the shit outta them (mash them)
    ▉our a couple of drops of bitters (aromatic and orange)
    ▅ill up the glass with ice
    ▉our 2 ounces of bourbon in (rye works well)
    ▅inally, pour a little Perrier into it, stir again

    2 of those will get you fucked up, don't say I ain't do shit for you

    Gonna make this with Brugal now

  • That seemed like more than 3 ounces 唐

  • Keep just chugged like 5 ounces of bourbon lol

  • Yoooooooooooooo shorty but maaaadddd ice in that drink.

  • 2:52 That lemonade better BE electric!

  • That's too much bitters for 1 cup

  • Let me find out Desus is a mean drunk….that was Jack does to Jamaicans!!!! Mero mad famous with that Jack I don't know why my Dominicans be like 兩bomberos

  • That John in the suv got me dead lmfaooo

  • Lmfaoooo

  • When Mero makes Desus die laughing

  • Mero holding him back……. Classic

  • Tooooo funny they Wildlin 云

  • Mero was one burp away from refunding that old fashioned.

  • Shit was funny af desus is like my one homie one sip ready to fight lmao

  • Show should be more hot takes and spicy commentary off the cuff, less skits

  • As a former bartender, this had me dying. YOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Three ounces, more like a cup!

  • Dude, Mero is a alcoholic. I just found out..

  • I doubt Mero finished the show after that drink

  • It don't matter she my type.

  • Eight ounces?!?! Damn! That's FIVE shots! That's a one-n-done wake up on Monday in front of a judge drink!

  • Of course the Dominican is shot gunning the shit (come on stop making stereotypes come true)

  • She bad tho

  • Reminds me of the white lady that said "2 shots of vodka " lol

  • Mero came through with the super live #genera sweater from 1989

  • Nobody gonna comment on this chick using GLASS to scoop the ice? Enjoy your esophageal lacerations lol.

  • Is this bigtime tommys daughter

  • Oh Mero a dranker, dranker

  • It's like they say what we were all thinkiiiiing!! 不不不

  • I was waiting on Jon Taffer to show up

  • Mero's whisky burp was the truth. Jim Beam will make you fight your brother.


  • When you get in a deep desus and mero hole and just cant stop crying laughing

  • Shorty bout to get the best yelp review ever though.

  • I still don't know how the fuck Mero kept going after this lmao.

  • Damn it guys im just too scooby doo and rolling on this me tienen de los huevos y del chorizo

  • Watch till the end lolol

  • Im High as shit and dying laughing at this shit

  • My boys! I love these guys. I was in tears with how hard I laughed at this. Keep being awesome, guys. <3

  • God i cant take it. Toooo fucking..funny …thrse guys are fuckung greeeat

  • Mero did thattttt lol

  • "No Mero, no! Nooooooo"

  • This bit and the one with the $75 coffee are fucking legendary. The brand is strong my G's.

  • Yo throw me out

  • Two shots of vodka 不 Sandra Lee school of bartending ass

  • Where desus got his shirt?


  • 不不不不不不

  • 4:09 "nooo meroo"…mero is a fucking savage….she should have known better

  • The sound of panic 4:09 lol

  • Fa'real tho, nikkas ain't care what she was doin, she fine af

  • She spilt $12 worth of liquor

  • Ol girl in the crowd said delo mio personali was like gang!!! Haha

  • Yooooooo, where shorty learn how to mix drinks; at a sorority house??? Oh well, at least she knows how to get "lit!"

  • Professional Skechers… happy hour menu for my lady…

  • My chest hurt watching Mero down that shit

  • I cringed into oblivion when she used the glass to get the ice

  • No wonder white people lead the league in DUIs

  • I don't care how strong that drink is. The brand is still stronger

  • The only think stronger than that drink is the brand! Drippin with illustriousness!

  • Mero representing the Dominican culture 拎
    Ps: I cant drink like that.

  • Messy Mero !!!!!!!!休休 不

  • I feel sorry for meros uber after the show after drinking all that stuff

  • I'm pretty sure that's more than 3 oz. of Jim Bean…

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