‘Barnacle’ windshield blockers may replace clunky parking boots


  • Technically, if this device was placed on my car, they will be arrested for vandalism!

  • I see rapid rise in jeep sales soon…lol!


  • I would just take my windshield out its not that hard and sense I can get ahold of windshields like nothing well. No problem

  • Sulfuric acid…

  • Smell a discrimination lawsuit…. If I drive a car, I can be targeted.. but on a motorcycle there isn’t this same penalty. .. or just wait out the battery life and throw it away. Mr. Don Heald!! He is the owner and previous tow owner of Alpine Auto Recovery. Scam artist. Was sued and lost, now he’s at it again!

  • This thing would be perfect for deadbeats who don't pay their new cars and you can't tow them.

  • Drill holes in the suction cup. No fine or returned barnacle. Throw it in the dumpster. lol

  • One 11 Oz can of CRC freeze off will pop it right off you window

  • I’m in the uk would WD work

  • Yes it can be removed… very easily lol silly thing. That would be in the trash so fucking fast

  • It won't set no alarm after I drill a hole in the panel and dump water in it

  • Safelight repair safelight replace

  • Idiots! Any jeep wrangler owner can just put the windshield down and drive off

  • I wonder if you took a cordless drill with a 1/4 drill and you drilled through the outside cover through the rubber vacuum seal and let air in the vacuum. It would just fall off. Take the damn thing and throw in the nearest pond or river. LOL!

  • Melt it. Its Just plastic and electronics.

  • ok just get a car cover that locks you can get them for cheap on Amazon that means there is no windshield to put it on

  • or.. just use a slim-jim tool.

  • A small drill bit through the center of each side and problem solved.

  • Simple to remove shit once i removed one of it of my dad’s car 🙂

  • Cordless Drill and it will be my new trophy on my wall!

  • Already had a friend who took a torch to it and melted the suction cups. First and foremost you will need to drill several small holes into the plastic and fill the damn thing with water. This way it destroys the electronic components and renders the GPS useless "if it really has one" and it also shorts out the lame ass Piezo buzzer making that stupid wanna-be sissy screaming alarm sound. Idiots!

  • Replace a "Clunky Boot" with something bigger and easier to "hack"… American Logic at it's best..

  • Release fee: $100
    Cost of replacing cracked windshield on my insurance: $50

  • Another money making scam by state sponsored thugs , AKA pigs

  • If I ever got the Barnacle I would rather break my windshield out then pay. Assuming I was innocent

  • LOL… give me thirty seconds and a spatula, I'll get the thing off.

  • A red hot iron nail will melt a hole and in the top and let air seep out from the suction

  • Drill ???????

  • Releasing the pressure would release the barnacle

  • Cops be like "AHAAA NNEEIGGAS. we gon put this big ass BOOK on yo windshield so we KNOW niggas aint gon be outchea tryna drive nshit"

  • All fun and games, until somebody drives off with that thing still on and kills a pedestrian lol the class action lawsuit will kill this company.

  • Small glass drill bit from the inside of the car under the suction cups and off it goes

  • Fishing line and a w40 but that’s not the point because they will make you paid for it

  • This is a horrible idea. There are many ways to bypass this ?? just stick with giving us boots, but even I know how to remove those.

  • Only in SS America.

  • My dad pried that shit off without cracking his windshield

  • if anyone gets one of these on their car in Wisconsin, gimme a call. all you have to do is cover my gas and I will rip that bullshit off your car for you

  • Just get new windshield, SAFELITE repairs, SAFELITE replace !! ????

  • What if I have a clear bra on my windshield? Could I just peel it off?

  • It's simple. Pay fine. remove barnacle. and place on cop car.

  • Figures it would be a sheriff's department using this extortion device, the most corrupt institutions in America. Another bit of British/Royal invention we should never have adopted.

  • A map gas to torch. It has an alarm also.

  • It's just silly that you didn't pay your fines so now they promote extortion to collect fines.

  • At some point America is going to reject the Nazi police state. Look out it's coming sooner than you think.

  • Just put your wind shield wipers up halfway. Then there wont be smooth surface to make a seal with

  • new windshild – 50 $.

  • Lol the failure of this is the fact that they stated its easier to install that means its just that easy to uninstall

  • Shiver me timbers.

  • Plastic burns, oh, an alarm sounds? Wont that just run the battery down that powers the pump supplying the suction? Give it a month, it will be posted how to remove. Has GPS tracking? Try Tracking your barnicle as it burns

  • Calls alstate yo pham a tree landed my window send the safeflight guy out here.
    Black dude – your in good hands pham hes on the way.
    How long? 3 hrs? No prob give me time to remove this branch….

  • If you get it off, weight it down and sink it as radio waves can't pass trough water.

  • Better yet just stick it under the crawlspace of some crazy hillbillies house outside of town.

  • How nice of the news station to provide a very clear picture of the super secure Southco CH751 key at 0:10. The key is currently available on Amazon for $4.50. LMAO!

  • Those idiots can get a friend to jump on the windshield, so they'll just pay a deductible to get Safelite to replace it for $100.

  • cheaper too buy a new windsheild lol

  • cordless drill to release the suction

  • I dont give a dam what kind of protection alarm devices it has.yall are corrupt & i promise youif i ever find a boot or a windshield blocker or any of that bullshit on my car you better beleive its coming off & chances are it aint gonna ever work afain.

  • I have an old school wrangler it takes 5 mins to fold down the windshield

  • Take a heavy guage needle poke that suction cup. Problem solved

  • Remove plates whenever you park and cover your vin if your off the street and parked allegedly illegal then if this is on there trash it off

  • Cheaper to buy a new windshield

  • To easy to remove u can slide a slim jim between it and free it or u can use a bbq spatula ive done it. My friend owns a tow company and we were playing with 2 of them to see how fast we can get them off without alarm n damaging it way to easy

  • I'm sorry, did I give consent for this to be on my vehicle? No. did you have a warrant, no? Do I have to right to remove an obstruction from my vehicle? Yes. Would I carry a cordless Drill and Drill bits after this> Yes.

  • City and police Jews just finding new ways to Jew people out of their money.

  • Well I guess I’ll be driving with my head out the window ??‍♂️ problem solved ?

  • Just replace the windshield…

  • Yeah I already see problems with this. For 1 what stops you from hanging your head out the window and driving. And 2 what about drill and the drill bit that would easily pop that seal

  • I'll just break my windshield and call safelite ??

  • Simply spray WD-40 all over the top of the windshield it will release the barnacle

  • You slide a thin piece of plastic behind it to break the suction. Or a thin sharp rod behind it to pop the suction.

  • You must pay your fine over the phone with credit card, because they don't take cash over the phone-lol

  • Wonder what would happend if I pour gallium and acid on it

  • Yeah yeah… Derrr…. Speedy glass can have my money before those carjackers.

  • I'm thinking a spatula will get it off

  • Drill the lock put water in it. It will damage then you can use a wire Piano string

  • Just drive a motorcycle

  • Ingenious theft device……disgusting government.

  • someone will find a,way too get it off epecaly if it's a private company then they will sue them

  • So what if the device has a GPS unit in it. Cover the device in aluminum foil and the GPS is worthless.

  • Apparently if you crank on the defroster for 5-10 min, you can break the suction and remove them fairly easily.

    And the fact that they want you to deliver the device back to them is the most ridiculous of all.

  • Just drive the car in reverse. Just like Gone In 60 Seconds…..

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