Barefoot Running Sandal Lacing Tip – Huaraches Barefoot Shoes – Xero Shoes

Hi, Steven Sashens from
with a quick lacing tip for you. People sometimes call or email and ask how do I get the lace
through the ankle holes. And it’s really really
simple, but I’m gonna show you two techniques for doing that. The first…three techniques, I just though of a third. The first is you just heat up the end of the lace. Don’t burn it but you just want to heat it up and then kinda
press that with your fingers. You know like on a regular shoelace there’s
that little plastic piece at the end? You’re doing a fake version of that. And there’s
bonus points if you know the name of that piece. Just add that in the comments. Once
you’ve heated that up and made that kinda firm, it should be pretty easy to
press right through the rubber. Now if it’s still
a little tricky some of these laces have a core on the inside
and I’m gonna pull the core out; not very much…like a half an inch worth and if I can find my scissors…oh here they are… then I’m gonna cut that off, and do the
same basic thing just and stretch the lace back over where
that core used to be and then similarly heat it up. The
difference now is that you’re just making a smaller point that should be easier for you to
get through the hole, just like so. And now the third way involves the very high-tech lacing tool
that we include with all of our kits and custom shoes. We
include it with the custom shoes in case you want to do a different lacing style than the one that
we sent you. And here’s the high-tech lacing tool… this is… Now some people, wait I’m gonna zoom in, let’s see if I can zoom in so you can see this…I’m using the magic of the remote control…there we go…now you can see my five o’clock shadow…Anyway, some
people will call this a bobby-pin; it’s not – it’s a hairpin. But speaking
of bonus points if you know why the other one; which is
the one that’s slightly curly-Q-y more if you know why that’s called a bobby pin, put that
in the comments and you’ll win… I don’t know…something. So here’s the way
this works; it’s really really simple you take the lace and feed it through the pin, like so, and then take the two
prong ends and push them through the sole, like this. And then you’re just gonna pull that through. Now
you’ll probably need pliers to do that it’s not hard, but it’s just hard to hold onto
the bobby pin, or the hairpin in this case, so you just pull all the way through…and you’re done. Simple. Feel the world, and enjoy.


  • The tip of the shoelace is called an aglet.

  • Great tip. Can't wait to try this out when my Xero shoes arrive.
    p.s., You got me curious so I had to find out — the tip of a shoelace is called an Aglet (or aiglets). And bobby pins have one straight side and one curved side; whereas hair pins are U shape? I don't know! That I couldn't find a straight answer for. LOL

  • The style of hair pins (not to be confused with hairpin, another style of coiffure pin) known as bobby pins in the US are called so after the trademarked name they were originally marketed under, now out of trademark. As the company is called Bob Lépine, it's safe to say the name comes from the company name (probably the founder of the company).

  • They were pins used for the bobbed hairstyle from the 1920s.

  • Aglet, I think is what they are called. Credit goes to Phineas and Ferb (Cartoon thanks to my kids). Saw you guys on the tank; cool product (just ordered). Your story has given me encouragement in my own product development.

  • The plastic tip is called an Aglet and the bobby pin name came from bobbed hairstyles in the 1920s

  • Aglet. 🙂

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