Barbie Slippers | How To Make Doll Barbie Slippers

My name is Manyaa And today I will be making
Small slippers for my Barbie doll So first we measure the foot of our Barbie
doll After you have finished cutting your Barbie’s
leg (foot) You take a foam sheet
And trace Barbie’s leg (foot) on the foam sheet
And now draw the whole pattern again So that you get the other foot
I have finished drawing both my legs(feet) Right now
So now Let us cut it and see how it turns out to
be I have just finished cutting both my legs
(feet) I forgot to tell that
You will need the hair bands To put the shoe in
So you will have to turn this Pull the rubberband
When you are finished You have to paste it
You have put glue On your leg (foot)
And stick it on the rubber band Actually, it is supposed to be stitched
But since I do not know how to stitch I will be putting glue
So I have just stapled it Since I could not glue it
Now you will just have to turn Like this
I have just finished doing my second foot too
So you will need to do the exact same thing For the second feet (foot) as well
Let’s make Barbie wear these shoes My Barbie slippers are ready
As you can see You can make it as your own pattern
Like with different color On a different doll
And you can stick some decorations If you liked my video
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