Bandajanas slippers – review en knoop tutorial

I was able to try these flip flops from Bandajanas and as you can see you can switch the ties and you also have several accessories with it as here in the bag and I will show you how you can tie this here you have a regular knot but I find a flat knot more convenient and it also looks prettier so I will show this to you first you need to see how long your ties are are they a bit too long then you start with crossing in the back next you cross again till you are in the back again then you make a regular knot next you make a loop and trough the loop you put the tie from the other side now you have a pretty flat knot and next you can put the ties that are left aside in the tie around your leg so it all stays nice on the side and you have no trouble with it going against your legs now your Bandajana is nicely tied and I will also show you how you put the ties on the flipflops this is the regular way of putting it in you also have a lot of other ways you can all find them on the bandajanas website and also when you have a extra accessory , you add this in between I find these flipflops very convenient Because when I am on the way with my son I might have to run and with normal slippers I am always worried to loose them no you don’t have to worry about that all in all it are very nice flipflops and they are also pretty and you can change them as you like do you have a stone?


  • Awesome video! I like it

  • Welke kleur Bandajanas vind jij het leukste??

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