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-Do not do this at home, people, okay? I’m making a phone call. Hey, Ken. -Ken: Hey, Kevin. What’s up, dawg?
-Kevin: Yo, ay, whe–where you at again? -Ken: I’m just chilling out
by the corner where– it’s just where the billboard is by the 24 hour fitness
because I know that place because I never go there.
-Yeah, I know exactly where you are.
I’ll park, I’ll walk and come and grab you. -Ken: That would be great, dawg. Just holler at your son because you’re my father. -Singer: ♪ Shake it,
shake it, shake it ♪ -Ken: ♪ Dance class
with Kevin Hart ♪ ♪ Dance class with Kevin Hart ♪ ♪ Dance class with Kevin Hart ♪ ♪ With Kevin Hart ♪ Make sure you have wrists, you know? It’s like you have flares.
-Ken. -Ken: You’re like an air traffic
controller on a runway. Whoa, Delta. Whoa, where do you think
you’re going? Emergency landing, whoa.
-Hey, hey, Ken. -Hey, dawg. -Hey.
-Ken: How are you doing, man? -Hey.
-Oh, my God, come on in. We got dance class. This is Tone.
This is Loc. these are my backup dancers.
They’re wild things. We got a dance class,
we’re getting ready. I have–I have our crew.
-Ken, this isn’t– this isn’t the dancing
that I’m talking about, Ken. -No?
-Kevin: No. -No?
-Kevin: Let’s go. This isn’t what we’re doing.
-No, no, no, before you go, I–look, I just want to show
all the moves I got. I’ve been practicing
ever since you called. -Kevin: Ken, Ken, I–
-No, this is– this is everything for me, man.
-Kevin: Okay. -This is all I got, man.
-Everybody, listen to me. -This is all I got, Kevin. -Thank you all–
-No. Guys, guys– —for staying out here.
—look, dancing– -Listen…
—with Kevin Hart… -Thank–look what you’re
doing to your sneakers. -It’s–they’re clean.
-Okay. Get your ass in the car, Ken.
Let’s go. Thank you guys so much. Thank you, guys, everybody. We’re doing something
different today. -Different than, like,
dancing with Kevin Hart? -No, we’re doing ballet.
-Ballet? -Don’t be loud like that
in front of these people. Yes, it’s ballet. -Ballet?
-Ballet. -Okay. No offense but I hate ballet.
-Kevin: God, Ken. -( upbeat music ) -Ken: I don’t really
wanna do ballet but I’ll do it for you because– -I don’t wanna do it either.
—I–you know, I just– -I want you to know that
I don’t wanna do it either. -Then why are you…
-Kevin: I don’t want you think, like, I’m here Gung-Ho,
like– -Then why–
—oh, my God, I can’t wait to do ballet because I’m not. -Ken: Well, then
why are you doing it? -Kevin:
Because it’s a challenge. It’s a different type
of workout. -Why do you wanna
be challenged? -Because I wanna be great. -My philosophy in life, do as little as you can
to get by. -Ken, that’s–that might be
in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life.
-What I would love to do if I’m doing a favor for you,
maybe you do a favor for us and maybe just rap a little bit.
-This is our exchange? -This is our exchange,
our exchange. That’d be amazing–
-Kevin: You know what– —if you don’t mind.
—You get one rap. -One rap, that’d be great. Can
you, can you just drop a beat? -Yes.
-Just drop a beat because I’m
not really good– at any of this stuff. I’m more
of a Reba McEntire fan, so just–yeah, yeah,
let’s do it. -You get one, Ken.
-Okay, okay, great. -Okay, here we go.
-( vocalizing ) -♪ What the fit ♪ ♪ I’m hit ♪ ♪ Ken, you better
get ready ♪ ♪ To challenge
yourself today ♪ ♪ Matter of fact,
I’mma change it up ♪ ♪ I’m gonna do ballet ♪ ♪ And I’m gonna like it ♪ ♪ I got your dancers
in the back and I like it ♪ -♪ Hey ♪
-Kevin: ♪ Sequins vest on ♪ ♪ You got the gold pants,
hammer on ♪ ♪ And your headband
look like a thong ♪ ♪ And we ready
to get it on ♪ ♪ And that’s it ♪
-♪ Hey ♪ -Woo-hoo. -( cheers and applause ) -Nice. – That’s it. That’s it. -All right,
that was a good rehearsal. Let’s do the real one.
-No, no, no, that’s all I got. -Oh, that’s it? -Yeah, that’s it.
-Oh, okay. That was good,
that was good, too. -That’s all I have, man.
-That’s was good, too. Can I just add the hook? Can I be the girl
that does the hook? ♪ What the fit? ♪ ♪ What the fit ♪ ♪ Is the shizzle ♪ See what I did there? I didn’t say shit,
I said shizzle. So I wouldn’t–
just in case you guy use– wanna use a clean version,
I didn’t say shit at all. -( chuckles )
-Shit. -( slow music ) -Did you say something? -No. -Laura: Seven, eight, and a one and a two and a waltz
and a waltz and a pique. -Laura: Tour jete. Pique.
-Kevin: Oh, wow. -Laura: And arabesque. -This is absolutely horrible. -Five, six. Pas de bourree.
-Ken: I mean, look at that. It’s just a lot of tippy toe but there’s no shimmies. -( ballet music ) -This is
a cultural disaster. -Would you like to join us?
-Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we…
-Laura: Well… -Don’t be shy.
-Ken: Okay. -Come up.
-Ken: Okay. -Kevin: Come on, Ken.
-Ken: Okay. -Ken, you could’ve just came
around this way, Ken. -Laura: Oh.
-Ken, you could’ve just used the steps.
-Ken: Okay. -Kevin: What’s your name?
-Hi, my name’s Laura. -Hey, I’m Kevin.
How are you? -I’m well. How are you?
-Hi, Ken. Hangover one, two, and three.
-Laura: Hi. -Hello.
-Ken: All right, thank you, you’re welcome.
-Laura: So the first thing we’re gonna do
is a split. -Oh.
-We’re just jumping out the gate with that?
-Laura: Yes. Just slide right down into a split.
-Kevin: Yeah, I don’t think– I don’t even think
I’m gonna get far, sweetie. -Is the half hour up yet? -It’s been two minutes. -Kevin: How long
we got to hold this? -Laura: All right,
let’s go to the bar. -Kevin: Y’all drinking?
-Woman: ( giggles ) -And let’s just put
one leg up on the bar. -Ken: You got it, Kevin.
You can– oh, that’s really good. -( laughter ) -Ken: That’s really good, Kevin.
-Kevin: Hmm? -Very natural.
-Shit hurt like hell. -I’m definitely ripping
something up in here. One of my balls
just dropped. No. -( upbeat music ) -How you doing
over there, Ken? -I’m doing dope, son. -Kevin: I got to take
your word for it because I can’t turn my neck.
-It’s pretty cool, man. -Laura: Perfect.
All right, hold on to the bar. -Uh-hmm. -And you grab your heel
in your hand and lift our leg.
-Oh, you’re talking about the heel
touchy split. -Yes. Grab it. Lift it. -All right. -You just a lot taller
so that’s why you do a– you get a different
type of bump at the top of your… -Laura: Ken, would you like
to show us? -Uh, no, I wouldn’t
but, um, okay. -Ken, we’re not here
to say no, man. -Grab it.
-Yeah. -Yes? And lift it, yes? -Yes. -There you go, yeah. All right, okay. -Very good. -Good job, hammer.
-Ken: Thanks. Thanks, man. -All right. So,
I’m gonna show a combination and then we’ll all
do it together. Demi plie.
-Demi Moore plie. -Grand plie.
-Ken: Grande cappuccino plie. -Lengthening our body
as long and tall as possible. -That’s–now,
you’re being a smartass. -Two demi plies. -Ken can do that though. How you put your feet
like that? -Ken: Well, I have no bones. -Laura:
Next combination, tendus. And one and two
and three. -Oh, I was doing this
on the street. -Ken, that’s not the same.
That’s not the same. That’s not what
we’re doing, Ken. -Copy that. -Put our arm
to the side, three tendus front. One, two, three. A little faster now. One, two, three.
-Ken: One. -Laura: Side one, two, three. Back. And faster,
one, two, three. Side, one, two, three. Side, two, three. Faster, one, two, three. Side, two, three. Back, two, three. Now, plie releve. -Relevant.
-Laura: Hold the balance, hold. Hold. And nice finish. -We did it.
-I’m not trying to be smart but, uh, your class is having
a hard time keeping up. -Ken: Hah. Ballet. Yeah, that’s what we’re doing. -Laura: Now,
how do you think dancers do turns without getting dizzy? That’s right. We look at one point
in the room. We turn and then we keep
looking at the point. -It’s like– it’s like
that spot’s a camera and I love cameras
because I am a whore and I just look
at the camera. -Laura: And again. And again. -Kevin: Yeah, man.
-Laura: Good, Ken. -I’m (bleep) up. -Laura: Would Madeleine
like to show us a passe position? -Go, Madeleine. Get it, Madeleine. -Ken: Madeleine, get it,
get it, get it. -That’s what ballet’s missing.
-Yeah. -You guys
don’t have that. -You need…
-(bleep) it up, Madeleine. -(bleep) it up,
Madeleine. -Kevin:
Get it, Madeleine. -( laughter ) -Ballet is missing that. Hit them with your passe, Ken.
-Yeah, dawg. -Kevin: Passe on those bitches.
-West side. -Kevin: Yeah, Ken.
-West side, west side. ( barks ) can we bark
in ballet? -No, Ken, you can’t. -( barks ) West side.
-Laura: No. We are gonna run, run, run, and split in the air. -Hypothetically.
-No, we’re gonna do it. -Kevin: Is there a b option?
-No. -Is there
a green screen or CGI? -No. And run, run, run, and grand jete. -( slow music ) -Ready? And… and run, run, run,
run, run, run. And split. Good.
-Perfect. The lines were,
like, incredible. -Once you get the form,
Ken, it’s great. -Copy that.
-Ready? Run, run, run, and grand jete. Very nice.
-Ken: Is that it? -( scattered applause ) -If they could
freeze frame? -( slow music ) -Is there any way you guys could just tell us
who did the best? Like, if we just broke off
and, like, Ken did his variation of what he learned today–
-Laura: Uh-hmm. —and I did mine
and then you guys tell us who walked out as, like,
the better student. -Would you like
to learn a pas de deux and I can judge?
-What? A pas de what?
-Laura: Pas de deux. It means “a dance for two”
in French. -Oh, that makes sense.
-Oh, yeah, of course. -Pas de deux. -I didn’t know that
we were talking French. If that’s the case,
come on ( speaks French ) -( laughter ) -Yeah.
—pas de–pas de deux. -Choose a lady you would
like to partner with. -You got to pick
somebody for me. -All right,
how about Jasmine? -Come on, Jasmine. -And Ken,
how about Madeleine? -Madeleine: Oh.
-Laura: So take a moment with your partner. Add your own flair. and then I will
be the judge. -Kevin: Uh, did you get the, the latte that I got
for you, judge? -I just wanna–
I just wanna say you look great. You’re awesome.
I’m a big fan. -Kevin: Whoa. -Just keep that in mind
when you vote. -What happened
to that $200 I had? Maybe it’s in your shoe. For me to get the split because I feel like
that should be our finale, am I getting airborne or do I just slide into it? -Well, how fast can
a pig run in the mud? It’s not that tough. You can’t be up here
when I go for it. You got to be in the back because they don’t wanna
see you at this moment. -Gas. I’m lactose intolerant. -Just try not to get
into my eye line. I’m an actor and I like to be center stage. Again, I would love for you
to be away to the side but we have to have a partner,
we have to have a partner. I mean, it’s starting to get
a little–a little rough, I won’t lie to you.
Bossy. Okay, I don’t need notes
from you. I’ve done three
Hangover movies. I kind of know
what I’m doing. It’s gotten better. You hate me
and I hate you, so we have a lot
in common. -My crippling anxiety and my lack of skills but hopefully Madeleine
can pick up the slack. If there’s a moment
where I could… it would be amazing. -( upbeat music ) -Kevin, are you ready? -( The Nutcracker Suite music ) -Laura: Very nice. -Laura: Beautiful. -( ballet music ) – Laura: Nice. -( grunts )
(music slows) -Laura: Good. -Laura: Oh. -( upbeat music ) -( laughter ) (boing) -( floor squeaking ) -( mixed applause ) -( upbeat music ) -( ballet music ) -Hello, my lady.
Nice to see you today. ( scatting ) What? -Laura: Very nice. -Laura: Very good. -Laura: Good. -( grunt )
Goddamn. -Laura: Yes. -( ballet music ) -( scatting ) Ballet. Ballet. Ballet! -That’s not. -Ballet. Ballet. Ballet.
-Kevin: That’s not even– –That’s not even ballet.
Ballet. Ballet. -Kevin: No, that’s not–hey. -Ballet! -Okay. -Come on ( indistinct ) ballet. -That’s not even– guys, that’s– dude, you (bleep) the floor. -Like, that’s not even… -You messed up a little bit
but it was great, it was great. I think we won. -While I appreciated
Ken’s enthusiasm– -Yeah, I won. —I would say Kevin
is the winner of ballet.
-Oh, okay. Um, no, that’s great.
That’s… -( applause ) -If you put your mind to it, if you put your mind to it,
you can do it. That’s all this is, man. If you believe it. Oh, my God. -Yeah, congratulations, Kevin. -Hey, you did great, baby. -It’s okay.
-Ken: All right. -Keep practicing.
-Okay. I’ll keep practicing. Ballet is amazing. -Laura: Yes.
-It isn’t sewer garbage. -No.
-I’m sorry I said that. -You’ll need to ice tonight.
-Yeah. -Yeah, I am.
I’m going to ice tonight. I’m going to ice
my balls. Hi, I’m Kevin Hart. If you like what you saw
then why not watch more? Just click on the videos. You can also subscribe
to my YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud. Just click on the logo.


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