Backpacking & Camping Tips : Buying Hiking Boots

Hi this is Richard Fields and in this clip
we are going to talk about how to buy hiking boots. You want to buy a boot that is going
to be appropriate to what your needs are going to be. If you are just doing light trail hiking
with a day pack then some of the lighter nylon shell type boots will be appropriate and can
probably be purchased at most shoe and department stores. If you are going to be doing any heavier
hiking in rugged terrain carrying a heavier pack you are going to need to buy a boot appropriate
to the degree of terrain that you are going to be addressing. An all leather boot is a
good general purpose boot and will cover almost every situation. They are much more scuff
resistant than their nylon counter parts. After getting them laced up try tapping them
on the ground and if you find that your feet are sliding forward a good deal you are going
to get blisters and you should consider a smaller size. If you are going to be carrying
a heavier load most of your good hiking boots will have a stiffening shank in the bottom
of them. This will help support your foot for carrying those heavier loads with safety.
You are also going to want to consider what kind of a sole that you have on there so that
you get good grip on various rock surfaces. After you purchase your boots you are going
to want to break them in for a while before heading out on the trail to avoid any blisters.


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