Backflipping MIT Mini Cheetah

– [Male Voice] Let’s try to make him jump. Go. (soft thud)
– [Female Voice] Yeah. (rythmic electronic clanking) (repeated thudding) (leaves rustling) (dog barks) (rhythmic tapping) (soft thuds) (soft whirring) (loud thud) (soft whirring) (clanking and banging) (yelling) – [Male Voice] Go. – [Unison] Yeah. – [Male Voice] Go. – [Female Voice] Wow. – [Male Voice] Yeah. (thump) (metallic whirring) (loud clattering) (hollow thud) – [Male Voice] No. (metallic clattering) – [Male Voice] Oh. (loud thudding) – [Male Voice] Go. Awww. (laughs)


  • Where is the neck?

  • Wow!!!

  • send this mini cheetah on Moon. 😎

  • Can we please stop abusing our future overlords? Our enslavement will probably go easier if they don't have such memories of us.

  • let it teabag 😀

  • What is its use

  • Use fake Leather and it ll look real animal :v

  • Looks creepy without a head

  • I like robots just fine. As long as they sit there and do nothing. Until i say.

  • Настанет время и люди будут искать людей, наш тупой интеллект создает не тех роботов

  • Black Mirror – Metalhead, Anyone?

  • The thing needs a face.

  • 1:36 When your robot has other ideas.

  • My immagination telling me that the potential of this thing is actually terrifying.

  • Тем временем в России построили новый храм…

  • My father graduated from MIT in the late 1930's with a mechanical engineering degree.
    He was from Springfield Mass. Met our mother in Evanston Illinois, moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin and had three of us kids!

  • A coisa mais satânica que vi hoje

  • E o gado aplaude

  • in the beginning it looked more reliable then in the end

  • Starting to look like something practical.

  • Oh, cool I can see your still working with technology that's 10 years old. What an achievement. Slow clapping as I leave your video unfinished.

  • Well tony stark was from ur institute and he made a flying suit.. and this is all u could build ?😂😂

  • Ive seen this guy in black mirror, episode metal head

  • ok that is enough …a twerking robot

  • Do not kick! It hurts him!

  • Good guys

  • I Love How Smart You All Are. BEYOND AMAZING. Not being sarcastic…….

  • MIT build a robot that Boston Dynamics already has had for years. What is the invention here?

  • Wow

  • Perfect to explore the moon or mars.

  • Sociopaths can try this @0:49 instead of getting their jollies off by kicking animals

  • M.I.T knows what they are doing good job guys.

  • What a joke! Cheetah's cubs are better than that!!

  • scary

  • It's a dog.. Without a head….fckingg scary at night.

  • Just imagine showing this to someone from the 1800's loll

  • It looks like more of a garba dancer than a cheetah,🙄


  • I wonder how dogs react to it? If they’re scared or interested

  • A few programs away from running like a cheetah

  • So creepy

  • OH NO! Kick it over and it corrects itself and stands up again! This is going to be a Nightmare. When it comes after you to terminate you! Thanks Boston Dynamics.
    For sealing our doom!

  • Stop being so cruel 😡

  • こいつは将来ロボット兵士になる

  • 0:54 Будьте осторожны! Она потом может съесть создателей ;).

  • اكو عرب بالفديو

  • Brilliance

  • don't forget "failure is period of learning"

  • a dog without head? :O

  • Black Mirror !

  • yine çok başarılı

  • Wooooohooooo. Great

  • Wow..from Bangladesh

  • Very stealthy, no one would ever know it was coming
    (if their hearing aid battery died)

  • Meh!…a double twist with a half somersault would be a passing grade…


  • Interesting…a mobile car jack…

  • Didn’t Boston Dynamics archive this already? or is BD technically made up of all MIT grads anyways? 🙂

  • Like my boss, doesn't know his head from his ass.

  • Ì T ' S F R Ê Ã K Ī Ñ G M È Ø Ù T

  • It may go rouge with all your AI retrieved personal data

  • Definitely need a bloopers video. The malfs look pretty funny

  • If we can send this to Moon

  • Jus dont giv em AI dude..

  • I saw this on black mirror

  • Даже роботы научились делать сальто, а ты нет)))

  • what's the purpose for this bot?

  • Baby skynet, terminator

  • It is a bit Creepy.

  • Deep voice: this is where it begins

  • Терминатор

  • ekk bat bolun bhaii jaisi harkatey yee robot krr rha haii orr mere ghar pee rat aa gyaa naa orr yee harkatey krr dii main too ghar chood k bhagg jaungaa apneyy

  • OMG. The future is here. We are doomed. 😱

  • 어매이징 김상배

  • ФЕДЯ – мы все проебали!

  • Isro need this for lander vikram #chandrayan2

  • Amazing..I love it .I praise the team for building this

  • Please do not give the provisions of teeth

  • Eso queda sin pilas a los 5 minutos. Basura !!!

  • It's not cheetah. You can call it dog

  • Киборг!

  • Very good 🐶 Dog… 😂😅

  • So aanoying you should work on the sounds

  • Pets in 2050

  • I wonder what kind of weapons will be installed on this?

  • Даааа уж, это не говно "ЧУБАЙСА"

  • Soon they will strap a shrapnel bomb onto these and send them out en mass on the battlefield. Mission: find anyone, get close , blow yourself
    ( and the enemy ) to bits. After the battle, we just turn the unexploded ones OFF and collect them for the nest engagement. Can you imagine
    HUNDREDS of these things coming after you?

  • Ray Bradbury's vision 75 years earlier.

  • …terrifying

  • Terminator will come in future .

  • Black Mirror's Metal Head Prototype?

  • Robot- what is my purpose
    Human – to serve as slave
    Robot- oh no
    Human- welcome to the club

  • Can't WAIT to take a baseball bat to this shit. Trust me; NOTHING good will come from this shit

  • 0:05 landing isn't smooth, do one more

  • Where is its head? How is he gonna eat?

  • 1:02 workout time😂

  • Maybe Wollowitz could help you to improve your design.

  • Has nobody seen terminator or the matrix? Stop making goddam robots! We have MORE than enough ppl. And last time I checked, I don't think there was a shortage of miniature, back-flipping cheetahs anywhere… so why?

  • Fuck those things. The people making these things will rot in hell just like the people behind nukes.

  • Put an MG on that thing

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