Back to School Style Mistakes Men Make


  • First

  • I used to see so many basketball players wear high socks with sandles back in high school a decade ago.

  • Haha, I've seen socks that come up to the knee paired with flip flops

  • I dress for the occasion and I've been developing a mature look this past year, but I still rock the logos. I still rock the snapback, but that's on the occasion.

  • Dorian which sleeve roll method do you use?

  • Who is your favourite singer Ashley

  • 1:29 Lewis Hamilton ??

  • It's not just students … everyone today looks like they just rolled out of bed, it doesn't matter the place or the occasion, everyone just wants to be comfortable all the time, what is so uncomfortable about wearing real clothes?

  • I Have a Big Love For Polo T-shirts. What Type of Pant and Shoes to Pair With Polo's?

  • Make a video about sleepwear, maybe? Thank you!

  • I'm not a student, but I enjoyed this! Actually, I was a recruiter in Indiana and remember kids (guys) wearing flip flops in January in the snow!! Young and dumb sometimes haha! Cool to see people evolving with great videos that you publish.

  • Should guys in their 30s to 4os wear joggers?

  • Can you cover your favorite “performance” clothing? Shirts, polos, chinos, made from “performance” fabrics.

  • make more videos on college fashion. Drop a like if you too want to see more such videos

  • U guys don’t know style Nike socks with Nike slides are fucking sexy not as if you can style anything what’s next no black trainers

  • Socks and slides are fine when functionally used during sports.

  • Would you give an example of how a well balanced streetwear/"hypebeast" look like with only one or two aesthetic max?

  • u wear socks and slides before and after doing sports… u guys dont understand

  • I’m a recent college graduate, I work in a business casual office, idk how to dress

  • great points there! agree with almost everything you guys mentioned! but i'd also say students shouldn't do joggers too often cos it's quite common

  • Dorian is looking healthier every video. So happy to see that.

  • Good wrist accessories and Not Good wrist accessories

  • Help… my husband is a forester (no that's not a park ranger lol he actually had to acquire a degree for this) he is in the woods all the time and sometimes it's a bit difficult to convince him to fix his hair for work because he's going to go get in the woods. Not to mention from time to time I want us to do a little bit dressier date night. What is a respectful way of getting him to work these things lol help

  • Preach it! Thanks for getting me hyped again to get stylish for the semester.

  • Hey Ashley would love if you could do a video on building a work wardrobe for those who just got a new job. ?


  • Hey Ashley, could you do a video on jewelry? Chains, rings, bracelets, etc. I just bought a gold chain and remembered you addressed it briefly — that you style your men to partially show it. How long should a chain be? What width? Hope to hear your thoughts and love your videos!

  • Im a basketball player so after we have a game we wear slides or flip slops cause our feet is sore is that ok???

  • what are the true timeless essentials? theres so much content now i dont know

  • Are use guys running out of things to talk about. Is this video for college? High school? Middle school? Elementary?

  • Socks and slides are my go to at the end of the school year and when it’s hot in summer ???

  • Me gusta ver estos videos, alguien podria traducirlos a español?

  • "no women" okay werk

  • Name one celebrity you’ve styled this year?

  • Common mistake people make for back to school isn’t socks and sandals or whatever.. it’s not bringing their GPA up! ?

  • Just curious what's your take on flannel shirts? Haven't seen much content on them, what colours would you recommend and how would you style them?

  • You want to close of the dinosaurs for the olden days where in the 21 century by the way mostly every single one all that I am now where is logos

  • I love wearing flip-flops with socks

  • Hey kids watching
    You want to be a HS fashion rebel ?
    Do the opposite of what
    Ashley and Dorian say?

  • Where did he get the blue oxford he is wearing in this video

  • Two minute Tuesday question. When are you suppose to wear an undershirt ?

  • You guys are great! Love your content. I need to ask for help with my daughter, she is so deeply into the Gothic look that she just doesn't understand how it is affecting her ability to get a job. Can you offer any job interview outfits for a Goth devotee?

  • I have a question for two minute Tuesdays, What are some good brands that supply t-shirts that will suit men with sensitive nipples? I'm being serious when ever I wear a white t-shirt my nipples are always poking through should I just rock an undershirt or avoid the colour altogether? which is what I have been doing.

  • Uhh I get if you don't like bball shorts but joggers are better for different weather imo

  • Great jobs guys – will a video be done for guys >40 yrs old? (Ie. 40-45). I think it’s important that a guy doesn’t dress too you (or. Hypebeast).

  • super huge mouth

  • fucking coconut style with the white socks and slippers.

  • Is it important to still look good even when at home?

  • Hi, Ashley and Dorian! I'm wondering what your favorite mens wristwatches are. If you've already done a video about this, I'm sorry for not watching it. I didn't notice one (in your list of videos). I'm a concierge at an apartment building. I wear a suit and tie to work.

  • can you do a 2 minute Tuesday on digital watches please? ?

  • what's the difference between sweat pants and joggers?

  • Can you address cologne in a 2MT? To wear or not…when to wear…how to choose…etc.

  • This channel started so good and now it is trying so hard to find something to adjust to the same mainstream semi office/business look.
    Best part is that I live on the other side of the ocean so your style work less good here 😀
    C ya

  • Socks and slides are fire as long as you wear dark socks for new black socks cuz normal socks smell bad after wear
    I’ve had
    3 pairs of Gucci slides
    3 pairs of basic black nike slides

  • What about mens perfume?

  • I'd say don't always wear a hoodie. Every class I'd see like half of the room in hoodies?

  • I agree with Ashley and Dorian. However, I see just as many women wearing socks with sandals as men do.

  • people wear what they want to wear tbh ?

  • Ashley, the link to the article is not secured.
    Could you please get that fixed. It could saved everyone from any kind of cyber complications.


  • We think summer color in background should be light color like white or light gray , it's more relax & comfortable to look at. Pls. give us 100 dollar challenge in other store!!!!! Thanks.

  • My nephew always wear joggers. Can we ask where or when should we use a jogger? Can we use it in an office event? or for gym purposes only?

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